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Microsoft Azure Certification Path & Training Guide

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is the leading vendor in the industry globally. It has 715 million users with a continuously growing customer base. As Azure penetrates various sectors, the demand for experts has increased multifold. Several companies hire practitioners, architects, engineers, and developers having sound Azure knowledge at lucrative salaries and additional incentives. Furthermore, experts predict a steep rise in the demand for such skilled professionals in different companies and industries. So, it's the best time to learn Azure and become a certified expert.


Microsoft Azure Certification

Did we mention Azure certifications? Yes, we did! Azure certifications are the best way to learn about Azure technology structurally and build a career in the domain. However, several options might confuse you and make Azure certifications a daunting arena. Also, you might find it challenging to select a perfect path if you wish to pursue a specific role. 

But, don't worry! We will discuss these exams and learn about the paths you should choose to achieve your career goals through an Azure certification

Stay tuned! 

Meaning of Microsoft Azure certification exams


You might have several confusions regarding Azure if you are a novice in the domain. Let's begin our discussion by understanding the meaning of Microsoft Azure certifications before doing anything else. 

Certifications confirm and distinguish your knowledge in specialized cloud roles. However, with so many Azure Certifications to choose from, you may be unsure which one is ideal for you.

Microsoft has arranged its certifications into four levels, from beginner to expert. All of Microsoft's certificates fall into one of these Azure Certification levels:

  • Fundamental-level Certification – The Fundamentals Certification is for people just getting started with cloud ideas. People from non-technical backgrounds can also use these certificates to begin their cloud journey.
  • Associate-level Certification – If you're already familiar with Azure, you'll be able to mention these certifications on your résumé with ease.
  • Expert-level Certification – You can earn an expert certification in Azure if you have experience, a thorough grasp, and associate-level knowledge of the platform.
  • Specialty-level Certification – These are now accessible for a limited number of jobs, such as Azure for SAP Workloads and Azure IOT Developer Speciality.

Now, you have acquired the perfect idea about Microsoft Azure certifications and various levels. 

Let's answer another familiar doubt for you. 

Why go for these certifications? 


Azure tests are gaining popularity due to the numerous benefits they provide. The following are the top Azure certification advantages. To learn more, read the article:


  • Growth in career 

By acquiring your certification in this field, you will experience an increase in your earnings, as most consumers and businesses recognize when someone has completed advanced training.

  • Career flexibility 
A Microsoft Azure certification opens the avenues to a wide range of professional prospects. You could work as a cloud engineer, a developer, or a system architect.

  • A valuable asset to the company 
You could be a valuable asset to any firm if you have Microsoft Azure skill and knowledge certification. In summary, the advantages of Azure certification contribute to the Azure platform's profitability.
  • Rapid learning 
Microsoft Azure offers a straightforward learning approach for certifications that allows fast Azure learning. Consequently, newcomers can adapt to the platform quickly and use Azure services with ease.

  • Better compensation 
Other key benefits of being Microsoft Azure certified include higher salaries and more brand exposure.

These benefits justify the popularity of Azure and the relevant certifications. Now, let's closely understand the learning path. 

The learning path


Before we dive into the section, you need to understand the meaning of the terminology. 

An Azure learning path tells you about all the exams you should take to achieve the desired goal and specific designations in the future. 

Below is a brief guide on various certification exams required to become a professional having specific expertise. Take a look! 

  • Solution Architect: An Azure solutions architect is in charge of assessing an organization's business needs and determining how IT can meet those objectives through the use of software, hardware, and infrastructure. To become a Solutions Architect, the exams you should take are AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-500, and AZ-305. 
  • Data Science and Engineering: Data and cloud are closely related. Microsoft Azure has multiple certifications to help you become a data professional. The essential exams for this path are AZ-900, DP-900, AZ-104, and DP-100/DP-203.
  • Database Admin: You can take these exams to become a database admin in the future: AZ-900, DP-900, AZ-104, and DP-300. 
  • Developer: Do you want to become a cloud developer? These exams will help you: AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-500, and AZ-305. 
  • DevOps: The AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-500, and AZ-400 exams can help you become a DevOps professional. 
  • Security: If you wish to become a security professional, these certifications will help you: AZ-900, AZ-104, AZ-204, AZ-500, and AZ-305. 

How to prepare for Azure certifications? 


Many people fall into grave trouble when it comes to preparing for the Azure certifications. Here are the top tips for doing so effortlessly:

  • Choose the Relevant Azure Certification 
The first and foremost task you need is to select the proper certification for yourself as per your goals.

  • Get Familiar with Exam Format 
After you've learned about all Azure Certifications, you'll need to know about the exam format and method. It will help you determine the type of questions asked on the exam, allowing you to pass with flying colors.

  • Start learning 
Now that you've familiarized yourself with all exam-related strategies, it's time to begin the learning process. Apart from self-learning, you can also enroll in various online training programs. 

  • Get Some Hands-on Experience 
Learning through doing is the best method to know anything! To have practical knowledge about Microsoft Azure, you must gain some hands-on experience with the technology.

  • Remember to Solve Mock Papers 
Practice papers are traditionally considered one of the most significant ways to assess your knowledge and performance, irrespective of the type of exam or accreditation.

Now that you know everything about Azure certifications, it's time to begin your journey at the earliest. Good luck!