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Quick Method to Convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac Machine

An OLM file is also known as a Microsoft Outlook file for Mac Operating System. It is a data file that is supported by Outlook on Mac. OLM files are used to store mailbox items like email messages, calendars, notes, attachments, contacts, etc. Users often use OLM files for importing, archiving, data inside Outlook for Mac. OLM is a master repository file format and is not created by default. It is only used and accessed on Mac Outlook.



If users are required to migrate to another email application on Mac like Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Then they have to convert Outlook OLM to MBOX first. MBOX is an email file format used by various email clients like Apple Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc. MBOX format stores and manages email messages in a single text file. It saves messages in a sequential format.

Here the main question arises, how to import OLM file into MBOX format on Mac. Users often face a problem while choosing the right and effective method. In this article, we will discuss the easy and quick solution to sort the users' problems. Before moving to the next, let's take a look at some major reasons to migrate OLM into MBOX on Mac.

Various Reasons to Convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac OS

Users are widely compatible with the MBOX format due to its intuitive GUI. Also, OLM files are not supported on any platform other than Outlook on Mac. They often face some configuration issues with OLM files so users like to export OLM to MBOX. MBOX files are easy to use and customize by the users as compared to OLM.

Some various reasons are listed below to convert Mac OLM into MBOX Thunderbird,

  • The outlook may malfunction and can corrupt the file if the message size is too large.
  • If Outlook is full of storage then users are required to convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac.
  • MBOX files are easily compatible with multiple email clients like Thunderbird, PowerMail, Spicebird, and many more.
  • Users can easily read, view, and manage MBOX files due to its smooth and easy interface.
  • OLM files are bound with Mac OS but MBOX can easily be accessed on Mac as well as windows.

Due to these following factors, users convert OLM to MBOX mac. After knowing the reasons, let's move to the solution to import OLM files into MBOX on mac. We will discuss various possible methods through which users can get the desired outcome.

Manual Approach to Convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac

Choosing the right and effective method is always wise for getting the desired result. Most of the users try the online method to migrate OLM files to MBOX which is not safe at all. It is not considered to be a suitable solution to deal with your valuable data. 

In this section, we will discuss the manual process through which users can easily import OLM file into MBOX on Mac.

  • Launch MS Outlook on the Mac system and select the mailbox items to migrate into MBOX.
  • Drag & Drop the selected items to the desktop to save the mail items as MBOX.
  • Repeat the same procedure to migrate more desired items from Outlook to MBOX on Mac.
  • Now, open the Thunderbird email application on Mac and click on File to convert Outlook OLM to MBOX.
  • Choose the Import Mailboxes option and click on the Continue button by selecting the MBOX format option.
  • Locate the MBOX files saved on the desktop and click on Continue to start importing OLM into MBOX on Mac.

Users can perform the mentioned steps accordingly to manually export OLM to MBOX files on Mac. Now, you must have known how to convert OLM file to MBOX. Users must ensure to have good technical knowledge prior to performing the steps. Moreover, there are certain limitations of the manual technique that users have to keep in mind.

Limitations of Manual Method to Convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac OS

Migration of Outlook OLM into Mac MBOX with the manual approach isn’t considered to be an optimum and efficient solution. Users have to follow a lengthy procedure to meet the outcome. And if the steps are not performed accordingly there might be a risk of data corruption.

Let’s take a look at some limitations of the manual process to  convert OLM to MBOX mac,

  • It is a very time-consuming and laborious process to migrate Outlook OLM files.
  • Users are not allowed to perform multiple mailbox conversions at a single time.
  • Any inaccuracy in performing the steps prone to the risk of data alteration.
  • It is difficult to understand by non-technical users.
  • Users are unable to export the attachments in a separate folder with this manual trick.

The manual approach requires lots of time with effort and does not deliver the optimum result. To terminate these difficulties, most of the users switch to automated and advanced solutions. OLM Converter Tool for Mac is the most preferred solution that is recommended by many professionals and users. It is the most effective and efficient solution that delivers more accurate results. Users can perform the bulk conversion along with email attachments with high data security.


In the above blog, we have discussed the solution to convert Outlook OLM to MBOX on Mac. Along with giving the reason, we have also explained the manual method and its limitations. Manual technique is not suitable to deal with when it comes to customizable conversion and excellent results. Users are suggested to go with an automated professional solution to remove such hindrance and get quality output. It is a quick and time-saving process that leads to an effortless conversion process.