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Netgear Router Firmware Update Failing? Let’s Fix It!

If you want your Netgear router to work seamlessly, the firmware of your device must be up-to-date by the latest version. But, what if the Netgear firmware update process fails? Need not to worry! There can be various reasons that may prevent you from updating your Netgear router’s firmware. This article will help you get acquainted with the scenarios that can cause Netgear firmware update failure issue.

netgear router

Reasons Behind Netgear Firmware Update Failure:

You Are Trying to Update Wrong or Corrupted Firmware File

Fix: The Netgear firmware update disappointment can show up in the event that you have chosen an off-base or undermined firmware form for the switch model you own. Ensure that the firmware version you downloaded for your Netgear device is compatible with the model number of your router. Bear in mind that updating wrong Netgear router firmware version can make your device not working.

Your PC or Laptop has Not Enough Space

Fix: Make sure that your computer or laptop is having enough space to download the latest Netgear firmware version. You can simply do it by wiping out the unwanted data, temporary files, or apps from your computer.

You Might have Downloaded a Corrupted Firmware Version

Fix: Chances are that you might have interrupted the Netgear firmware update process by doing some other online tasks on your computer or laptop at the same time. Doing so will corrupt the Netgear firmware update file, resulting in the issue. So, we advise you – do not interrupt the Netgear firmware update process in between.

Faulty Hardware

Fix: The hardware of your Netgear router (that you are trying to update) might be damaged or faulty. So, have a nudge on your device's hardware and make sure that there is no issue with it.

Slow Internet Connectivity

Fix: In the event that your WiFi is running at a snail’s pace, then also you may face Netgear firmware update issue. So, what you have to do is to run an internet speed test on your computer or laptop and check whether the WiFi speed you are getting is proper or not. Reboot your WiFi network as well.

Once you’re done, check your WiFi connection to confirm if it is working fine after rebooting. You can also access the routerlogin page for verifying the same.

netgear router firmware


We hope that by following the tips listed above, you would be able to fix Netgear router firmware update failing issue. If the same problem continues to trouble you, then perhaps you are not doing the Netgear firmware update process in a correct manner. Go through the step-by-step instructions highlighted below to update the correct firmware version on your Netgear router in an accurate manner.

How to Update the Netgear Router’s Firmware

To download and install the correct Netgear firmware update version, make sure that you have properly initiated and completed the router’s configuration process. Once done:

  • Associate your Netgear switch to your modem utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on a computer or laptop and visit the Netgear’s official site.
  • Enter your router’s model number into the respective field Click Downloads.
  • Then, select a Netgear firmware update version for your router and click Download.
  • Open your preferred web browser and enter in the URL bar.
  • A routerlogin page will display.
  • Enter the router’s default username and password (unless changed).
  • Once you’re done, click Log In.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and at last, click Upload button to complete the Netgear firmware update process.

The Netgear firmware update process will start and your router will reboot automatically. Once you click Upload button, it is recommended – do not touch any button or try to go online.

Still getting the same Netgear router firmware update failing message? In such a situation, feel free to drop all your issues into the comments section.