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Igtools: Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Track Your Success

Today we will talk about what tools exist on Instagram, how they are effective and how they can help you promote things on the page.


Why Analyze Instagram?

It's simple - to increase brand awareness, to increase the number of comments or to increase the sales themselves. If you need to constantly track your progress, Igtools is the perfect solution.And here are the tools that can help you with this:

Instagram Insights

Positive sides

What's this? It is a basic tool that presents your metrics in a simple format, making it easier to navigate. With it, you can organize data by content type, photo or video, and also divide it into several components, such as impressions, likes, comments, profile visits, Reach.Thanks to this, we can understand how effective your posts are, you will understand how people react to them.

Cons of Instagram Insights

It can only be used by business profile users. However, this is not such a problem, as you can easily switch from a personal profile to a business one. It will take a little time and will not require any help. Keep in mind that Instagram will remove the current analytics if you later switch to your personal profile again.

Insights is also only available in the mobile app and does not support data export. Therefore, if you need to analyze data from the outside, you will have to either copy it manually or use a third-party tool to extract it.


It is a custom content management platform that has a free Instagram analysis tool. It comes in the form of weekly reports, which usually describe your Instagram activity. It includes: follower growth, most popular content. He can also provide you with reports from several years, as well as useful for historical research of your work on Instagram.

The reports are available for both personal and business accounts, making it convenient for those new to the platform. To receive reports, just register and add a link to your Instagram account. It is as convenient and simple as using ICOholder, which has everything you need for comfortable use.

In addition to monitoring your main Instagram metrics, Pixlee can also track content that mentions your brand. This feature is useful if you want to observe how your followers are behaving towards you, or to find other parties who are interested in your brand.Pixlee also engages in Instagram by finding and connecting with influencers to promote your brand. This tool lets you explore the accounts that mention your brand and see which ones have a large following. The more subscribers a profile has, the more audience can see your content.

Pixlee helps facilitate this collaboration with its shared reports: you can quickly send these reports to your team members or influencers for use. They, in turn, do their job and your plan is ready! Another strategy is to share these reports as part of your collaboration with other users. This is your decision.


It is one of the popular paid analytics services for Instagram, where the following three main services are provided to you:

  • Account tracking 
  • Hashtags and keyword tracking 
  • Historical data reports

The trial version consists of Instagram analytics from the last year (significant duration).Keyhole presents data in the form of graphs that are easy to read. The information is divided into several sections, and the graphs themselves are interactive. By hovering your mouse over a specific part of the graph, you can get additional information about the statistics you are interested in.

Keyhole helps its users to better understand the behavior of their Instagram audience. It has a Feelings section where you can see the percentage of positive and negative comments you received. The data is here in the form of a pie chart that visually represents how people feel about you.

It will also give you the ability to create feeds where your competitors' Instagram posts will be tracked. This will present you with information about what content is valid for them and respond accordingly. You can even customize your competitors' reports to track only specific KPIs and give a clearer picture of their performance.

Sprout Social

Another tool for tracking and measuring Instagram analytics. In addition to automating the scheduling and posting time on Instagram, it supports interactions thanks to real-time monitoring. With Sprout, users can quickly analyze Instagram data at the profile and post level.


The same  the same tool on Instagram, where it shows the user how his posts work in an easy-to-read form, comparing them with other, relatively recent posts. It can even divide your audience into niches. This platform fulfills all the basic functions that you need. It also takes data to the next level so you can really evaluate your feed.

No matter how well known your company is on Instagram, or whatever your budget, there is an Instagram analytics tool for you.


By taking advantage of these tools, you can get a better understanding of your Instagram performance, which means you can definitely improve its performance. We advise you to use this knowledge to plan your marketing strategy and then you will become the next Instagram hit.