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Download Instagram stories and videos with ImGinn

Imginn is a site that permits people to see public profiles anonymously. Users cannot realize that their profiles have been visited by an obscure person. Sometimes we want to collect the images, stories, and photos of popular Instagram influencers on our computers or mobile phone. But it is not possible to download all images and videos from Instagram. To overcome this problem we are here with img inn.


There is no need to sign in to use im Ginn. Just by following some simple steps, you can use this app without registering or signing in on the account of Instagram. Till now you need to log in for viewing Instagram account. But now you can access third-party content without signing in with the help of ImGnn. It allows users to download the images, stories, and videos of popular Instagram influencers who have a public account. Due to the dynamic features, ImGinn Instagram is getting popular these days.

What is ImGinn?

InGinn permit user to see and download videos and images from Instagram anonymously. The best part of this app is that the person won't know about anything whose videos and images you are seeing. However, there are some limitations of using this account is that you can’t share or like the content on Instagram of other people. But still, people love to use ImGnn app due to its other features. For finding a person you just need to type a hashtag or username in the search bar.

How to Create an Account on ImGinn?

1. Create An Account:

You must have ImGinn account before using it. You can download Instagram stories highlights just by signing up for InGinn account. Creating an account on ImGn is easy and simple. You don’t have to need any special knowledge for creating an account. By having an email id you can create your account. Then create a unique password by using lower case letters, upper case letters, special symbols, and numbers for keeping your identity private. Then provide your mobile number for the verification process. Just confirm your identity on mobile and proceed with the sign-in process.

2. Signing into Your Account:

Click on the login button and enter the username and password which you have chosen during the registration process of Clear all the cookies from your PC if login fails on the first attempt. If you are trying to login in from Tablets or Mobile then you don’t need to sign up again and again. This will save us time as we don’t need to sign up every time.

3. Searching for Video:

If you want to download Instagram stories on an android phone or iPhone then ImGinn could be your favorite tool. You need to install an app on your laptop and desktop to watch the highlights of your stories. If you are using ImGn on your Tablet or mobile then your device must be compatible with the version of IG downloader.

4. Download the video:

After completing the description you must it check? You have not need to worry if you have a grammatical or spelling mistake. You can change it later. After that open your Tumbler dashboard and go into the setting option. After applying the changes click on the Save button. By doing these settings you can check your content before making it public.

5. Send the video by Email:

Here are some steps to follow for sending the video by email:

Click on the camera icon on your mobile. Click on video length timing. Choose the share option. Post the link on your Facebook profile without opening it. Click check on the button send by email. 

Features of using imGinn:

There are lots of features of using imglnn app. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can view and download the stories of any user.
  • You can watch and profile any user without notifying them.
  • You can download any type of post like photos or videos.
  • You can back them up also.

Limitation of using imGin:

This is not a trusted app for monitoring your private account. You cannot see the post and stories of private accounts. This is specially designed to view public account photos, stories, and posts. As imginn is a third-party website, there is no guarantee of your safety. As it is using the public API of Instagram so there is no guarantee of its safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is imginn safe to use?

Ans: We can’t give a particular answer to this question as this is a third-party site And uses the public API of Instagram.

Q2: Can imglnn hack your data?

Ans: This depends on you how you are using this site. If you check the security score of this website online then you will find it very low.

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