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Want to Focus On Reading? But Can’t Help? Here are 7 Motivational Tips!

Imagine it’s a pandemic morning, you wake up fresh, and you have a whole day to yourself - isn’t it a dream come true for a devoted reader? But, considering so much hustle is going on in our lives, many of us find it complex to stay focused while reading something. With regular news updates, legislative changes, and attempting to stay in touch with our friends and families, there are so many distractions.


focus on reading


It is a fact that nothing can relieve stress better than reading, but what to do when you cannot focus on your book? There are a few effective tricks and tools to help you stay focused on your books instead of your cell phone. Below you will find them:

A Timer Can Do the Job

Have you heard about the Commodore method? It is a strategy to manage time and is comprised of breaks in the middle of your everyday tasks. The default settings are 25 minutes of concentration followed by a 5-minute break. After you've completed four rounds of focus sessions, you'll take a 10-minute rest. Setting a timer and reading without interruption, whether or not you utilize the Commodore method, can be beneficial. When I know the timer will ultimately go off, I can put my other thoughts aside.


Remove Distractions Physically 

It may sound obvious, but we all need permission to unplug from time to time. This is especially true amid social disconnection when so much of our lives take place online. Place your phone, iPad, or laptop in a different room and leave. Alternatively, if you're like me and listen to the audio while reading, put your phone in airplane mode and keep it out of reach. If at all feasible, read in a room that isn't equipped with a television. 


Use a Positive Distraction - How About Music? 

Audio is a wonderful tool that can help you gain focus, yes, while reading too. I and most of the readers find it difficult to continue reading while people are chatting around, whether it’s home, a staff lounge or office, or even if it is just a turn on the TV. So for the sake of focus, whenever I sit down to read, I put some nice music in the background so as to avoid distractions. When I'm alone at home, I merely use a Bluetooth speaker, but when I'm out in public or my spouse is watching TV, I'll put on noise-canceling headphones. So you can try this too.


Read When You Feel Like Reading

I'm a mood reader who reads a lot. If I pick up a book of my own volition rather than being "forced" to read it in any way, I'm much more likely to finish it. Reading about what I'm most excited about right now helps me stay focused. I try to make seasonal TBR lists, but I often deviate from them when I'm in the mood for a cozy mystery or a novel I've recently discovered.


I gathered a large stack of books from my library in advance of the social pandemic so that I would have plenty of options. I also put a hold on a lot of eBooks at once so that when it's time to choose my next read, I'll have a lot of options. Make the most of this time by checking out as many eBooks as you like or even purchasing some of the year's most anticipated publications. 


Try Audiobooks 

If you have not tried listening to audiobooks - lack of focus can be a reason for that. If stress, pandemic, social isolation has made your mind lose concentration, play some nice audiobooks and start doing some physical activity. Audiobooks are a gem for reading lovers. Like you can listen while doing house chores like cleaning and they can easily accompany you during a quick walk. The best part is you can move your body and do things while listening to an audiobook. They can be a good alternative when it's tough to concentrate on a physical book. 

Be More Mindful

Does your mind love wandering around when you want to concentrate on something? Don’t worry, you are not the only one facing this. Distracted thinking, mindfulness, and lack of focus have become something so common that you will find every third person complaining about it. However, these sorts of mental vacations often make you lose concentration on tasks such as reading. And that’s exactly where you require mindfulness. 

According to medical studies, being attentive implies being aware of where you are and what you're doing in the present moment — which is wonderful news when you're trying to stay focused.

By learning mindfulness, you begin to identify when you lose your focus and when your attention starts to drift away, allowing you to bring back quickly to where it is needed.  Also, you can train your brain to become mindful by performing techniques like yoga, breathing, mindful movement, and meditation. 

Say No to Social Media

If you are thinking of taking a break from reading by using social media - well, that break can be an extensive one. “I’ll just check social Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat for 5 minutes” is a myth. Once you enter these apps, there is barely a way out. Therefore, while you sit for reading, you can use an app that blocks all social apps allowing you to stay focused. 

The Bottom Line

Reading takes a lot of time and of course, requires focus. In academic years, students prefer to get custom term paper writing services so that they can save the effort of maintaining focus, researching, and reading. 


But what about those who take reading as a passion? We care for them and have stated 7 useful tips in this article to help readers develop focus throughout their reading sessions. Although the focus is something hard to achieve, once you master it, it goes a long way! HAPPY READING!