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Water Eject from iPhone Using Siri Shortcuts

Dropping a phone into the water mistakenly can give anyone a mini attack. If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone in the water and your iPhone is not working correctly, don't worry.  Your iPhone's speaker may sound muffled, and you surely don't want that to happen. Did you unintentionally drop your iPhone in the water? And worst of all, you can see moisture stored beneath your iPhone screen? If you are stuck in such a situation, read this answer to find a way to remove this moisture.
Water Eject

First of all, you have to pinpoint the water damage indicator. The water damage indicator is placed differently in each model. This sign is a white tap that becomes red when your telephone is wet to the point of making harm your gadget. If you want to discover more about these devices, go through the google certification scholarship to get exciting knowledge.

Nowadays, almost all phone brands provide waterproof devices, but it may damage your phone from the inside, especially the phone's speaker. This article will help you to eject water using Siri shortcuts. You can use Siri shortcuts, remove moisture from your phone, or go for an app or website. Even if your iPhone comes with an IP rating, it doesn't mean that water can't damage your phone.

First of all, check the water damage indicator. The water harm marker is set contrastingly in each model, and this sign is a white tap that becomes red when your telephone is sufficiently sodden to harm your gadget.

Water Damage Indicator Placement:

  1. There is an indicator in the charging point for the iPhone models 4 and 4s. 
  2. Indicator of 5, 5C, iPhone 5S, & SE models are in sim card tray slot. 
  3. In sim card tray slot for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, 6s Plus.
  4. It is in a sim card tray slot for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s.

How To Fix The Damage Caused By Water?

When your iphone got into the water then immediately turn off the device. It will decrease the probabilities of a short circuit.

  • If your iPhone is in a case, remove the case as soon as possible. 
  • Remove the sim card and keep the tray open as there must be moisture in your phone. 
  • Use an absorbent cloth to wipe all the parts of the iPhone to dry water. You can also tie the absorbent fabric with a needle to wipe out moisture from tiny areas like a headphone jack, charging port, and others. 
  • Keep your iPhone in a dry place. Ideally, it is recommended to keep the iPhone in a dry place for three days at least. 
  • Use silica gel packets to dry the iPhone. Use silica packets above and under the phone for several hours. They will absorb moisture without doing any damage. 
  • Keep the iPhone in a plastic bag and suck out all the air, creating a vacuum effect. This technique will eliminate water from little parts as well. 
  • You can likewise utilize a hairdryer to dry your telephone. However, be exceptionally cautious as the hairdryer's hotness can dissolve wires. It is strongly advised to use a very slow hairdryer and keep it at a good distance from the phone. Also, quickly close the hairdryer when your iPhone begins to warm up. 
  • If nothing works out for you, you can choose to dismantle the iPhone. very cautious while dismantling your device, as not only are you voiding Apple's warranty, but a minor mistake can damage your iPhone permanently.

How can you avoid damage?

  • Do not take your phone while swimming or for taking a bath.
  • Do not take your phone with you while going for outdoor activities.
  • Always use a waterproof case for your phone.

Use Siri shortcuts for water ejection.

Many of you may know the apple watch has a convenient way to eject water from the speaker grilles, and you can play sounds to get rid of moisture out of speakers. It is an effective way to prevent the apple watch from water damage. The iPhone doesn't have such built-in features, but there is always a way to prevent your iPhone from water damage. You can use the Siri shortcut feature to eject water from your iPhone. Here are some steps to follow to eject water from your iPhone:


1. First, you have to install untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone. Go to Settings -> Shortcuts and toggle on the "Allow Untrusted Shortcuts" option. It will ask your passcode to confirm.

2. Next, install the "Water Eject" shortcut and add it to your iPhone. Scroll down to the page and click on the "Add Untrusted Shortcut" option.

3. Now go to my shortcut app and click on water ejection. You will find another notification, 'Begin Water Ejection' click on it to start the process.

4. You will hear some sounds on your iPhone while the shortcut is processed, and it will start drying out the water from speaker holes.

Note: Do not use water eject shortcuts while using Airpods and earphones.

Use websites for water ejection

Some websites allow you to eject water from your phone. You can visit fix my speaker website and click on the button at the top that symbolizes blowing. It creates a sound that blows out the water from inside, and you can stop it by clicking the same button after the water is completely blown out.

Do these hacks equally work with all the models of iPhone?

The old iPhone series iPhone is not water-resistant, and iPhone released a water assistant feature after iPhone 7. These models can resist water for a specific time. These techniques are reliable even for older models, so don't worry. You can give it a try and never know if it works out for your phone.

Eject water from iPhone using rice

You might have heard about using rice bags to dry the water from the phone. You can put your phone in the rice bag, let it dry, and leave it in the rice bag as long as it gets scorched. Rice can help to absorb moisture from your phone but not immediately.

Get Water Out of iPhone Camera. 


water eject shortcut


If you have water trapped inside your iPhone's camera glass, it can make your pictures blurry and spotty. Plus, it is not good for your iPhone either. The easy way to try and get the moisture out of your iPhone's camera is by putting your device in rice or between silica gel packets, and they will soak the water from your iPhone screen, camera, charging point, etc.

Go for the Apple service store.

If nothing of the above hacks work out for you, take your phone to the service center to repair it. The experts and the apple engineers can help you get rid of moisture from your iPhone, and they can resolve complex problems in your iPhone.

Wrapping up

Phones can work well for many years if you let them. The above hacks we discussed in this article may or may not be beneficial for you to try them at your own risk as we do not guarantee these hacks. The safer side is to visit your nearest service center and resolve your issues related to your phone. Siri shortcuts may be helpful for the newly released series of iPhone.