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MilesWeb Review: Want to Expand your Business? - Switch to VPS Hosting!

No businesses indeed want to stay in the same place. I am sure you are planning to expand your business too. But have you thought about switching your hosting?

Shared hosting could not provide as much value as a better hosting server can. It is good to get on the internet and create a digital presence.

VPS Hosting

However, it may hinder progress at some point.

Businesses need privacy and more security. If your website is around other websites that may affect your traffic, don't you think it will impact the growth?

You know that you share the server with a lot many users in shared hosting. It provides enough value to beginners. As the website starts growing, the chances of security risks and threats increases.

Plus, you are unable to utilize the resources completely as you share them with other users.

VPS hosting is one such hosting that can help boost the performance and growth of the website. If you are serious about heightening your business, VPS hosting could be the right choice.

It is not practical to directly opt for dedicated servers. It can get a little expensive at the moment. VPS hosting provides that same experience as dedicated hosting, just at a low cost.

There is not much difference in the definition of both hosting services. They are quite similar, apart from the individual potential and capabilities.

Understanding VPS Hosting

VPS hosting services offer a private server in a virtual environment.

There is a physical machine that splits up into many virtual servers. And each user receives one server committed to their website.

It is simple. You do not share the server resources with others users. In fact, you own complete control over your VPS, and every bit of server resources are dedicated to your website. 

You can utilize the resources as you want and as per the requirements. As no other user is going to share them with you, you can expect high security and privacy.

You can buy the high performing low cost VPS hosting from MilesWeb. They are the best service providers out there. Additionally, you can also avail yourself of discounts with their hosting plans. 

They offer something around 25% off on each VPS hosting plan. If you want to save on expensive hosting services, MilesWeb can provide you with the kind of services you are looking for at a reasonable cost.

MilesWeb offers many plans under VPS hosting. You also get an option of managed and unmanaged services. Once you analyze your needs, you can opt for the best-suited plan.

There are two options of VPS hosting services with MilesWeb - Linux and Windows. You know which one to go with as per the requirements.

Managed VS Unmanaged VPS Hosting Services

Managed VPS hosting refers to services where the host takes care of the server and its management.

Sometimes we lack time, skills and don't have enough budget to pay the server manager. That time managed hosting services do the job.

The company has an expert team to support your queries and management. You get 24/7 support for any issue you face with both the physical machine and virtual server.

Whereas, in unmanaged VPS hosting, server management is your task. The company will provide support only to the physical machine, but looking after the virtual server is your responsibility. 

Unmanaged services are opted by users who are aware of technical skills. If you think you can look after your virtual server without assistance, you can go for self-managed VPS hosting services.

If you ask my opinion, I suggest you go for managed VPS hosting as they are more convenient and reduce the number of tasks. 

MilesWeb's managed VPS plans range from Rs. 630/m to Rs. 32,640/m after 25% off. They offer all the required features and resources. So, the benefits are endless with MilesWeb VPS hosting services.

Furthermore, the 25% discount is a lot if you check other hosting providers prices and plans. It is just that you need to purchase a VPS plan for at least 3 years to receive the offer.

Three years term is not that huge. You can actually save money if you opt for this offer. Otherwise, the monthly plan may cost you more. 

Here are some features that you can enjoy with MilesWeb VPS hosting services - 

Free SSL Certificate - Get one free SSL certificate when you go for the MilesWeb VPS plan. It will secure all data on the website and save from threats.

Host Unlimited Websites - MilesWeb lets you host multiple websites. You can shift your websites from a shared server to a VPS server. If you have clients who want to host their websites, you can let them rent on your server as well.

Operating system - The host lets you pick the operating system and they do the installation process instantly.

More features you get 

  1. Control panel options

  2. High network uptime of 99.99%

  3. Create multiple email accounts

  4. Dedicated IP

  5. Easy upgrade

  6. And much more


MilesWeb is the most inexpensive VPS provider. You can expand your business with them. They take care of the server management and allow full control over the VPS server.

You can control and monitor as you wish even if you have managed VPS services. The company is well known and offers the best of features.