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How to convert MSG File to PDF on Mac Device?

MSG file is a single mail file format and is also known as an Outlook Mail Message file. MSG is well compatible with all versions of Outlook. It is a file extension(.msg) that is used to store emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and so on. This file generally involves messages that are saved and created only in Microsoft Outlook. MSG files are only supported by Outlook email clients that's why users often need to convert MSG file to PDF.

convert MSG file to PDF

PDF is a platform-independent and open source file format that is widely used among users. It is used to store and display documents electronically that can be easily accessed, shared, and printed on any Mac device. It has multiple features that attract the users to easily store, view and share images, text, audio,  video, attachments, etc.

You are unable to open MSG files directly with Outlook on Mac. Users are required to export MSG to PDF file format on Mac to view and access the MSG files. In this article, we are going to discuss possible methods through which users can save MSG files into PDF on Mac. But prior, let’s discuss some major reasons due to which users are required to switch to PDF files from MSG.

Major Reasons to Convert MSG File to PDF on Mac System

We are very well known that MSG files are only compatible with windows and unable to access on Mac machines. Apart from this PDF files are independent of any platform and well suited with Windows as well as Mac OS. So, it becomes necessary for Mac users to export MSG to PDF for accessing data or files on Mac. PDF data can’t be modified or altered easily and is easy to backup as compared to MSG files. 

Moreover, there are various reasons listed below for which users need to convert MSG file to PDF,

  • You can protect your files by easily encrypting them with a password.
  • For creating a safe backup of data that can easily be utilized later whenever needed.
  • Quickly share the documents/files online when stored as PDF on Mac.
  • Easy to add watermark to PDF and prevent it from any copyright infringement.

In the above context, we have well discussed the different reasons due to which users want to migrate MSG files into PDF.  Now in the next section, we will discuss and explain the possible method to backup MSG files in PDF.

Convert MSG File to PDF on Mac Device Manually

In this paragraph, we are going to explain the manual process through which users can save their Mac MSG files to PDF. Choosing the right and realistic method is always necessary for the desired output. Your data may get corrupted or invalid due to a lack of knowledge of the correct process. Mac users often seek to convert MSG to PDF online which is not a wise solution to adopt. It might result in data loss or corruption.

Let’s perform the below steps accordingly to convert MSG file to PDF on Mac Device,

  • Select MSG file then right-click on it and open with MS Outlook.
  • In the newly opened window, click on the File menu and select the Print option.
  • Select the Save as PDF option from the drop-down menu located at the left bottom of the opened wizard.
  • Select destination and file name from Save as input field.
  • Click on the Save button to Save MSG file as PDF.

By following the above-described steps I hope you have understood how to open MSG file on Mac by exporting to PDF format. Using this conventional approach users can save only a few MSG files to PDF at a time. Users must have good technical knowledge before performing the manual steps to avoid any data alteration. Now, let’s move further to the limitations users may face while executing the manual procedure.

Limitations to  Convert MSG File to PDF on Mac Manually

Even if the DIY approach seems simple to try but actually it’s much more complicated and time-consuming. Even though users can export MSG files to PDF and escape to convert MSG to PDF online. But it isn’t said to be the quick and risk-free approach to deliver effective results. Users must require quality knowledge of Outlook to perform the steps correctly and prevent any data ambiguity. 

Here are some of the limitations  of this stated technique are  mentioned below,

  • Users can not perform bulk conversion of Mac MSG files.
  • Any imprecision in performing the steps might cause data loss or may not produce the desired result.
  • It is a very time-consuming and lengthy process to convert MSG file to PDF on Mac.
  • Users are not allowed to save MSG email attachments separately using a manual procedure.
  • It requires lots of effort and it's not easy to understand by non-technical users.

The manual procedure is quite difficult and not an optimized solution to get quality results. To prevent such difficulties, many users prefer an automated and modern solution. A professional MSG Converter Tool for Mac is suggested by many users to export MSG to PDF on Mac. The professional technique allows the users to save MSG files as PDFs in bulk without any data ambiguity. It maintains data integrity and security throughout the process as well as migrates MSG emails attachments in a separate folder.


In the above article, we have discussed and elaborated on various reasons to convert MSG file to PDF on Mac. Besides this, we have also mentioned the manual procedure and its limitations to export MSG files to PDF. It is not a feasible and reliable approach to deal with when it comes to non-technical users. To overcome these drawbacks, users are suggested to go with an advanced and automated solution. It delivers more smooth and accurate results in less time with high data security.