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Embed Google Reviews On Your Website From The Scratch

The shopping space has seen a drastic shift over the last couple of years. While there was a time when shoppers used to fall for promotional and ad campaigns, they now look for proof and validation from the existing customers of the brand before finalizing a brand and purchasing the products. 


embed google reviews

Speaking of proof, we can think of no better source than customer reviews and that also Google reviews. Google reviews are a part of Google my business and allow verified buyers of a brand to share their experiences with a brand and its products.

Furthermore, embedding Google reviews into the brand website can help brands in building trust, understanding the brand users better, and gradually increasing sales and conversions.

If you are now wondering about the process of embedding Google reviews, then you have landed at the right place!

Make your way to the end of the blog as we have mentioned the steps that can be taken to embed Google reviews on the website. Additionally, we shall also be mentioning the best tools that you can use to make the embedding process more efficient, seamless, and easy!

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Steps To Embed Google Reviews On The Website

Step 1 - Select An Embedding Tool

The first step would be to shortlist a tool that fits your needs and requirements. You can take the tools mentioned in the next section into consideration since they are some of the best tools available to do the needful.

Make sure that you pay attention to the features offered by the tool for increasing the impact of the Google review widget.

Step 2 - Login And Aggregate The Feeds

Once you are done with shortlisting the tool, you need to log into the tool to begin the aggregation process. You will be given choices between social media platforms to aggregate the content. You will be able to select Google my business as one of the options.

Select the option, fill in the required credentials, and voila! You will be able to aggregate the content in a few seconds.

Step 3 - Customize The Google Reviews Widget

After you are done with the aggregation process, you will be given various options to customize the Google review widget depending on the tool selected by you.

Customizing the widget is an important part of increasing its effectiveness as it makes the content more visually appealing. The customization options of tools vary from each other and you need to customize the Google review widget accordingly.

Step 4 - Embed The Widget Using The Code

The last step would be to embed the widget into the website. For this process, you will be most likely given an embed code. You will be required to copy it and paste it on the backend where you wish to display the Google reviews.

And just like this, you would have successfully embedded the Google review widget on your website seamlessly.

Best Tools To Embed Google Reviews On The Website

As we mentioned before, in this section you will get to know about the most responsive tools to embed Google reviews on your website without any prior coding experience or technical expertise.

 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox widget is a highly responsive and easy-to-use social media aggregation tool that allows it to aggregate content from over 15+ social media platforms including Google reviews. The platform has a no-complex structure and offers various features to its users for maximizing the effectiveness of the Google reviews widget.

The users get an option to customize their widget by selecting from a wide range of options like fonts, colors, templates, layouts, etc. Internet users have a habit of trolling brands unnecessarily and they often leave nasty reviews to ruin the brand’s reputation. Keeping this in mind, the platform offers a content moderation panel to its users for getting rid of any unwanted content.

Taggbox widget offers advanced analytics to the users to track the performance of the Google review widget. Users get insights into details like likes, engagement, clicks, etc.

The back support team of the platform assists the users if they come across any problem while using the platform.

.  Tagembed

The second tool on the list is Tagembed - another social media aggregation platform that lets the users collect, curate, and embed social media content including Google reviews on the website.

The tool offers various features to its users. The main ones being customization options, a profanity filter, and robust customer support.

Closing Note

This brings us to the end of this post and you are now aware of the steps to be taken for embedding Google reviews on your website.

The validation of your customers is the most powerful content present online and embedding it on your website can help you climb the ladder of success!

Go on now, choose the best tool and showcase Google reviews on your website!