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TikTok Photo Editing Hack: How To Check The Functionalities Of An IPhone?

TikTok, a very popular app, is used for a lot of purposes, including creating, editing, and sharing videos. Here we are about to discuss why TikTok users must shift themselves to iPhone as it would really be helpful to safeguard the data, keeping it safer than android phones. TikTok holds a lot of information, and you could never imagine the features could work wonders on the app. Users on TikTok are trendsetters, and it is not a big surprise if they come across the photo-editing technique. All these simple hacks require an iPhone and a selfie that you love to post. 

TikTok Photo Editing Trend

Without a further delay, let’s begin on how photo editing is done on TikTok via iPhone.

How To Make A TikTok Editing Hack On An iPhone?

The process is quite simple; the steps involved in operating photo editing are very preliminary. However, the stages to edit a photo are varied based on the operating system that you are using. Most of the views on TikTok are the result of implementing the new features onto the videos.You can utilize the opportunity provided by the TikTok and make a rough estimation of the effects that you are about to use.

Step1: Open the camera roll option and find the image that you wish to edit.

Step2: Turn up the brilliance and exposure to the level of 100, and this step is optional as it reveals the effect.

Step3: You can set the highlights to minus 35(-35) and shadows to minus 28(-28). 

Step4: Do a contrast at minus 30(-30) and brightness at minus 15(-15).

Step5: Try setting Up the black point numbering to 10.

Step6: Plug in the saturation to 10, with the vibrancy of 8.

Step7: Add Warmth to 10.

Step8: Fix the time level to 39.

Step9: Recommend the sharpness level to 14.

Step10: Put Vignette to the number 23.

Step11: Finally, if you have initialized the reveal effect in TikTok, you can turn the brilliance and exposure to zero so as you can get to know the final image.

However, you must know the fact that each effect varies on the featured TikTok hack. And you need not worry about modifying the things of your liking so as to gain a perfect effect.

The formula on viral TikTok photo editing makes a photo look like a sunkissed wonderland. And by now, TikTok users are now taking advantage of the IOS editing features with the n number of hacks. And there is the possibility to go up with editing formulas that lie along with shadows, color, and saturation.

In one of the popular videos, the creator Anaugazz mentioned that the viewers are the best part which brings about trust. The video posted on Friday got 12.5 million views, which is a huge enough positive sign of audience engagement. And finally, by using the selfie, Anaugazz increased the brilliance and exposure to the possible setting. And finally, she made some adjustments to the shadows, black point, saturation, vibrance, warmth, along with perfect highlights in order to gain a dreamy vibe of the final image.

Let’s look at the exact formula on how Anaugazz used her iPhone masterpiece:

  • Highlights to -32 
  • Lower the contrast to -30
  • Definition feature to 23
  • Warmth to 10
  • Push the tint up to 29
  • Shadows to -26
  • Brightness to -15
  • Exposure and brilliance to 100
  • Black point to 10
  • Saturation to 10
  • Vibrance to 8
  • Up the sharpness to 14
  • Finally, slide the exposure back down to 0

Finally, this is how you can make a step-by-step process of photo editing using the iPhone on TikTok. It would definitely help you make the best edition of the existing photos. Happy Editing!

Author Bio:

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on