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How to Check Your Email with Comcast Email Login

Comcast's parent business, Xfinity, announced the discontinuation of the mobile app in April 2021.

Comcast Email Login

So how can you use a computer or a mobile device to access your Comcast email account? This post will provide an explanation.

How to Access Your Account Online

Checking your email on a PC can be as easy as following these three steps to log into your account. All you require is an Internet connection and your Xfinity ID.

Check out this instructional post, "Comcast Email: How to Create and Manage It from Any Device," if you're unfamiliar with Comcast's features and settings.

In any case, let's discuss what an Xfinity ID is and how to utilize one.

What is an Xfinity ID, and why is it required to log in to Comcast email?

You are assigned a distinct customer ID number upon signing up for any of the Xfinity services, including TV, phone, or Internet. You may access and manage all of your Xfinity online services, including email, using this number.

You must locate your information before checking in since your Xfinity ID is required to access your account. They might be an email address linked to your account, your user number, or your phone number.

Once everything is ready, learn how to access your Xfinity account online.

Instructions for Using Comcast Email on a PC

First Step

Go to's homepage to sign in with Comcast Internet email. Next, locate and select the Email icon from the top bar.

Step Two

A Comcast email sign-in page will appear. Enter the phone number, email address, or login associated with your Xfinity account.

Step Three

The Xfinity Connect platform will appear, allowing you to access your email mailbox. You have successfully logged in!

You now know how to quickly access your email and Xfinity account via a web browser. But what happens if you have to use your smartphone to access your email account? Let's go over how to use other devices to access your email.

How to Access a Email on a Smartphone

There isn't an official Comcast email app available for download; it has been discontinued. What is the current method for accessing your email on a mobile device?

There are two choices. The first is visiting the official Xfinity website and logging in using your PC login credentials. It might be somewhat irritating to be prompted for your login information each time you connect into your account if you need to do so frequently throughout the day. What then is the substitute?

Additionally, you can access the account with third-party programs like Mailbird, which are email clients. All you have to do is use Comcast's IMAP settings in Mailbird to configure your account. After that, all it takes is one click to access your Comcast email. If your issues persist, you can read our post about "Comcast email not working."

Now let's examine the configuring procedure.

First Step

  • In order to utilize Comcast email in Mailbird (or any other third-party applications like Outlook), you must first modify the security settings on your account.
  • To accomplish this, navigate to the Email Settings, which are located in the upper right corner of your Xfinity dashboard. Next, choose Security from the sidebar on the left. Check the box under Third Party Access Security in the resulting window.

Step Two

  • You should already have a Mailbird account in order to move on to this stage; download the app and create an account first. After it's finished, select Accounts from the Mailbird menu > Settings.
  • Then select the Add option.

Step Three

  • Give the information that is requested of you in the next window.

Step Four

  • Mailbird may automatically retrieve your account settings after you submit the information.
  • The notice "Settings found" will appear if this occurs. To complete the Comcast email setup, simply click Continue.
  • Click Edit server settings in the resulting window, enter the information, and click Proceed if the settings are not fetched.

You're ready to go!

Features of Comcast Email

It's worthwhile to check out the services offers and see how you can maximize them once you've entered into your account.

After logging into your account, you can immediately begin utilizing the following important features.

  • Several email signatures
  • texts that automatically reply
  • external email addresses
  • fundamental contact administration
  • Contact lists for groups
  • mail data
  • individual folders
  • basic choices for customisation

Isn't that a fairly short list?

The truth is that using your Comcast email account in Mailbird will get you access to a plethora of additional helpful functions, on top of what Comcast already provides.

Mailbird has an advantage over Comcast in that it can link dozens of email accounts and access them with a single click, eliminating the need to enter IDs at each login.

Mailbird has a ton of additional features up its sleeve as well. Take a look at them down below.

  • Several email addresses in one location
  • more than thirty app integrations
  • Email dozing
  • Custom noises for speed reading
  • Lookup on LinkedIn: Attachment search
  • Easy keyboard shortcuts to use
  • Interface available in more than 17 languages
  • Free assistance, among many other things

Look it over!

Last Words

Using a PC, logging into your account takes less than a minute. But since there isn't an official Comcast mobile app, using the service from a mobile device isn't very convenient.

So why not use an email client that allows you to access your accounts from anywhere at any time on any device to make your login process easier?

With just a few clicks, you can connect all of your accounts to Mailbird, and creating an account is free of cost and does not require a credit card. Click this link to start your trial.