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Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Starbucks is a famous brand for tea, coffee, and other drinks. Starbucks is also known for the comfort of its clients along with the great assortment of beverages and food. At the Starbucks store, people go through hours together working and sitting or visiting and Apple pay will expand the convenience of your involvement there. You can do your payment within a second with a single click of a button using Apple Pay.

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay?

Around the world, Apple Inc. is one of the top shopper brand item organizations and has a dynamic biological system for customer enjoyment. Apple is continuously improving its payment standard called Apple Pay since 2014 for making the payment straightforward for iOS users.


Can You Use Apple Pay at Starbucks?


So now the question is Does Starbucks take Apple Pay? Yes, across its entire store Apple Pay is accepted by Starbucks. For paying Apple Pay can be used for in-store purchasing, in the drive-thru, or through the app. All Apple items are eligible for payment at Starbucks and for that, you don’t need to pay extra charges.


How to Use Apple Pay at Starbucks?


Download the Starbucks mobile app on your mobile first. By using this app you can add cash to your Starbucks card by using Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay at Starbucks is very simple and easy. On the Apple Wallet app just save your Apple Pay credit card or Debit/credit card details. At Starbucks when you will try to Approach a PoS terminal, you will be prompted to pay by the wallet.


Then click on the card by which you want to do your payment. You might have to provide a touch ID or Face ID for validating your payment. You will get a beep sound on your iPhone or watch once the payment has been completed.


Cashback While Using Apple Pay at Starbucks


Customers who pay through the Apple Pay card usually get a cashback on every purchase. You can check the official website of Apple for seeing who is eligible for a cashback offer. It is recommended to the Apple Pay regular customer to use Apple Pay Card for getting cashback with each transaction.


Benefits of using Apple Pay at Starbucks


Starbucks and Apple are working together for making the transaction easy for the customer. Some of the benefits of using Apple Pay at Starbucks is as follows:

  1. By adding your credit/debit card with Apple Pay you can avail a big discount. 
  2. You can get rid of carrying too many cards.
  3. Apple Pay is secure and easy to use.
  4. You don’t need to carry cash.
  5. Payment can be done within a second with a single click of a button.

Starbucks Accepts Other Payment Options 


Starbucks accepts all payment methods whether you are buying through the app, on drive-thru, or in-store. Starbucks also accepts cash, Starbucks coupon, Apple Pay, credit/debit cards, and other payment methods also. Starbucks accepts all possible common payment methods as it is a well-known store worldwide.




Apple Pay is very simple and easy to use at Starbucks. It can be used for store purchasing, in the drive-thru, through the app, or By Starbucks App. So whenever possible use Apple Pay for payment as it is most popular these days. Apple Pay can make your Purchasing easy and you can get rid of carrying cash and cards. Before going for purchasing make sure that the store you are visiting Accepts Apple Pay.