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9 Must Have EMail Marketing Tools

The marketing email was first sent in 1978. Now it is the most popular trend. 

Email marketing tools

We receive a lot of marketing mail nowadays. There are almost 4 billion email users on the globe. Almost 50% of people prefer to contact by email. Email marketing is an effective marketing method. Whether you have a small business or large organization, email marketing is useful.

Email marketing offers several advantages:

●       Easy to measure: Help easily collect data on your email marketing

●       Inexpensive: We can do digital marketing on a low budget.

●       Personalization: Emails enable you to personalize content to the target customer.

●       Agile and timely: Get your message instantly.

●       Build loyalty: support relationships with new subscribers and loyal customers.

Basic Tools Require For Email Marketing

These tools help you in marketing and saving time and money also. Visit DealMeCoupon and get discount codes on all these tools. 


Hub-Spot is the best tool for marketing automation platforms. This is a recently launched free email marketing tool. This can be used for small businesses’ email requirements.

email marketing

Hub-Spot Email Marketing’s free version can send kickback emails, thank you emails after purchase, and promotion emails. One of the best parts of Hub-Spot’s is that it is free. Email tools can easily be used by anyone.

Hub-Spot Email Marketing tool creates a contacts database, organizes and manages it in lists in centralized storage. It also tracks email performance.

This tool provides the feature like:

● Drag-and-drop visual editor

● Equipped with ready-made templates

● Smoothly Running


The sender is the best and free email marketing tool. It provides features of deliverability and creates stunning newsletters. You can choose a template and customize it with the elements you want and can add images, videos, and text to the template. The newsletters can be personalized for the recipient.

One of the important features is Sender’s robust analytics. With it, you can track who opened your emails. It gives information about clicked links and when they were opened. With the help of this tool, you build buyer profiles. Based on your subscriber actions, you’ll be able to optimize your strategy.


Sendinblue is a marketing communication platform. This platform can be used as both email marketing tools and additional functions management tools. It has almost 70 design templates. Sendinblue’s email design makes it easy to create an email with an attractive presentation. All of these templates are responsive and customizable. We can preview results to ensure the design looks the same way as we want on any screen format.

After designing an email, use features like A/B testing. Segmented recipient lists can optimize campaigns and target ideal audiences.


NotifyVisitors is an email marketing tool that empowers businesses to grow their email lists and engage customers with tailored email campaigns. It allows companies to capture email subscribers at any page on their website and begin growing their email list right away.

NotifyVisitors is an intuitive app that makes it easy to track email progress, engagement metrics, and data visualization. With features like email automation, segmentation options, and delivery analytics, businesses can tailor campaigns for maximum effectiveness and get the most out of their email marketing efforts. Get ready to boost email ROI with NotifyVisitors.


Omnisend is an e-commerce marketing platform. This platform integrates all communication platforms in one place. Its free plan includes only email. It can support email marketing efforts for small and medium-sized businesses. It enables users to automate email delivery, and also helps to easily communicate based on customers’ convenience.

Its audience insights help to send out relevant email marketing messages. With it, you can design attractive newsletters. It provides time-saving features. The Product Picker helps select all the products you want to include in an email. To further optimize your email performance, you can add scratch cards, discount coupon codes, and gift boxes too.


SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform. Its email marketing features are the most famous. It comes with professionally designed email templates. These templates can easily be customized using a drag-and-drop editor. Then these customized emails can be automatically sent out at the right time.

To identify valuable subscribers, SendPulse’s subscriber rating is an effective way. It helps you determine the open click rates and read and unread rates of each subscriber. You can personalize your emails by name, gender, date of birth, and job role by setting replaceable text fields.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a great tool for email marketing to design responsive emails. It looks great on each device. You can add images to your email. You can also edit the image on this platform. With this, you can add effects, stickers, and text to make your message effectively send.

You have the option to choose from pre-designed templates based on requirements. This tool simplifies the whole email creation process.


Mailchimp is considered a leader in email marketing tools. The free plan of this tool provides basic email marketing features. This tool provides the facility of email creation and scheduling. Its smart recommendations feature makes it a great email marketing tool. It provides valuable audience insights to customize marketing work.

It is easy to design emails using the Content Manager on the platform. For easy access, you can store your images and files yourself. Mailchimp can automate emails, so email easily and automatically sends out. Welcome emails, order confirmations, and abandoned cart reminders are the mail that can be sent automatically.


With this, you can create responsive pages. MailerLite provides a campaign report that contains detailed statistics. The report is about click rate, unsubscribe rate, and open rate of email.

Sophisticated features are:

● Page builder

● The pop-up customizer

● Drag-and-drop email builder

● Built-in photo editor


Mailjet is a collaborative tool to help make email marketing campaigns. With the help of it, you can customize any of the pre-designed templates. You can create responsive emails. For work with a team, this platform allows you great collaboration.

This email marketing tool also helps in adding dynamic content. You can create personalized relevant emails. This helps you to get the best results from email marketing campaigns.

All these are the most important tools for email marketing. These tools can help you amplify your marketing channels. Almost all are free tools available for effective email marketing. These free versions can be used for small and medium-sized businesses. If you have a very broad business, their extra features version is also available to provide convenience.