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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a fast, easy-to-use, and contactless method of paying which will work with Apple devices as iPhone or Apple watch. It is very simple to use and you can use this on the web, stores, and through applications also. This is a fully secure app for payment. To utilize Apple Pay at the store, simply make your request with your iOS gadgets and present the cashier which you would then be able to scan on the contactless reader for pay.

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?


Yes, McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a mobile payment throughout the US and worldwide in mobile App, drive-thru, or stores. McDonald's was the most punctual adopter of the Apple Pay stage. If you are living in the US and want to pay through Apple Pay then McDonald’s only will accept Visa credit/debit cards which will be linked with your Apple Pay wallet.


How Do You Use Apple Pay Inside McDonald’s?


The utilization of Apple Pay at McDonald’s is straightforward. On your iPhone or Apple watch you have to set up Apple Pay first. After setting up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or iPhone you need to follow some simple steps:

  • On the right side of your phone double tap on the button. 
  • By using your face ID or entering your password, confirm your identity. 
  • Dispatch the Apple Pay application, while remaining on the counter. 
  • Just hold your iPhone a couple inch away from the payment terminal of the credit/debit card, when the cashier is ready. 
  • Now you will see a successfully purchased message from Apple Pay.

How to Use Apple Pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru


The process of using Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru is as simple as in Apple Pay in-store. Follow this steps to make your payment at McDonald’s Drive-Thru. 

  • Ask your cashier to pass a contact less card reader. 
  • Now Double click on the right-side button of your phone. 
  • By entering your password or face ID, confirm your identity. 
  • Now Put your iPhone on a contact less reader and continue to hold it until you hear a beep sound. Now see a green “check mark” or “Done” message on your iPhone screen. 

How to Use Apple Pay with an iPhone at a McDonald’s Kiosk


Using Apple Pay McDonald’s Kiosk method is almost the same as the above method. By following these simple steps you can pay with Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Kiosk. 

  • Double click on the right-side button of your iPhone. 
  • Now verify your identity by putting your password, Face Id, or touch id. 
  • Now put your iPhone or Apple Watch on the contact less reader. Continue to hold it until you don’t get a beep sound. When you will get a beep sound you can see your iPhone or Apple watch with a “green check mark” or “Done” message. This means your payment has been completed.

How to Use Apple Pay with the McDonald’s App?


  • This is also a simple method but a little bit different from the above method. 
  • Open the App and choose the store from which you want to order. 
  • Now Browse the menu and add the items in your cart which you want to purchase. 
  • Go to the payment option and choose Apple Pay as your payment method. 


Frequently Ask Questions About Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay: 


Q1. Is there any purchasing limit?


Ans. There is no purchasing limit while you use Apple pay at stores and there is no limit for orders at McDonald also. So it only depends on you how much money do you have on your credit/debit card.


Q2. Why is My McDonald’s Apple Pay Not Working?


Ans. It is a little bit typical to find out the problem if your Apple Pay is not working. The problem will be with your Apple system, with your bank, with your phone, or even with the inside of the McDonald’s payment system also. You can fix it by following some steps:

  • Check your Apple System is working properly.
  • Your debit/credit card has enough amounts for payment.
  • You can start your iPhone.
  • Visit other stores to check if Apple Pay is working there.


Q3. Can We Add McDonald’s Gift Card to Apple Pay?


Ans. You can only use the McDonald’s gift cards at the drive-thru or inside the store. There are some limitations from McDonald’s side so you can’t use McDonald’s Gift Card to Apple Pay.


Q4. Is it safe to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?


Ans. Yes using Apple Pay at McDonald’s is secure and safe. Your card detail will not be saved on a server and fully encrypted.


Bottom Line


Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s is straightforward. It doesn’t matter whether you are using an Apple Watch or iPhone. We can use Apple Pay at a drive-thru, for self-service kiosk, at McDonald’s App, or in-store purchasing. There is no fee for using Apple Pay. There is no limit on purchasing also. This is fully secure to pay with Apple Pay.