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Fansly Vs Onlyfans: Who is The Winner of This Creator Platform Clash?

Many social media applications have developed recently due to the increasing use of social media apps and the demand of people. Therefore, apart from developing applications, app development services are also necessary.


Suppose you haven’t used Fansly or Onlyfans before and are confused about choosing between them. In that case, we are here to solve your confusion by providing a detailed description of both applications.

Each application is a fantastic app where users can subscribe and share videos and photos as their fans can see the content.

Both the applications are unique in their way. Below is the description of both the applications, which will guide you to select the best one.

What is Fansly?

Fansly application has skyrocketed and has spread its wings worldwide in the past few years. As a result, more users are getting attracted to the app, like fansly similar to other social media applications such as Instagram and Snapchat.

The application reached its hype when a rumor was spread that the Onlyfans application would ban adult content. Later, Fansly’s owner said they would get almost thousands of hourly applications.

Fansly app can be mainly known as a clone of Onlyfans application but with advanced and latest features which can attract more customers towards it.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is one of the most famous social networking applications, which was settled at the starting of 2016. It is one of the veterans. Multiple professional developers developed the website, and every month a myriad of people visit the website.

Users can easily create their accounts and share photos and videos with each other; as a result, it is one of the most famous websites amongst adults. You can add such a feature in an app like Onlyfans.

Last year, a rumor mentioned that the Onlyfans application was going to ban all the adult content from the website, but after some time, developers changed their decision.

Features of Fansly

  • Fansly provides various tiers for subscriptions so that the app can charge more for longer videos and other content.
  • Apart from that, the most special feature of the app has free followers. It will allow the users to follow your account without subscribing and paying.
  • Users can also make use of some custom emojis in the pictures.

Pros of Fansly

  • It has high flexibility and rich content as compared to others
  • It is one of the best platforms to work with a great idea of earning
  • Various subscription tiers are available from which you can select based on your requirements

Cons of Fansly

  • It has higher subscription charges
  • Only adult content can be seen here

Features of Onlyfans

  • Onlyfans have a very limited amount of features as compared to Fansly applications.
  • The application is dependent on its brand name for success.

Pros of Onlyfans

  • It will provide you with the required bandwidth and speedy customer support. It also has excellent branding as they have plenty of users.
  • The website is free to use
  • You will get high-quality content here.

Cons of Onlyfans

  • You need to pay 20% of your commission to the website
  • No publicity for new content creators you need to market on your app page.

Difference between Fansly and Onlyfans

  • If you are a user of the Fansly application, then you can have a free or paid subscription to host your content with your fans. You are a fan, and you can also choose a free or paid subscription.
  • Fansly application will enable the users to get more subscribers than the Onlyfans application, and it is one of the best advantages of the Fansly application.
  • Before shifting to a paid subscription, the fans of the Fansly application are allowed to follow the content creator for free.
  • The interface of Onlyfans and Fansly are almost the same, but the Fansly application has more features than Onlyfans.
  • Like the Onlyfans application, the creators can easily regulate the charges they need to charge for a subscription on Fansly.
  • Recently there is one problem with Fansly that it allows users to only pay with credit cards without any additional payment methods.
  • Onlyfans is a brand name, and Fansly is a hard-working application that offers a viable alternative.
  • Fansly gives much freedom to the content creators with the help they can easily advertise their channel.


As I said earlier, both the applications are the best individually, but before selecting the best application, it is essential to understand them both deeply.

For developing such an application, you can hire a leading Social media app development company that will also provide app maintenance services along with app development.

Many similar applications are available in the market, but the best applications amongst all are Onlyfans and Fansly because they have exclusive features which can attract users towards their application.

I hope the above-given blog will help you select the best application, and you can create helpful content for your fans and subscribe to them.