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Planning To Host Webinars? Try Out These Webinar Platforms With A Free Trial

As the world has gone digital, the market of webinars has achieved new heights. Organizations and businesses are hosting two times more webinars than earlier. Thanks to Covid19 for providing us the opportunity to live in the virtual world. Before Covid19, webinars were not as familiar, as they are today, nor the platform that offers webinar services.


With the rapid development of technology, the virtual event market is flooded with platforms or software offering space for virtual events.

There is no wonder in selecting the right platform for hosting our webinars, as webinars are now an integral part of our business communication needs.

But first, just quickly understand what webinars are ?

Webinars are online seminars that are held over internet spaces.

Now let's know about the online platforms that provide webinar services.


Mixhubb is a robust 3D, self-managed webinar platform, where hosting webinars is a very easy and instant process. Mixhubb allows you to host webinars of any size. It offers you an intuitive and immersive experience of hosting webinars.

This online platform can host a hassle-free and customizable webinar. Mixhubb offers you many advanced features like HD live audio and video, HD screen sharing, recording, etc.  The engagement features of this platform include live chat, live poll, Q&A, etc. Mixhub is a browser-based online webinar platform, where you can create, design, and deliver webinars from any browser.

Data analytics is one of the powerful features of Mixhubb. By using this feature, users can conveniently obtain insights into the webinar plus the success of the webinar can be tracked.

Mixhubb provides you the opportunity to connect with a global audience without any language barrier, as it has a built-in Multilingual translator.

Mixhubb also offers a free trial plan, allowing the hosting of unlimited online events with up to a maximum of 100 attendees, networking tables, etc. By taking its growth plans, you can unlock other powerful features like Ad on, etc.

Apart from all this, Mixhubb is a budget-friendly virtual event platform where you can also host art exhibitions.


Zoom is another popular online platform that caters to your need for the webinar. On Zoom, you can host webinars or conferences with high-quality audio and HD video. Zoom's free plan allows you to communicate with up to 100 attendees.

With Zoom, you can simultaneously share your screen with more than one attendee. It is a Multi-device accessible platform where you can join a webinar from anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Zoom also gives you the option of recording, users can record the meeting according to their needs. Zoom has made scheduling the webinars very easy.

With Zoom, you share a brainstorm and prepare a kind of sticky note using its online whiteboard.

In a large room of Zoom, you can easily extend the number of attendees by up to 500. Using Zoom as a platform for hosting your webinar does not cost anything.


It is the next online platform on our list where you can host a webinar with an unforgettable experience. GoToWebinar enables you to schedule your webinar and using its in-built webinar templates you can customize your webinar.

Moreover, its features like automated email reminders, webinar invitations, and a customized registration page will help you in the promotion of your webinar. Other features offered by GoToWebinar include pre-recorded webinars, data analytics, integration with GoToMeeting, HD video, surveys, etc.


This is another online conference platform where you can host a webinar instantly in a simple way. For entrepreneurs looking for a budget-friendly virtual event platform that provides ample opportunities to run ads during the webinar, WebinarJam can be the best platform for them. WebinarJam allows pop-ups to attendees during the live webinar so that attendees can purchase the products directly from the webinar platform without looking further. WebinarJam also has features like automated recording, social media integrations, surveys, etc.

It is a multi-browser and  multi-device-compatible virtual platform.


If you are looking for an online webinar platform that provides you with features specially designed to satisfy your marketing needs, then Demio can be your best choice. Demio provides amazing visual quality and also offers real-time and  High Definition videos with attractive backgrounds. It allows you to create a customizable environment according to your webinar requirements. It has features like email support, unlimited webinar, robust analytics, 24*7 chat and email support, and storage of 100 recordings only.

Cisco Webex:

Cisco Webex is an online conferencing platform that has been used extensively for webinars.

With Cisco Webex’s paid plan, users can host a meeting with a maximum number of 100 attendees only, allowing attendees to interact with each other via message. Attendees can also share their screens. For discussing brainstorming and making short notes, CiscoWebex also offers virtual Whiteboards, HD video, and personal rooms.

CiscoWebex also provides a feature that reduces noise distractions and enhances speech quality. Using its gesture recognition, users can express their feelings without saying anything. If you want to use Cisco Webex as the platform for online webinars, it is mandatory to download their application.

Zoho Meeting:

This is the last but not the least on our list; it is one of the best online platforms catering webinar services. ZohoMeeting is a browser-based platform that does not need to download any particular software. Using its mobile application, attendees can join the webinar from anywhere. Zoho Meeting offers features like audio-video recording and screen sharing. It also gives power to the presenter to control the whole webinar. ZohoMeeting offers liberty to users to customize the registration form according to the need of your business or webinar. It is an affordable virtual platform that provides a 14 days trial to its users.

Webinars are the powerful tools used by many businesses to elevate their growth. They can educate their employees about their strategy of marketing and also can do promotion of their brand. Using webinars, organizations also provide a demo of their products.

Here, in this blog, we have given information about the best online platform for hosting your webinars.

So you try your hands on one of the above mentioned online conferences or webinar platforms.

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