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Longest Snapchat Streak – A Brief Guide To Snapchat's Hottest Trend

Snapchat is an exciting social networking application popular for teenagers and kids nowadays. It is an excellent resource for entertainment. However, Snapchat has become a cyber predator's choice to harm childrens. Hence, if you are a parent, use technologies to spy Snapchat and monitor it using modern monitoring apps.

If you are new to the application, you might not be familiar with terms like a Snapchat streak, Snapchat score, Snapchat streak rules, longest Snapchat streak, longest Snapchat streak 2021, etc. In this blog, you will know everything about the application that compels you to join the exciting new features of the application.

What is Snapchat?

Longest Snapchat Streak

Snapchat is the most popular social media and messaging application that lets you share everyday moments. The app was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown and developed by Snap Inc. The application became popular quickly because of its unique features that no other application provides. Pictures and videos are referred to as snaps in this application.

This social media is more focused on sharing images and video stories with your friends either from the device gallery or taking a snap with the application. Shared images and videos remain temporary till not saved and automatically disappear after 24 hours, which is the most exciting feature of this app. You can edit images and videos using various filters in this app. Another great feature is the security and privacy offered by this application.

What is a Snapchat streak?

Snapchat streaks refer to how often two people send each other snaps and snap back from their partner in 24 hours. The more times people send snaps, their streaks get longer. The Snapchat streak is characterized by the little picture of flames just next to the contact name on the Snapchat application, and numbers represent the number of days you have snapped each other.

Young people today love these features and are so interested in streaks because they give a sense of competition and show that their friendship is very close.

How to begin a Snapchat streak?

To get a Snapchat streak is quite easy. Send your partner a snap and wait for them to respond within 24 hours. However, you should approach the one interested in sending snaps day by day, the one you are close to and engaged with. Getting the longest Snapchat streak is one step closer when the right people are interested.

Rules of Snapchat Streak

Beginning a Snapchat streak is easy; however, maintaining Snapchat streaks can be challenging because specific rules need to be considered in mind. Every interaction with the partner does not count as a Snapchat streak. Some of the interaction that does not count as a Snapchat streak and may obliterate it for you are:

  • Message: Your simple conversation with your partner doesn't count as a Snapchat Streak. Keep in mind to send snaps to your partner if you communicate this way.
  • Group Discussion: Thinking that having a conversation in a group gives many streaks, but Snapchat does not permit this.
  • Stories: To count stories as a streak, they need to be sent to a particular user. Otherwise, stories don't count as a streak.
  • Remembrance: When you remember some memories, you need to share them. But those memories will not be counted as streaks.

Snaps shared on Spectacles don't count as Snapchat Streaks.

Snapchat Streak Emojis

Whenever you start a Snapchat streak, fire emojis appear next to your partner's name. However, this is not only an emoji that appear; the emojis that may appear next to the Username you have a snapping streak with are:

Snapchat Streak Emojis

. The fire emoji indicates that you are on a Snapstreak. The person you snapped at every day has snapped back at you every time.

. Hourglass Emoji: This emoji indicates that your snap streak is about to end. You need to be extra careful and send another snap to keep it alive.

. 100 emojis: This emoji appears next to the fire emoji when you and your partner send snaps for 100 or more consecutive days.

. Yellow heart emoji: This emoji indicates that you and your partner are best friends, and both of you send the most snaps to each other.

. Mountain emoji: This is a rare emoji used to indicate long streaks.

What is the longest Snapchat streak?

The Snapchat streak score is indicated with a number next to the fire emoji representing the number of days you send snaps. The simple Snapchat feature became quite competitive in this way. 

With so many daily dynamic clients sending snaps to each other every day. Keeping the record of the longest Snapchat streak and monitoring has turned into a problematic business. An official scoreboard would smoothly solve this troublesome business within the application, but till then, clients everywhere interested in making the longest Snapchat streak keep their track.

The Snapchat feature Snapchat streak Came out on April 6th, 2015. Snapchat's longest streak as of November 2021 was 2398+, and it was by Louis and Nicolas, which is still recorded today.

How to get your Snapchat streak back?

It isn't easy to maintain streaks when they have been going well for some time. However, when you lose for some reason, it is frustrating. If you notice that streak has gone, don't be alarmed and contact Snapchat support.

Among all the options, select "my snap streak disappeared". You will be asked for your Username, email address, portable number, your companion's Username, and the number of streaks last checked. After you fill out your complaint form, Snapchat will review your streak and get back to you.

What is a Snapchat Score?

Snapchat scores can be quite tricky to determine. It essentially reflects within-application.

In any case, no one knows what algorithm is used to calculate the number you see. Scores on Snapchat serve no purpose, but who doesn't want to see themselves scoring higher than their friends?

Components that influence the Snapchat score

The Snapchat algorithm considers different data and information to determine every individual score. All the information taken has to do with users' interactivity within the application interface. So, the components that affect the Snapchat score are as follow:

  • Snaps in and out
  • Number of stories sent
  • Number of users included
  • Days of Snapchat streak with another user

Additionally, in particular cases, bonus points are rewarded. For example, if you haven't used an application for a longer period, Snapchat will grant you a bonus when you use the application once again. 

How to improve your Snapchat score?

From the components above, the best way to improve Snapchat score is to utilize applications in the best way. If you are committed and dedicated to making snaps and stories every day, it is obvious that you will observe rapid score increment.

In the Snapchat streak, talking messages with your partner doesn't count for the increment of your Snapchat score. All you need to do is send snaps to your partner.

Something that you need to consider is, these snaps need to be unique for every single user.

So, group messaging won't help you again for score increment.

Trophies you can unlock with your Snapchat score.

With the Snapchat score emoji you gained, you can unlock varieties of trophies when your Snapchat score increases.

Specifically, the seven trophies that you can unlock by expanding your Snapchat score are as follows:

  • Infant Emoji: score of 10
  • Shining Star Emoji: score of 100 
  • Glow Emoji: score of 1,000
  • Circle Star Emoji: score of 10,000
  • Crash Emoji: score of 50,000
  • Rocket Emoji: score of 100,000
  • Ghost Emoji: score of 500,000
longest snapchat streak


We need to say that the Snapchat streak is fun and exciting. So start enjoying the features of Snapchat if you are a new user. To clear any queries regarding the longest Snapchat streak, mention us in the comment section.