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How to Recall an Email in Microsoft Outlook?

We've all experienced it more than once. You've employed Outlook to mail an email you ought not to have and now must retrieve it. Although TV shows and Hollywood will claim that you must hack the user's computer or webmail to delete the email, Microsoft's Outlook allows you to take all your data back to your laptop or computer.

Outlook Recalling Email

If you're looking for a way to get it back, You're in luck in the case of Outlook, which is. It is because Microsoft's email client comes with a built-in solution to situations such as this A way to remember emails. The ability to recall emails can keep the recipient from receiving an unfinished or angry, as well as negative email you've sent. Follow these steps for identifying an email from Outlook. If you'd like to learn how to defer your email messages in Outlook (to keep from accidental sending of email messages to the wrong people in the future), follow the instructions for recall to see the steps to accomplish this.

It could sound complex, but don't be concerned; recollecting messages within Outlook is straightforward, regardless of which version you're using.

Recalling Outlook Messages

  1. In Outlook, navigate to the folders for an email to the left and select Sent. "Sent" folder.
  2. Double-click the message you want to remember from the pane that is adjacent (messages pane). This action will open your message within a new window, which offers a range of options in the upper.
  3. Within the "Message" tab found at the top, select “Messages" and then click on the "Actions" ribbon or menu option (depending on the version of Outlook you're using).
  4. If you want to erase unread copies or erase them by sending an additional message, and then select "OK." If you'd like to receive an update message regarding the deletion process, make sure you check the box beside "Tell me if the recall works or does not work.
  5. If you select the "Delete unread copies and replace with a new message" option, a new window will open to create a brand new message.


Message Recall Option in Outlook Not Listed

  • Recalling Outlook messages is not possible when:

  • You are sending a message out to your company.
  • If you aren't using a Microsoft Exchange Server to handle your emails within Outlook.
  • You're using Azure Information Protection.
  • You're logging into Outlook through the internet.
  • The recipient uses Cached Exchange Mode and is working offline.
  • The original message is moved out of the recipient's inbox (customized Outlook guidelines).
  • The message is marked read.

If you believe you'll recall emails, here's an easy way to determine whether your account is suitable.

  • Checking Recall Eligibility on a Windows PC

  • Go to the "File" "File" tab.
  • Choose "Account Settings" on the right side.
  • Select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.
  • In the pop-up's settings menu, select the "Email" "Email" tab if not yet chosen.
  • Locate the correct email address under the "Name" column and view the email account information in the "Type" column.

  • Checking Outlook Recall Eligibility on a Mac

  • Click "Outlook" in the menu bar, and click "Preferences."
  • Click "Accounts."
  • Look for your account in the list, and then select it.

If the account is eligible, the overview will show "Exchange" under the account name.

If everything is as it should be, the account you have is one of the Exchange accounts, yet you're still unable to remember messages the administrator of your network may have blocked these privileges.

Why don't emails work?


Although it may sound simple, remembering an email isn't always as easy as you imagine. With the speed of today's internet (unless you're in an area that isn't accessible), the wrong email may be sitting in someone's inbox. It causes a variety of problems. There are a variety of factors that can interfere with your efforts to remember the email through email marketing software. Here are a few factors that could hinder your efforts or cause problems.

  • Unread messages: If someone opens your initial email, it's impossible to remember it. The recipient will still receive and see the second message. However, the original message remains inside your Outlook inbox. It is one reason why you must act fast.
  • Redirects to different folders: If the initial message you sent generates a filter, and Outlook redirects it to a particular folder, in which case your recall option will fail. The recall option is only applicable to messages that are in the inbox. If the initial letter is stored somewhere else, it won't disappear.
  • The public folder: If someone sees your message in a shared folder, the recall is unsuccessful. Others email programs: This recall feature is compatible with Outlook. If you mail an email to someone using Gmail, for instance, it won't work.

Remember, recalls aren't fool proof, and you could be frustrated due to factors that you can't be controlling.