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Preventive Tips to Delay Cell Phone Repair in Vancouver

Breaking cell phones is easy for cell phone users who are reckless about their smartphones. You can also damage your cell phone fast without caring for your cell phone in Vancouver. You can prevent your cell phone if you follow precautions to use your smartphone. It will also help you delay cell phone repair in Vancouver for the long-term because of your care. Thus, we shall share preventive tips in this post with you to aid you in avoiding cell phone damage. Without further ado, let us jump into our tips concerning cell phone care:

cell phone repairing in vancouver

  1. Avoid Using Your Smartphone at Extreme Temperatures: You can unnoticeably damage your cell phone if you expose your device to extreme temperatures. Therefore, you should avoid using your cell phone in places where the temperature is not suitable to use it. For instance, you can damage the battery of your costly smartphone if you leave it in a hot car. You will damage your cell phone in the preceding case because of the heat. What about the cold? Cold is also not suitable to use a cell phone. Cold can likely damage the screen of your cell phone; nevertheless, this is temporary damage. Hence, extreme temperatures are not suitable for cell phone users to use smartphones.
  2. Avoid Exposing Your Phone To Moisture: Moisture can corrode the internal components of a cell phone. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your phone to moisture as much as possible. You must dry your hands when you handle your cell phone. Besides, you should use a protective case as an additional preventative measure. Make sure you leave your cell phone in a safe and dry environment to protect it from moisture. Nevertheless, cell phone users drop their cell phones in swimming pools, toilets, and sinks because of their lack of care. Consequently, they have to find a phone repair shop for cell phone repair in Vancouver.
  3. Avoid Mishandling Your Smartphone: You can prevent your smartphone from damage if you handle your cell phone with care. Wise cell phone users will cover their smartphones with screen protectors as a preventive measure to protect their phone screens. It is one of the ways to handle a cell phone properly and avoid screen damage. Moreover, cell phone users can avoid taking their cell phones to toilets or swimming pools to avoid water damage. Keeping the cell phone in a protective case is also one of the ways to handle a cell phone carefully.
  4. Avoid Overcharging Your Cell Phone: Cell phone users can’t live a day without their smartphones. Thus, they have to charge their smartphones almost daily. Sometimes, they plug in the charger to charge their phone battery while going to bed without worrying about the consequences. Overcharging cell phones can affect cell phone batteries, limiting or expiring their lives. Thus, cell phone users have to replace their dead cell phone batteries to revive their cell phones. They can prevent draining their phone batteries if they use their cell phone carefully and avoid a dead battery eventually.
  5. Clean Your Cell Phone Often: It is also important for you to clean your cell phone often. It will aid you to use your cell phone pleasurably and prevent your health, also. A person’s hands have more bacteria than any other part of the body. Thus, you can avoid those harmful bacteria to prevent your health if you use a clean cell phone. Moreover, you can avoid dust particles entering the cell phone port and tiny holes if you don’t let them. Anti-microbial wipes to clean your phone screen can help you take care of those harmful bacteria. Another option for you to clean your cell phone screen is via a microfiber cloth. Make sure the charging port of your cell phone is also clean before you use your cell phone. Hence, cleaning a cell phone more often than not is good for your well-being and cell phone simultaneously.


Using cell phones recklessly is the main reason why cell phones damage usually. Phone users can avoid damaging their smartphones if they handle their smartphones judiciously. They can also delay cell phone repair in Vancouver if they follow the following preventive tips concerning cell phone care:

  • Avoid using your cell phone at extreme temperatures.
  • Avert exposing your smartphone to moisture.
  • Avoid mishandling your cell phone.
  • Prevent your cell phone from overcharging.
  • Lastly, clean your smartphone thoroughly and wisely to prevent your well-being and the device.

CellFixx is an authorized iPhone and Android phone repair service in Vancouver, Richmond, and Prince George.