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Hardware Encyclopedia: Why is Samsung T7 always powerful and unsolvable?

Mobile solid-state hard drives are one of the solutions to personal data storage, and it is also a highly efficient solution to the current data interaction. So we can see that the sales of mobile solid-state hard drives have been increasing in recent years. However, the author found that the mobile solid-state hard drives purchased by many students on the Internet have various problems, including continuous slow down when writing small files, abnormal heat dissipation, and quality control issues.


Samsung T7


When you encounter this kind of problem, you are basically being pitted. You must know that there is a very important component inside the mobile solid-state hard disk, that is, the pellets. There are only a handful of manufacturers that can produce pellets in the world, but there are countless brands of mobile solid-state drives. The reason behind this is that in order to seek profit, some suppliers will purchase some black and white films that have been eliminated by the pellet manufacturers. There will be great uncertainties in the products using these pellets, and some problems are inevitable.

So how to avoid buying inferior products? Many friends think that you can choose the original particles. In fact, this is only one of them. An excellent storage product. The original particles are inevitable, followed by factors such as appearance and heat dissipation. Next, I will use the current Samsung ’s flagship product, Samsung T7, will be tested and explained, which will take you to an in-depth understanding of the power of this product.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS and  Amazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code 

In terms of appearance-Fanghua peerless

Let's take a look at the appearance first, which is also an important factor in determining the purchasing power of many consumers. Samsung T7 has three colors: Mars Red, Aurora Blue and Space Gray. There is no harm if there is no contrast. Compared with other brands of solid state drives, both color and texture have Samsung's unique product design concept.

The most important thing is that the three colors of Samsung T7 can meet the matching needs of different scenes. For example, student parties can choose brighter Martian red and aurora blue, while business office workers can choose low-key and luxurious space gray.

The overall design of the Samsung T7 is matched with multiple colors, and the whole shows a delicate atmosphere. I hold it in my hand and feel more like a handicraft. 

Performance-read speed up to 1041MB/s

Let’s take a look at performance. Samsung T7 uses NVMe protocol, and the main control is Samsung’s original self-developed main control. The particles are Samsung V-NAND particles. Both performance and stability are the iconic labels of Samsung T7.

Based on this, the author also conducted continuous performance. The author uses the new version 7.0 of CrystalDiskMark, which guarantees continuous read and write, random read and write performance of 512KB and 4KB packets, and the queue depth (Queue Depth) is 32. In addition to the 4K random performance and other conventional tests under, the new version 7.0 of CrystalDiskMark has optimized queue settings, performance descriptions, and test data block selection, which is more in line with the current hard disk test requirements.

In the CrystalDiskMark7.0 test, we can see that the maximum continuous read speed of Samsung T7 mobile solid-state hard disk reached an astonishing 1041MB/S, and the maximum continuous write reached 986MB/S, close to the performance of 1041MB/S. Such read and write performance, in the mobile solid state hard drive industry, can be said to sit firmly on the throne of the first echelon, and can meet the strong needs of many users at the moment.

Of course, in order to give you a deeper experience of the performance of this product, the author also conducted an actual reading test. The author used a file of about 5GB in size for the test. The results are as follows.

From the test point of view, the highest instantaneous read speed even reaches 1.41GB/s, and the overall time of a 5GB data file is about 5s, which is a significant experience for our daily office and data interaction. 

Heat dissipation-ePCM technology

Heat dissipation is also an important point. The cost of high performance is heat dissipation. This is also the biggest obstacle to performance. If the temperature is abnormal, the mobile solid state drive will experience a significant slowdown, which is also a common problem of high-performance storage today. Major storage manufacturers have also introduced various heat dissipation solutions, and this time Samsung T7 also adopted a refreshing technology-ePCM.

ePCM, the full name of the package phase change material, is a special material used in the aviation field. It can quickly absorb heat, store heat at the same time, and finally release heat gradually, thereby stabilizing the temperature of the device and reducing the risk of burns. , T7 through ePCM and the already mature dynamic heat dissipation protection DTG mechanism, can achieve the highest performance under operating conditions, the maximum surface temperature of the product does not exceed 45 ℃.

This also makes the Samsung T7 have strong heat dissipation capabilities. Even after long-term large file data transmission, the Samsung T7 also maintains a lower temperature. This is also an important guarantee for the high stability and strong performance of the Samsung T7.

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Application aspect-all-round PSSD

The actual application is more critical. At the top of the Samsung T7, it is equipped with a TYPE-C interface that supports the USB3.2 Gen2 interface protocol. It is compatible with mainstream systems such as Windows, Mac, and Android. It can be easily adapted to personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, Game consoles and all mainstream digital devices that support TYPE-C interface.

Fingerprint recognition Samsung T7 Touch mobile solid state hard drive hot sale (The picture shows T7 Touch, consistent with T7 performance, unique fingerprint encryption function, double security)

Next, from the perspective of different application areas, I will tell you the advantages of Samsung T7 in different dimensions.

Business office: You can back up important data to Samsung T7 to avoid the risk of data loss. In addition, we can also connect with mobile phones to share important large files face-to-face with customers, which is faster and more stylish.

E-sports players: It takes about 300M to download a large 3A masterpiece on the game platform . The hard disk is always fully loaded. We only need to install the game in the Samsung T7, so that the Samsung T7 can be used as an expansion device. Can be used as a mobile game library, where to go, where to play.

Content creators: Samsung's T7 mobile solid-state hard drives have more obvious gains for content creators. Thanks to the blessing of Samsung's original 3D NAND particles, the maximum read performance exceeds 1000MB/s, and the write speed is close to 1000MB/s. In the future, for content creators, it will be faster and more stable for data interaction, as well as import and export of materials.

Samsung T7 mobile solid-state hard drives have better application value and can bring consumers the experience of top technology. 

Powerful and unsolvable

In general, as a leader in the storage industry, Samsung’s Samsung T7 has achieved successive breakthroughs at the technical level. In terms of particles, it is undoubtedly the use of Samsung V-NAND particles, which have integrated Samsung’s NAND flash memory for several years. The industry's technological accumulation and product innovation have achieved breakthroughs in performance. With Samsung's original self-developed main control chip, this is also the biggest cornerstone of Samsung T7's strong performance and stable performance. According to the test, the maximum continuous reading performance of Samsung T7 has reached 1050MB/S, which is almost the peak level currently on the market.

Finally, the Samsung T7 mobile solid-state hard drive is also very good in terms of application. It can play different roles in different fields and bring consumers a smoother user experience. It can be said that Samsung T7 has obvious advantages among the current mobile solid-state hard drives.

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