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Smart Square Mercy| New Mercy Smart Square Nursing Software

Before going into the deep let us discuss first what the feature of mercy smart square is and how to use it. What is the real definition of smart square mercy?


Mercy Smart Square


What is the Meaning of Mercy Smart Square?


Smart square is a fully automated system that is used for managing and scheduling appointment, patient records, and order. It helps the association for managing and schedule their staff to deal with a need of patients. With the help of a fully customized client calendar, scheduling has become easier. Due to the customized calendar feature, one can be easily added or delete the contact fit to the application according to their business need.


Smartsquare work


You will get your custom dashboard when you will sign in to your login account. You can easily manage the settings by using the scheduling features. For scheduling the emergency staff you can add or delete the client. This feature is not limited up to the higher authorities infect staff can easily use Mercy smart square for checking the daily schedule and appointment of the patients. You can easily schedule and manage ssm smart square as per your requirement.


Smart Square Mercy Feature:


Nursing leaders get data of their Co-Workers


For the patient care team, the patient can add notes and reminders by using the Mercy Smart Board. The nursing leader can also check their coworker’s details as well as an appointment. The Healthcare department can manage their staff duty in a better way by using smart square login tool. By using this tool they can work on appointments. This tool is also useful for the department which is not related to nursing.


Simple to use interface


The other feature of Mymercy app is simple to use interface. It deals with the application distinctly and ensures that shared information has accessed by all staff members. Nursing and staff member can manage their day-to-day schedule. The manager can monitor the employee’s performance and schedule by using the SSM. By putting fewer effort nurses can manage the more appointment of a patient and it will be easy for them to spend more time with the patient. This is possible due to the Smart Square mercy software feature.


Mercy Smart Square software Mobile Access for Employee


There is no need to open the laptop or PC because nurses, employees, and other staff members can get mobile access to smart square login ssm Software and manage their schedules from mobile. This feature is more useful for coordinating shifts. During the interaction with clients and employees, this is very useful. The manager can manage the schedule and see the team performance by using this software.


Limited Access to Specific Region


Limited Access to Specific regions is also an important feature of mymercy account. Software access can be restricted depending upon internet access, status and groups. You can also hide the IP address. This will make sure you and your patience as you will able to know who is trying to access your information.


Mercy Smart Square premium Version

Patient data gets entered more exactly in the premium form of smartsquare. The basic version works well for the occasional clinic but if you need more features like education modules of patients then you have to take the premium version. Browsing of this software is safe and also accessible for mobile.


Smart square ssm software will show your business logo and its site if it is properly installed on your desktop. While using this software network ID of individual employees will also show. This system is simple to utilize and saves your time to schedule appointments.


Final thoughts:


Smart square login ssm has large benefits and this technology will never disappoint you. Managers can easily see the performance of their employees and staff can manage their schedule.