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Apple Music Sleep Timer: Ways to set a sleep timer in Apple Music

Everybody likes to listen to their favorite song during falling asleep. Unfortunately, there is no timer functionality with Mac OS or iOS music app. But don't worry, at Business Tech World we will tell you the way by which you can stop the music at your desired time on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other devices also.

Apple Music Sleep Timer

How to set iPhone sleep timer using Apple Music

There are many hidden features with Apple iOS and the clock app is one of them. After setting the time it will automatically stop the music on your device. For the music app, it can be considered as a sleep timer.


Strategy 1: By Using Clock App

  1.  On your iPad or iPhone, open the inbuilt clock App.
  2.  Now from the bottom right corner tap on the timer button.
  3.  Now choose the time until you want to listen to music.
  4.  Click the When Timer Ends button. Click on stop playing, and then set by scrolling down.
  5.  Now click on the green-colored Start button for starting the timer.
  6.  Then play your song by opening your music app. 
  7.  Music will stop automatically at the time on which you have set the timer. You can also pause and cancel the Apple music sleep timer.

Strategy 2: By Using Shortcut App

Suppose you have the same routine then you can make an automation which will allow you to stop the music at the set time automatically. It might show up you a long process but it is very easy.

  1. On your iPad or iPhone, open the shortcuts App.
  2. Click on automation.
  3. Then click on Create Personal Automation. If you don’t find this option then on the top right click on the plus button and Create Personal Automation. 
  4. Click on Time of Day and set the time at which you want to stop the music.
  5. For selecting the days click on Weekly. Click on the Next button, once you have finished.
  6. Click on add action.
  7. In the search box button type Pause and from the search result click on the pause/play button.
  8. Again click on the Pause/Play button and select Pause. Click on the Next button, after this.
  9. Switch towards Ask Before Running. Click done finally. Now your automation has been completed.

Now your music will be stopped automatically at your set time. If you don’t want this app then go to the Shortcuts app and click automation. On the Pause/Play button swipe right to left and click on delete.


How to Set sleep timer in Apple Music on Mac

For putting your music in sleep mode follow these steps. It will also stop apple music.


  1. On the top left click on the Apple logo and then go for System Preferences.
  2. Tap battery, on Mac OS Big Sur. Tap on energy saver on MacOS Catalina and earlier.
  3. Tap on the Schedule button.
  4. Select the Sleep option by checking the box. Then select the required time and tap OK.
  5. Now you can play the music of your choice. Your Mac will enter in sleep mode automatically 10 minutes later at your scheduled time.

How to Set sleep timer in Apple Music on other devices

Android: You can choose a third-party app for this. In the Google play store app, you can search for the alternative of “sleep timer”.

HomePod: During the playing of music, you have to say something like “Hi, Siri, Please stop the music in 15 minutes”. After this, your sleep timer will be enabled and your music will stop at the said time.

Windows: As on the Mac, you can also give the command on your window Pc for automatically sleeping. It will also stop Apple Music. For this click on “Window Key + R”. After Typing the cmd, click on the enter key. Then write shutdown -s -t 2700.

2700 stands for second here. In some cases, it is considered 45 minutes. This is not a fixed time limit, you can also change it. For example, you can go for 1800 seconds if you want your music will stop after 30 minutes.

By following the above steps you can stop the music at your desired time on any device.

Wrapping Up:

Now it is easy to turn off your iPhone screen and go to bed. The process of turning off the screen of your iPhone is very easy and simple. Music will be stopped automatically when the timer will be completed. You can also reset the timer for music shut down if you haven’t fallen asleep.