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PikaShow App for Streaming Movies and How Can You Develop an App Like It

Everyone loves streaming videos and movies, watching web series, plays, dramas, live sport, and many more entertaining activities but to access this kind of online entertainment, you need to pay money to download the latest apps. What if I say that you can stream movies and videos online for free on your mobiles and tablets? Yes, Pikashow is the most innovative and entertaining mobile app that is free of cost. Now let’s take a brief about the Pikashow app.


Pikashow is an Android entertainment app that allows you to browse and stream unlimited videos, movies, web series, short films, and live sports for free. Users can download and install the app without needing to sign up with an account. It’s one of the most popular apps among Android users that have amazing features that every movie enthusiast loves to look at. The Pikashow app provides simple and easy navigation to its users by categorizing all the content into different categories, which include comedy, drama, romance, action-comedy, anime, horror, fiction, crime, and Sci-fi are all examples. 

How do Pikashow works?

Pikashow works in an easy way that requires a simple download and installation process. Users can quickly install the app by visiting the Pikashow website. No root permission is required, just download the latest APK version from the website and start downloading the app by following the instructions on the menu. From the menu, choose “APK file”, and it will begin installing on your device. Once you’ve done installing, you’ll be able to access the latest episodes of movies and TV shows through Pikashow APK’s library of movies. The Pikashow library includes thousands of videos. It’s easy to use with a faster speed and download time.

It works with advanced search engine technology that allows you to filter your ideal content based on relevance, genre, and age. Users can search the content with the help of simple keyword research that will return accurate results, saving you the hassle of scrolling through the content manually. Moreover, it offers some customizations options that let you choose the video quality. Additionally, it’s a lightweight (approximately 11 MBs) and highly optimized app that works best with Android 6.0+ devices. It works wonders without any lags and delays when streaming or downloading your movies.

Different features of the Picashow app

Pikashow app has enormous features that are very impressive yet top trending within the mobile apps. Let’s start exploring the different features of the Pikashow app.

High-quality videos

Pikashow offers HD quality videos that make streaming and watching videos even more enjoyable without any interruptions. Many streaming apps offer good quality videos with a stable internet connection, but this app offers HD video streaming even with unstable Wi-Fi or internet. Depending on the internet connection, users can modify the quality of video between 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K. As a result, you can browse your favorite videos at the quality you desire.

Various channels

Pikashow allows users from different countries to browse channels as per their choice. This app uniquely caters to the needs of different nationalities and languages by aggregating channels from all across the world. Picashow has no channel restrictions and users around the globe can stream videos and watch movies in whatever language they want. It also has a subtitle feature.

User-friendly interface

Pikashow has a very user-friendly, interactive, and well-organized user interface. The simple and easy navigation of the app allows users to navigate the app and quickly find their desired content. As stated above, the advanced search engine of this app allows users to find the relevant content with the use of a simple keyword.

The main feature is that you have complete control over your movies, from rewinding every 10s to adjusting the video speed, updating quality, it offers you the best user interface that you’ve ever experienced before.


Add your favorite shows or movies into the playlist to watch it anytime with the Pikashow app. Users can quickly add the movie to the playlist for a later watch without wasting time to find it the next time the user opens the app. And that’s why this app is can be more than a TV.

Age content

Pikashow app is suitable content for children, teens, as well as a section for all age groups. It allows parents to have full control over which content to hide from the children. The parental lock feature is outstanding, which means that they don’t need to worry about what content is being shown to their children. 

Team support

The excellent support and great user assistance provided by the Pikashow app are undeniable. Users might encounter problems during the watch time, but with the Pikashow quick team support, the problems are solved immediately. Users can contact the support team for any technical or non-technical issues.

Free of cost

Pikashow app doesn’t require any subscription and payments to download the app as it’s free of cost. It allows you to watch unlimited videos and movies such as action films, anime films, horror films, children’s favorite movies, dramas, comedies, documentaries, and much more without costing a single penny.


Who doesn’t like to watch movies without any irritating advertisements? Yes, almost everyone. Now, this is one of the features of the Picashow app that makes video streaming ad-free. No annoying ads, pop-ups, or banners are displayed to users while they are watching videos that lead to a seamless user experience.  


Pikashow is a lightweight application that can be easily downloaded and run smoothly without acquiring much memory of your device. This app works well even on low-spec devices with minimum memory storage.

Fast servers

The fast servers of the Pikashow app enable users to enjoy lag-free movies and web series. If users are facing poor connectivity and other in-stream issues, they don’t need to worry at all because fast servers are capable to handle the response time. The visual quality of the video is reduced to smooth streaming. Moreover, users can also find push notifications that keep them updated with the latest movies.

How you can develop an app like this?

Now the question that arises here is how to make an app like this? Making a mobile app like this requires good expertise and hands-on skills in development. The first step is to research the related apps that are trending on the google play store. You can get an idea about the functionalities of the app through which you can build your app. Research your user's needs and requirements as you are creating an app to delight users.

After the research, design the app by making wireframes that help you in designing the structure of your app. Create a prototype model to test the concept of the app at the user end. Get it finalized and approved by the client and move towards making the user interface of the app.

Choose the programming language and framework for the app development. There are various platforms available for android applications development including flutter, react native, Xamarin, Ionic, and much more. After that, start coding the app with unique features and functionality. Test the app and then get it launched to the market.


Pikashow app is the best entertainment app that offers unlimited videos streaming and browsing. It’s free of cost that doesn’t require signup or subscription from its users. It has a rich stack of features that makes it a worth downloading app. The faster loading time of this app enables users to watch HD videos without waiting for long before the video starts streaming on their screen. However, if you’re a mobile app developer you can also create an app like this that will get ranked on the market.