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Six ways in which you can use a Smart Lock

A smart lock is a key less entry system that allows you to control who has access to your home. If you're interested in smart locks, here are some ways the lock can be used and how the lock is operated.

smart lock


A smart lock is an electronic lock that uses biometrics or other advanced features to improve security and convenience over traditional mechanical locks. This means that you can unlock the door for guests without having to be present, and you can also check to see if the door is locked from anywhere in the world.

There are many benefits to using smart locks to lock and unlock doors. Smart locks are more secure than traditional locks, as they can be programmed to require a unique code or fingerprint to unlock the door.

Only authorized individuals can access the door, making it more difficult for criminals to break in. Smart locks are also more convenient than traditional locks, as they can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or other device.

The market has expanded in the last few years, and different companies offer smart locks. This blog talks about six different ways to unlock smart locks.

1. Using Smartphones

There has been a recent trend of using smartphones to control smart locks. This is a convenient way to manage access to your home or office, and it can also provide an extra layer of security.

When using a smartphone to control a smart lock, you can typically set up a PIN code or use fingerprint recognition to unlock the door. This means that only authorized users will be able to access the premises, and it can help deter criminals.

There's no need to fumble with your keys when you've got a smart lock on your door. With this type of lock, you can use your smartphone to unlock the door. Whether you're coming home from a long day at work or letting a friend into your home, a smart lock makes it easy to get inside. Plus, you'll never have to worry about losing your keys again.

2. Using Fingerprint

If you have a smart lock that uses fingerprint recognition, you can unlock it using your fingerprint. You will need to have your fingerprint registered with the lock to do this. Once your fingerprint is registered, you can place your finger on the lock's sensor to unlock it.

This is a convenient way to unlock your safety, and it is also more secure than using a traditional key. Welock Fingerprint Electronic Smart Door Lock Cylinder is the best in this category.

3. Using Facelock

Facelock is biometric authentication that uses facial recognition to unlock a smart lock. To unlock a smart lock using facelock, first ensure that the smart lock is compatible with your device.

Next, open the app and look for the option to enable facelock. Once facelock is enabled, hold your device up to your face to unlock the smart lock. The smart lock will use facial recognition to identify you and unlock the door.

Facelock is a convenient and secure way to unlock your smart lock. However, it is important to remember that photos or videos can fool facial recognition, so be sure to keep your device safe and secure.

4. Generate Codes

Smart locks are an increasingly popular way to secure one's home. Coding them to work with specific individuals' smartphones is a great way to ensure that only authorized people can enter. There are a few different ways to go about this.

One is to have the lock itself generate a code that changes regularly and must be entered into the smartphone to unlock the door.

Another is to have the smartphone generate a code sent to the lock when the user wants to unlock it. Either way, this system adds an extra layer of security to the home and gives the homeowner peace of mind.

We recommend Welock Electronic Smart Door Lock Cylinder with Keypad in this case.

5. Schedule Entries

You can easily grant or revoke access to specific people at specific times. Like baby sitter’s entry is valid from 3 pm to 5 pm. This makes them perfect for office buildings, apartment complexes, and other commercial settings.

Smart locks are designed to work with your existing door hardware and can be controlled via our app or your web browser. This results in a smart solution that requires no installation or complex changes to your existing setup.

As they save data to the cloud, there's no need to worry about our locks not working in remote locations without reliable internet access.

6. Emergency Controls

As our homes become increasingly connected, it's important to consider the security of these devices. Smart locks are a great example of this, as they offer a convenient way to secure our homes.

However, if something goes wrong, it's important to have an emergency button to call the authorities. This could be a button on the lock itself or a separate device connected to it. Either way, it's important to have this safety feature in an emergency.

Welock smart locks

WeLock is a new generation of smart locks that offers higher security and convenience than traditional locks. WeLock uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to your smartphone so that you can unlock your door with just a few taps. WeLock also has a built-in tamper sensor and an LED light that turns red when someone tries to open the lock.

WeLock is the perfect solution for people looking for a more secure and convenient way to lock their doors. With WeLock, you'll never have to worry about losing your keys or forgetting your code. WeLock makes it easy to keep your home safe and secure.

Welock has many different varieties to choose from; it has its fingerprint smart lock, smart keypad lock, Electronic door lock cylinder, smart doorknob, etc.


Smart locks are one of the most popular smart-home products on the market and for a good reason. They make life easier for everyone with a door and provide a high level of security. However, as with most smart-home products, they are not cheap. This post has looked into six different ways to unlock your door without the need for a smart lock.