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Importance of Abacus For Kids

What Is An Abacus?


It is also sometimes known as a counting frame. This calculating tool was mostly used in Africa and Asia. In older days it was made from using stones or beans but now it is made from a bamboo frame that has slid on wires with beads.

Abacus for kids


Use an Abacus For Kids


You want to teach your child how to use an abacus. You can choose two types of Abacus for kids. First abacus with same colors beads and another abacus with different color beads. Before starting abacus maths you have to teach your kids about the abacus concept and how to use it. You can teach your child by count and move or match and move method.

Abacus maths

Abacus Maths


There are lots of ways present to teach math and number to kids. Among them, some could be boring and some can be interested. Abacus is one of them which help to teach math in a fun way. Kids abacus is the best tool to teach arithmetic and numbers to kids. We can make learning exciting and full of fun with colorful beads.


We can easily teach kids simple math like addition, subtraction, counting and also learn complicated operations like multiplication and division in a better way. Abacus maths is most popular among teachers, parents, and students these days. Abacus maths help your kids to improve math concept and math mental skills.

Abacus For Children

Science Behind the Abacus

Abacus learning has more advantages than traditional-based learning. It increases kids confidence at a greater level. Remarkable progress is shown by children who are using the mental abacus. Abacus learning increases self-confidence in kids. According to science left side of the brain is used for linear processes, mathematic functions, and logical processing, and the right side of the brain is used for intuition, imagination, and visualization. So learning on the abacus will improve right-side brain functions.

kids abacus



A study shows that children of age 4-5 are not able to learn abstract concepts easily. But with the help of abacus learning, they can easily solve their math problem.


Abacus Benefits:


  • Addition and subtraction can be easily done when taking place on an abacus. 
  • Easily show the idea of decimal placing and movement of units by ten physically.
  • Compound numbers can be easily understood by children.
  • It works on a decimal system, not on fractional, which is easy to understand.
  • Quick estimation takes place due to calculating left to right shifting method.