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Is Snaptube safe?

As the technology is processing these days the app, Snaptube is also getting a lot of familiarity among the android users. Despite the number of users increasing, it is not available in the play store. Many users have other ways of downloading the app through other platforms such as Chrome Browser. However, when you try installing the app a warning message is showed up. It says are you sure, which you want to download this app, this app is not safe.


At that point many users, that it might be dangerous or do have any side harm risks that the users tend to ignore. 

There are some details through which you can have an idea about this app, what is it, and what effect does it have. 

All you need to know about Snaptube:

Snaptube is a Chinese origin app that has been created to download videos from any website. Through this app, you can save any videos you see on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other random site. Surprisingly, it does work. It saves a lot of time and effort that users do to download any video that they like. A major benefit that it provides is that it can create shorter videos that you can share with your friends or on your stories on Instagram or as a status on WhatsApp. 

It has no restrictions or any kind of limitations. However, it does have a few advantages that are only for its premium users for instance if the user wants to increase the downloading speed to save up the videos and some other feature access. You do not need to worry about having the membership or not because there are 99% of users use it anyway. Other than that, it is 100% free for all users around the globe. 

Snaptube users enjoy using the app for free. They do not analyze the risks and harms of using such kinds of apps. They use it despite the warning. 

Pros and Cons of Snaptube


Free availability

Snaptube is readily and freely available. Anyone can use it. There are no restrictions and limitations for its users.

Easy to operate

This app is very too easy to operate. Users can download any videos within minutes or sometimes-even seconds with no difficulty.


Limited features

Although it has amazing features, some of the features have only access to its premium users. In addition, for that, you have to pay or make a transaction. 

Security issues

One of the major issues that this app has is that it is not safe enough to use. Misleading information is there. Moreover, the user's information can be shared which leads to any form of scam. The security issues and safety risks do rises for many users.  

Compatibility issues

The users can have a compatibility issue as well. Because downloading files on mobile phones might not be compatible enough with the media files.  

Unavailability on Play store

When this app was created it was available on the Play store initially. There are some major reasons why it is not available on the play store anymore:

Android and YouTube are the products of Google. For getting maximum attention from the users, the least they want is people to download the videos from their product. This could limit the user’s attention that they are seeking to catch. Android and YouTube do have policies. Moreover, downloading videos is a violation of their policy. Because of this reason, Snaptube has been removed from the play store and is not available anymore. 

Apart from this, there are other policies of Playstore as well which Snaptube violates. Snaptube not follows them but also plays a role in the violation of data. People could change the original content and videos, or no copyrights given. There are many examples where people have used content or videos of others without considering their copyrights of them. It is because of such apps and software that allow users.

Safe for Installation or not?

In a brief and short answer, NO it is not safe to download it. Such an app is not safe enough to be used. However, despite all this information that needs to be considered this app has been downloaded 40 million times up till now or even more. 

However, with the increasing number of users and downloads, the company was not making enough money as much as it expected to do so. That is why they have made some changes to the app. Between the downloading process, clicking on the ad comes automatically, and some actions are made afterward. Such actions can lead to using the user’s payment information. In addition, can make some transactions with or without asking. 

According to their terms and conditions, these things are not bring up to the people using the app. Another risk analysis could share the user’s data with other companies without caring for any ethical barriers. There is no confidentiality and privacy for the user’s information, which is not safe at all. Moreover, no user would want that to happen. Not only this, but Snaptube monitors the activities you do, or what type of videos you download to know the user’s behavior.

To make more money, the information and data to other companies. In addition to this through this way, many scams and frauds occur. 

Alternative for Snaptube

If you want to download videos or save them on your mobile phones, it is better to use some other alternative, which is much safer. As an alternative, you can use websites that allow you to do so. However, the risk and security analysis should be done first. 


Some of the major details regarding Snaptube are available in this article. However, if you want to know about the app it is better to do your research. Read other articles that give you all the pros and cons to solve any kind of queries that you have in your mind. In addition, if you are a user of Snaptube it might be high time where you want to just stop using it or switch to some other. You can use spectrum packages to ensure that you have all the details regarding the application.