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Ways to Fix What Does No Location Found Mean

The phone you are seeking for either has location services deactivated or is completely without service. Alternatively, the other person may have ceased sharing their location with you and removed you from their share list.

What Does No Location Found Mean

What distinguishes "No location found" from "Location not available"?

Though there aren't many variations between these two notifications, you frequently receive "Location Not Available" when the Find My App is activated but doesn't update locations. On the other side, if location services are disabled or the iPhone is turned off, you will see the message "No Location Found." Performing each of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above will assist in resolving any issue.

Reasons for the 2024 Event of No Location Found

Other possible causes of No Location Found Happens include: location services on your iPhone are switched off, which is required for this service to function; alternatively, the server is down for maintenance and everyone is seeing this error. We'll go through a few more explanations for why "no location found" could occur below.

There is no internet connection on their iPhone.

The person you are looking for might also own an iPhone that isn't linked to the internet through WiFi or cellular data. This will stop the server from receiving their location data, which will result in the No Location Found error. Again, try getting them to connect to WiFi or cellular service; obviously, this only functions when there is a strong signal.

Inaccurate Time and Date

It's possible that you have the wrong date and time set on your iPhone if you're still wondering "what does no location mean on iPhone." This will stop others with whom you are connected from finding you on the map and vice versa. Try adjusting the time and date settings and giving it another go.

There is no internet connection to your iPhone.

Your iPhone may be the source of the problem if you're still confused about "what does it mean when it says no location found." You won't be able to share locations on the map as a result. Try again after connecting your phone to WiFi or cellular data. Regretfully, you will not be able to use this service if there is no signal.

Location-Sharing was discontinued.

If you discover that location sharing has ceased working when it was previously functioning, this may be the result of you or your friends disabling location sharing in the settings. This will make the service unusable. You and/or your friends will need to return to settings and enable location services if you wish to carry on sharing your location.

Not logging in to "Find My Friends"

It's possible that there was an issue with signing into Find My Friends if you're wondering "what does no location found mean on find my friends." Either there is no signal, you are not logged in with your Apple ID, or the background app refresh is turned off, which explains this. Before attempting again, be sure that all of these have been fixed.

Inadequate or Absent Signal

As previously stated, location services will be severely disrupted by weak or nonexistent signal. Unfortunately, other than moving to a location with a stronger signal or WiFi that you can connect to, there isn't much more you can do to resolve this problem. This can also occur when your friend is not receiving a location update because they are in an area with weak service. In this case, you might have to use different techniques to find out where they are.

The mobile device is not in use.

You may be dismayed to hear that the smartphone is off if you're wondering "what does no location mean on find my iPhone." Similar to other location-sharing systems, Find My iPhone depends on the mobile device being turned on in order to function. Fortunately, Apple often saves the last place the phone was found to help you locate it. In the event of theft or loss, this is a useful feature to activate.

Depleted Battery

If the battery is dead, that's another linked problem. The smartphone cannot update its location to location services if it does not have enough battery life to turn on. Once more, for this reason, it's a good idea to have the setting enabled that saves the last place the device was before shutting down or running out of battery life.

The iPhone is in the airplane mode.

When an iPhone is in airplane mode, the network is not able to determine its location. This will result in the No Location Found warning and stop all location services from functioning.

Before attempting to use location services on your phone, make sure Airplane mode is disabled. Sadly, you will not be able to instruct someone to disable Airplane Mode if you are attempting to locate them.

Bug in iMessage or "Find My Friends"

Even after checking all of the aforementioned possibilities, there are occasionally glitches in "Find My Friends" or even iMessage that prevent you from seeing someone's position. Removing and adding them again is one recommended solution to the problem. But if the problem still exists after that, you might need to get in touch with Apple Support.

How to Address "No Location Found" Locate My Pals 2024

When you are trying to locate your pals, there are a few solutions to resolve the No Location Found errors. We'll discuss them below. Turn Your iPhone Back On It is best to start with this choice since it is the most straightforward. To turn off your iPhone, press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time, then drag the "Power Off" slider that displays. All you have to do to bring up the slider on older iPhone models is press and hold the Side button.

Give Your iPhone a Hard Restart

In the event that a forced restart is necessary for your iPhone, you can accomplish this by rapidly pushing and releasing the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons, then holding down the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

Verify Your Connection to the Internet

By heading to Settings -> WiFi, turning on WiFi, and then following the instructions to sign into a WiFi network, you may check if your iPhone is connected to the internet. Navigate to Settings -> Cellular and make sure a network is selected in order to check the status of your cellular connection.

Update Your iPhone

It could be difficult to use all the capabilities on your iPhone, including location services, if it is running an earlier version of the Apple iOS operating system. Thus, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to see if there is an update. Before you proceed, it is advised to make a backup of your iPhone in case the update causes any problems.

Verify Your Signal

By examining the status bar and determining whether signal intensity bars or a WiFi icon are there, you may rapidly determine whether you have a signal. To allow your device to connect to other towers, navigate to the settings and activate Data Roaming. However, be advised that this feature frequently has a cost associated with it.

Open the "Find My Friends" app.

Get the app Find My Friends from the App Store to let your friends know where you are. Verify that you have downloaded the app and are logged in. If you have previously set up your Apple ID on the device, you may log in with it, making the procedure quite automatic.

Log in to "iCloud"

During the setup process, your iPhone ought to prompt you to log into iCloud. However, you can always navigate to Settings -> iCloud to see if this is configured. Using Apple services and finding contacts is made easier by logging into iCloud.

Ensure that it is turned on Whereabouts

The majority of the time, location services are activated automatically. If they aren't, you will be prompted to enable them and choose what uses they are used for. You must have location services enabled in order to utilize all of Find My Friends' capabilities. To access Location Services, navigate to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services.


Does contacts no longer share if no location is found?

"No Location Found" could indicate that contacts have either ceased sharing their location with you or have stopped sharing it by turning off location services. But before you jump to the conclusion that it's personal, be aware that the "No Location Found" notification might also appear if a contact's phone is dead or turned off.

How can I use "Find my Friends" to freeze my location?

You can either switch off location sharing services or put your iPhone in Airplane Mode, which prevents you from connecting to cellular data, if you want to freeze your location so that no one can find you for whatever reason.

In summary

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the possible causes of these warnings and how to resolve location services, "No Location Found," and other similar difficulties. You can now turn the features on and off as you like because you know more about the matter.