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Definitive guide for Best Music Production Software 2024

The best music software for your studio can be found here if you're just starting out in music creation. Digital audio workstations, virtual instruments, audio effects, and other crucial tools for creating, combining, and polishing your music are listed in this article.

To assist our readers in beginning to compose music on a computer, we have included the best music-making programs in each category.

guide for Best Music Production Software

Every piece of music software on the list works with both macOS and Windows. Whenever possible, we made an effort to offer Linux-compatible apps.

The primary components of your music studio can be thought of as the production software that is listed on this page. These are the fundamental tools and effects used in the creation of music.

Add more plugins to your music-making toolset after you've mastered the fundamentals.

What then is the top free program for creating music in 2024?

Software for Producing Music (2024 Update)

The top free music-making apps for Mac and PC are as follows:

  • The greatest free synth is Surge.
  • The greatest free digital audio workstation is Waveform Free.
  • The finest free audio editor is Audacity.
  • The greatest free audio recording program is Studio One Prime.
  • The greatest free sampler is TX16Wx Software Sampler.
  • The finest free compressor is DC1A.
  • The greatest free sample players are LABS and Decent Sampler.
  • The finest free equalizer is TDR Nova.
  • The finest free limiter is Limiter TM6.

Surge XT

One of the most versatile free instruments available is Surge XT, the greatest free synthesizer plugin. For those seeking a more approachable substitute, we suggest the Vital wavetable synthesizer designed by Matt Tytel.

The discontinued Surge virtual instrument from Vember Audio served as the foundation for this open-source synthesizer. By making the source code available, the creator made it possible for the open-source community to enhance the program.

An open-source instrument called Surge XT can compete with some of the most well-liked synthesizer plugins available today. Any software package used for music creation must have this essential sound design tool. 

Waveform Free

Tracktion Corporation created the free digital audio workstation Waveform 12 Free.

Every music production software setup starts with a DAW, and Waveform Free is the greatest one available for free.

This powerful tool for creating music has all the capabilities required to record and mix a song with a professional sound, and it runs on all major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Waveform Free is a MIDI and audio recorder. In addition to sophisticated capabilities like automation, track analysis, and more, it has an audio mixer with built-in effects.

Waveform Free is primarily capable of loading VST and AU plugins. With hundreds of freeware VST plugins, you may add more synthesizers, samplers, effects, and other tools to your music production workspace.

But if you're a singer/songwriter who just wants a multitrack recording program that doesn't support VST plugins, we suggest Studio One Prime.

However, the harsh reality is that no freeware DAW is flawless. The digital audio workstation ought to be your first priority when it comes to purchasing music production software, provided you have the financial means to do so.

The most affordable DAW available is Reaper. A discounted license costs $60 and comes with a long 60-day free trial.

There are some that continue to use Reaper's trial version indefinitely. However, be fair to Reaper's developers and buy a license if you use it for music production.

Bitwig Studio, FL Studio, Steinberg Cubase Pro, and Ableton Live are a few more well-liked DAWs. If you're using macOS, Logic Pro X makes sense, and Studio One Pro is our preferred professional digital audio workstation.

Top freeware substitutes for T7 DAW include GarageBand for macOS and Cakewalk by BandLab for Windows. Additionally suggested by our readers is Ardour, a free Linux music creation workstation.

Cakewalk, a free DAW from BandLab, comes highly recommended for Windows users. But since Waveform 12 Free is compatible with both of the main operating systems, that's why we chose it.

Try Studio One Prime or Pro Tools First if you're looking for a free music production software to record and edit your tracks instead of using VST plugins.


An audio editor is a need for any setup involving music production. The greatest free audio editing program available is called Audacity, which is also a fantastic free recording program.

Audacity is a cross-platform, open-source program that provides a large range of tools and effects for tasks related to audio editing and recording.

Volunteers create Audacity, which gets updated frequently—nearly every month. It is simple enough for novice music creators to utilize, stable, and lightweight.

Moreover, VST, VST3, AU, LV, and LADSPA plugins can be loaded using Audacity.

With Audacity's plugin compatibility, you can edit audio files with your preferred third-party mixing and sound design tools. 

Studio One Prime

For singer-songwriters, Studio One Prime is the best free music creation program.

It's a simplified free DAW for basic mixing and audio recording.

A selection of excellent sound effects is pre-installed in Studio One's free edition. These consist of a channel strip featuring EQ and compression, chorus, flanger, delay, and even the most basic form of PreSonus' guitar processing effects, Ampire and Pedalboard.

It's vital to remember that VST plugins cannot be loaded by PreSonus' free DAW. This implies that you can only use the effects that come with Studio One's freeware edition. Furthermore, it won't allow you to load any virtual instruments.

Upgrades to Studio One Artist or Studio One Pro are available to those who require access to more sophisticated capabilities.

Pro Tools – Intro is another fantastic free music recording program for singer-songwriters. It is based on the well-known Avid Pro Tools program. Similar to Studio One Prime, it has certain drawbacks (most notably, the inability to load external plugins), although users who are less picky could find its simplicity appealing.

Nevertheless, we favor Studio One Prime's general usability and simple approach.

Thus, among the greatest choices for artists in need of a DAW for audio recording at this time is Studio One Prime.

TX16Wx Software Sampler

The greatest free sampler plugin for your music production studio is TX16Wx Software Sampler, which is also a great substitute for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Ogg, FLAC, AIFF, and WAV files can all be loaded using the plugin. In addition, SoundFonts, SFZ patches, and Akai and EXS presets can be handled by it.

Hundreds of free SFZ sound libraries are available online, including the SM Drums acoustic drum kit and the Piano in 162 virtual piano.
Dynamic range compression is a notion that many people who are new to music production find difficult to grasp. All you have to do with DC1A is apply the appropriate amount of compression. Under the hood is where the remaining magic will transpire.

Of course, sample-based patches can also be made with the TX16Wx Software Sampler.

The TX16Wx Software Sampler has a robust mapping editor, a non-destructive sample editor, time-stretching, an infinite number of modulation sources, built-in effects, and even audio recording capabilities. Any sound that is played back on your digital audio workstation can be recorded and saved as an audio sample.

The TX16Wx Software Sampler is a VST, VST, AU, and AAX plugin that may be used in compatible digital audio workstations or as stand-alone music production software.

Most applications for creating music, whether they are free or not, come with a sampling instrument. Nevertheless, TX16Wx Software Sampler has a sophisticated feature set for a workstation for sample-based music composition.

If you find the TX16Wx Software Sampler too complex, you might want to give Grace, a user-friendly freeware sampler instrument that is limited to Windows, a try.


The greatest free compressor plugin is DC1A. Although it may not have as many features as other compressor effects, it is undoubtedly the most user-friendly. Since DC1A is so simple to get to sound correct, I use it in every mix.

If you're just beginning started with music production software, the DC1A compressor effect is the first one you should add to your arsenal. Experienced audio engineers and more accomplished song producers should acquire TDR Kotelnikov, the greatest free mastering compressor available.

Check out BPB Dirty LA if you're searching for a straightforward free compressor that is reminiscent of old limiting amplifiers. 


Spitfire Audio offers a free sample player plugin called LABS. Powered by some of the best-sounding free sample libraries available, it is simple to use.

There aren't many controls on the simple, minimalist UI. There aren't many options for customizing the sound in LABS.

It does, however, come with an amazing assortment of sound packs. One of the top sound labels, Spitfire Audio, created all of the sound resources.

The LABS instrument library includes percussion, cinematic sounds, experimental instruments, and acoustic pianos.

Decent Sampler

An other top-notch sample player plugin is Decent Sampler. Hundreds of Pianobook sample libraries are compatible with it.

For music producers looking for a less priced option to Kontakt libraries, the plugin is a great option. Creating libraries for Decent Sampler does not require license costs, in contrast to Kontakt, which makes it a more affordable choice for a wider variety of developers.

Decent Sampler offers an easy-to-use and reasonably priced way to access a wide range of sound libraries, even while it isn't meant to take the place of Kontakt or be the most advanced sample player out there.

The sound library selection on the platform has grown significantly recently, in part because of initiatives like Frédéric Poirier's conversion of more than 100 Pianobook libraries to the Decent Sampler format.

TDR Nova

An equalization and a compressor are the two most important mixing tools. The cornerstones of any music production studio are these two audio effects. The digital audio workstation and these are the two most important pieces of software for music producers.

The greatest free equalization plugin to add to your software toolkit for creating music is TDR Nova. It has an extra high-pass and low-pass filter in addition to being a four-band dynamic equalizer.

As a dynamic equalizer, TDR Nova is capable of managing a wide range of mixing jobs. It can be utilized as a straightforward audio filter, a multi-band compressor, a de-esser, a wideband compressor, a dynamic equalization, or even a basic parametric equalizer.

TDR Nova's versatility and ease of use are its two greatest features. The plugin has sophisticated "dynamic EQ" features, yet even complete novices can use its fundamental equalization functions. By default, the sophisticated dynamics controls are deactivated, although they are still operational if needed.

Limiter TM6

In the audio mastering phase of the music production process, a limiter is a crucial tool. It is helpful for mixing as too, but without a limiter, mastering is not possible.

It is best to assign the work of mastering your most critical projects to a qualified mastering engineer. Still, mastering demos and song previews requires having a solid limiter plugin. To be honest, mixing and mastering a whole song with free music production software is enjoyable.

Limiter TM6 is the greatest free limiter plugin for your music production software because of this.

LUveler, a free limiter plugin created by Thomas Mundt, is another great option. Compared to Limiter TM6, it is less complex and more suited for novices. Additionally, we endorse D16 Group's fantastic Frontier limiter. You should add both plugins to your arsenal of free mastering tools.

Software for Music Production: Overview

To assist you in beginning music creation, we have compiled a list of the top free music software. Your toolkit of choice for producing and mixing music will grow over time as you add more and more programs to it.

Be familiar with your musical instruments. Select a small number of DAWs and freeware plugins, and become proficient with them, rather than downloading dozens of them.

Recall that practice makes perfect. This is true for creating music as well. Rather than downloading software and looking for that "magical VST plugin" to make every track sound wonderful, spend more time creating music and honing your craft. It isn't real.