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9 Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Needs for Growth

Digital marketing is an essential key in growth of today’s businesses. Without the right focus and approach to proceed with digital marketing strategy, organizations become able to generate huge turnovers and reputable results. If your business also needs to flourish let alone survive in today’s world then you need a smart utilization of digital marketing tools and its relevant strategy. Though it is hard to pick out the right digital marketing tools while rule out the ones that aren’t right for your business, some tools are important for the growth. 


digital marketing tools

This article will cover some basic digital marketing tools whether your business is a startup or a fully operational organization.


Don’t we all run out of ideas when there is something important at stake? Keyword research is a challenging task, there is a lot you have to put up to and the keyword research tools are no doubt expensive. Uber suggest takes the lead with suggesting the best keywords for your blog so you end up amongst the top searches. All you need is to enter the root keyword or the domain you are willing to search. Uber suggest will you all the relevant searches.

Go Daddy

You cannot grow without an identity and GoDaddy helps you get that. Go daddy is number 1 search side for excellent domain names and online hosting. All you need is to search for the right domain names and enjoy your website’s authenticity. And we all know how buying a domain name is expensive hence you can also use the GoDaddy coupon codes provided by the site to help startups and small businesses.


The world of today is all about social media marketing. And we know how social media marketing can bring about the most growth and authentic results for you. With sprout social you can enjoy getting on the top of the list. This is because sprout social is not your just any software but it is a platform built with proper research and emphasis on growth for a brand.

Sprout social will help you organize the social media calendar and gather all the essentials in one place. You can easily publish the content across multiple platforms and also generate the growth and results from it.


Loomly's self-described "brand growth platform" is a useful tool for small social teams who want to plan and collaborate on content. Content scheduling and brainstorming are made simple with built-in calendars, deadlines, and workflows.

Send Grid

If we talk about strong and robust business growth techniques then email marketing is going to be in the top candidates for many reasons. Email marketing is one of the most affordable and authentic ways to grant your business the growth and exposure it deserves. Even though email marketing could be a tough thing to manage, thankfully there are many tools for that.

Send grid is one such option which offers easy ways to create a killer email marketing template. You can get many options such as drag and drop editing services, editing, easy coding and a strong combination of both. You can also enjoy using the performance analytics to find out which processes and ideas works for your business better than the other.

Co-Founders Lab

CoFoundersLab is a fantastic digital marketing tool for small firms who are expanding but need some assistance to get to the next level. It use artificial intelligence to assist you in finding a cofounder, additional member, or advisor based on a set of requirements.

Life is made easier with the best digital marketing tools. CoFoundersLab aims to contribute to the development of a huge ecosystem of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, and advisors, making it that much easier to find anything you require at any given time in your company's life cycle.


Keyword research – a big challenge for businesses. And there are many tools for that but you cannot just rely on any of them to get the desired results. Since the competition is fierce we find it very important to stick to tools that take competition seriously.

And when it comes to brainstorming keyword ideas and ranking prospects, Ahrefs is the gold standard.

The site explorer feature permits you to check top organic keywords of any URLs and also help you to find how traffic our competitor is receiving from a particular search.You can also find out their backlinks source and best performing content.

In conclusion , Ahrefs is not only the best tool for competitor analysis but also makes sure that your current content is search- friendly.

Drop Box

We all know how businesses rely on organization for their maximum efficiency and operation to the optimum level. Business optimization is mainly because of the clear access to files, proper arrangement of documents and alignment of priorities. Dropbox is one such tool which is highly valuable and helpful in today’s world. Rather than having to download all the files on your computer, create multiple folders and then find the relevant file, drop box does all that for you without taking up any storage.

DropBox accomplishes this by being a completely cloud-based document sharing platform that allows you to define access levels so that only the people who need to read certain documents may do so.

You may also connect additional programmes to DropBox, such as Slack and Zoom, to keep everything in one location. All firm data is kept in one location, ensuring that it is structured, secure, and traceable.

ODesk Work

Needing a helping hand for your business is common. It is no big deal to ask for something that can help your business grow and also make the things streamlined. ODesk work is a freelancing marketplace that matches you with the ideal virtual assistant or freelancer to help you with your business.

Every company must begin employing at some point. You need a support system to expand and scale your firm, regardless of what industry you're in. You can't do everything. Digital marketing solutions like oDeskWork can help with this. You can upload projects that need to be completed, look through profiles, and begin chatting with suitable individuals.