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How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, With And Without Stickers?

How far has the world gone? Really, we have no guesswork about what we will see in our future. Or what our next generation will have. The world's living example is full of inventions, social connectivity, and more. It is like an illusion when we use letters to express our feelings to our loved ones. Still, we see a bevy of social media apps all around us- Instagram. We just need to download the app to enjoy an amazing set of features- 

Add music to an instagram

Instagram is a "BUZZ" for sharing content in the social world. It is the best photos and videos sharing app among the adolescents. Stories with music catch the attention of many young people. The Instagram developers constantly adding new features to the application. One of the "Instagram music feature" users liked to express their moods and feelings.  This has made user enjoys a better experience with the app. 

In 2018, Instagram comes with the new feature to share music over stories with and without stickers. This has driven Instagram users crazy by sharing their feeds with thousands of songs. There is an opportunity to share the stories in a "musical" way. But sometimes, it comes with errors like Instagram music not working. This article will teach you how to add music to Instagram stories. 

Methods to add Instagram music to stories without the sticker

Stories are created in a hurry. No one has time to shoot and edit the stories when you're making them just for fun. Most of us don't want stickers because it’s blocking our story. It can hide content that you want to make visible. 

Start by making a story in the Instagram application. It would be anything, an image, sideshow or a video. It will check the preview screen once you have selected it from the gallery or captured it. Next, you need to finalize the appearance of the story with hashtags, filters, captions, and stickers.

If you don't want the music logo to appear in the middle of your story. Here's how to add music to Instagram Stories without displaying a sticker. Follow these steps below-

Open the app on your smartphone. Next, click on the story icon at the top-left corner. Upload the story by accessing the Gallery or Camera. Click the sticker icon at the top of your screen. Tap the sticker icon. Now, click on the music button and mention the song name you want to use. Also, Tap done at the upper right corner of the screen. Drag out the sticker off the screen. The music logo will not appear on the screen. Next, tap the share button. 

Add music on an Instagram story with a sticker

Since the introduction of Instagram's music feature, there have been many ways to add music to Stories. So the easiest way to add music to your stories is-

  • Go to the Instagram app.
  • Press the story icon at the top left of the screen. 
  • Upload the story by accessing the camera and shooting with the camera. 
  • Press the sticker button or swipe up.
  • Click on the music button. 
  • Either search the song you want to add or browse by mood, genre, or popular one. 
  • Click on the song and add it to the story.
  • Next, click on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Move the sticker to a place where you want to use it on the story. 

Now, you have the option to listen to the song. All you need to do is press the play button to play.   

Not just the things are ended here; sometimes we have an issue with Instagram music not working. Just in case, we help you troubleshoot the problem with the right steps- 

  • Clear the cache.
  • Reinstall or update the app. 
  • Update by using Wi-Fi rather than data. 
  • Try sign-out. 
  • Contact technical team. 
  • Check if the problem exists for other users.

Add the music lyrics to your story 

If you're troubled to get how to add a song's lyrics to your Instagram stories, then don't worry, we will help you out- 

  • Firstly, open the Instagram app. 
  • Press the story icon.
  • Upload the story by access your camera and shoot it. 
  • Next, click the sticker button on the screen. 
  • Press the music icon or find the song you have loved most to use. 
  • Now, add the song to your story. 
  • Click the letter button and see font options by swiping left. 
  • Choose the attractive looking font.
  • Finally, click on the story button at the left of the screen.

Final words- 

These are the approaches to add music to an Instagram story with and without stickers. Also, the Instagram music not working error resulted in you not adding the music. Although, we describe all these methods are technically possible both to use and to remove the sticker. Hopefully, this way is better to add music to Instagram stories. Kindly let us know, on the off chance that we missed anything