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YPost: Way to Add Author Syntax to YPost

Do you know the meaning of YPost? Have you heard about the term of New York Post, a leading newspaper company in the New York City of US? But maybe you don’t have an idea of YPost. You can also say YPost is a test of New York Post. YPost is the source for breaking news, videos, and photos of New York Business, real estate, sports, fashion, culture, entertainment, and more. 




Category of YPost on New York Post


With the help of YPost experiments, New York Post is trying to create different content for the user since 2005. The full form of YPost or YP is “young folks” which only allows the New York Post registered user to generate the content for the youth generation. YPost is specially planned according to the interest of the young generation. According to the current stats around seven thousand articles are present and this is a big achievement for the people who are preparing these articles.


How to Use Author syntax in Ypost by Authors


Do you know how to use author syntax in Ypost by authors for creating the content on YPost? Don’t worry we at Business Tech World will tell you everything about how to post on YPost. Yotpo author facility is used by the authors for creating the content which is quite easy and simple to use.


The use of YPost author facility permits the writer to characterize the record name alongside the number of words that they will remember for the article and the classes where they are intending to make the article. After finishing the above thing author can submit the article and sit back to observe how it can perform on YPost. These stats will tell you about the performance of your post between the users. This will also tell you that how many users are interested in your post and who have opened it as well.


Place of Posted Article in YP


YP posted articles are placed in the news server’s category and can be seen by a large number of individuals from there. Generally, these articles are stored on the map page of Google or Yahoo. After seeing the article user can easily fetch the article from the map page of Google or yahoo. Anyone can see this article due to the public category. Users can get more information by clicking on the external link within the post. Have you ever used news server sfv files? If yes then definitely you will be aware of the specific attributes which allow people to find out information.


By using the news service have you ever distributed an S Fiji Story, which is generally a subject line for posting the description with regards to the content? A similar thing exists in the case of YPost. For attaching an additional attribute with the post you can add YPost description during the content publishing. Both links and descriptions can be used for the post. Make sure that Yotpo authoring system has indicated the record data by doing this.


Addition of Meta attribute to YPost


Meta attribute is the additional attribute that can be added in YPost. By using the Meta attribute, the Meta part will be get eliminated and the Meta description will be encoded similarly as that in the case of the YOTP message. The reason behind posting the data on the S Fiji server is that if a user follows the Meta attribute then there are lots of chances to click on the link by user.


How to Customize Ypost author syntax


In the multipart application of YPost you can use the above mention attribute. You can also customize YPost author syntax and add your code in YPost as per your need.