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What Does Time Sensitive Mean On Snapchat Notification

 According to Snapchat, Time Sensitive notifications are important notifications that must be delivered and displayed to users even if they have the Do Not Disturb mode enabled on their mobile phones. Time-sensitive notifications on Snapchat last for an hour. While applying this feature after one hour the notification will disappear from your lock screen and notification center. This feature on Snapchat gives some messages or Snap a higher priority requiring immediate user attention to ensure you do not miss anything important. This new feature was enabled for Snapchat users with an update sometime in May 2023.

What Does Time Sensitive Mean On Snapchat

All About Time Sensitive On Snapchat

A time-sensitive snap is a high-priority snap or chat provided to a user. This ensures that a user doesn’t miss out on important chats or snaps. This feature on Snapchat ensures privacy with urgency too, as after one hour the notification will disappear from your lock screen.

Types of Time-Sensitive Notifications

Snapchat offers various types of time-sensitive notifications. These notifications can include snaps, messages, stories, etc.

  1. Snaps that are about to disappear: Snapchat’s core feature is the ability to send disappearing photos and videos or snaps. A time-sensitive notification might alert you of a Snap that it is about to vanish.
  2. Friend requests: Alerts about new friend requests also fall under this category.
  3. Chat messages: Important messages from friends will spark these notifications.
  4. Story updates: When your snap friends update their stories, Snapchat notifies you through this feature.
  5. Notifications about Snap streaks: A Snap streak is maintained when you and a friend exchange Snaps for consecutive days. A time-sensitive alert will be sent if a snap streak is on the edge of ending.

How Do Time Sensitive Notifications Work on Snap?

Allowing you to decide who can contact you and which app can send you notifications when turned on minimizes distractions. Here is exactly where the Time Sensitive notifications come into play. Time-sensitive notifications from Snapchat break through the Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb mode and appear on the lock screen for at least an hour so you don’t miss them.

Steps to Turn on/off Time Sensitive Notifications on Snapchat 

If you want to turn on/ off the time-sensitive notifications on Snapchat simply follow the following procedure:

On iPhone

  1. To enable/disable time-sensitive notifications follow these steps:
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu on your phone.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Snapchat’ (or use the search feature, type Snapchat).
  4. Tap on ‘Notifications’.
  5. You will find an option as"Time Sensitive Notifications."

Toggle the ‘Time-sensitive notifications’ switch to enable/ disable the feature as per your preference.

Following the above steps will help you enable/disable time-sensitive notifications for Snapchat on your iPhone. This will ensure more control over your notification preferences for the app.

On Android

Android doesn't offer a Time-sensitive notifications function. However, you can still modify your Snapchat notifications to suit your preferences. So, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Settings' on your phone.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Apps' section within Settings.
  3. Tap on App Management/Manage app/See all apps (differs as per mobile phone brand)
  4. Scroll down alphabetically to ‘Snapchat’(or use the search feature, type Snapchat).
  5. In the Snapchat tab, tap on the 'Notifications' setting.
  6. Finally, turn off any notification toggles that you consider unnecessary.

Tips for Managing Snapchat’s Notifications in Real Time

Follow the following tips to effectively manage such notifications on Snapchat:

. You can limit the number of notifications received. You can adjust the settings for specific friends or friend groups.

. To avoid distractions, you can uncheck notifications like ‘trending public content’ or ‘friends suggestions’.

For more such options you can follow the steps:

  • Open your Snapchat account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Notifications.
  • You get a list of notification options that you wish to turn on and off.

. If these notifications are bothering you, then you can disable them by changing your settings by following the steps given above.


In conclusion, Snapchat's Time-Sensitive feature adds a sense of urgency and priority to certain messages and snaps. With user control over notifications and the ability to customize time limits, this feature enhances the Snapchat experience. This feature also ensures that important messages are not missed. Experts at CDR Engineers Australia believe that in our quick-paced world, rapid and effective interactions are required and this feature represents the changing face of digital communication. It's a valuable tool for keeping users connected and informed in real-time.

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How Long Do Snapchat’s Time-Sensitive Notifications Last?

The time-sensitive notifications in Snapchats last for one hour and then the notification will disappear from the lock screen and notification bar.

Is it necessary for all snaps to be time-sensitive?

No, it is not necessary for all snaps to be Time-sensitive. It is an optional feature and you can choose to send regular snaps that do not disappear.

How can I take a look at if a person takes a screenshot of my time-sensitive snap?

Snapchat does notify the sender if the recipient takes a screenshot of a Time-Sensitive snap. Keep an eye out for these notifications.

Are there any privacy settings for time-sensitive information?

Snapchat's privacy settings apply to all snaps, including Time-Sensitive ones. You can adjust who can see your Time-Sensitive snaps in your settings.

Can I recover a time-sensitive snap as soon as it has disappeared?

Once a Time-Sensitive snap or message has disappeared, it cannot be recovered. Snapchat's design ensures that such content is permanently deleted after the time limit expires.