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Create Advanced Forms with the Visual Form Builder Plugin?

It's a prevalent fact that a form builder is one of the most important requirements for a website owner. There are a lot of plugins, such as WPForms, Gravity Forms Appointment. Plugins and vice versa. Forms help you gather the required information based on the user's requirements.

visual form builder plugin

Users can create a range of simple forms to more complicated ones based on particular requirements. There are a wide range of plugins that will assist you in integrating a gravity form or any other advanced form builder into your WordPress site. Hence, In this article, we'll identify and examine the advanced forms using Gravity Forms plugins.

How Do You Use Gravity Form?

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create forms to be placed on your website. It lets you integrate contact forms, quizzes, and surveys into your website with relative ease. By using this plugin, you can easily incorporate contact forms, quizzes, and surveys into your site with relative ease. 

It is well-known for its features such as conditional formatting, which instantly shows or hides the question as per the user's answers to the previous queries, and routing, which redirects the form's submission into the email addresses determined in the context of the form submission. Hence, gravity forms a variety of multiple add-ons and third-party integrated APIs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bookings for Gravity Forms - Appointments and Meeting Scheduling Plugin.
  • Preview Submissions in Gravity Forms.
  • Smart Uploads in Gravity Forms.
  • Sumup with Gravity Forms.
  • Import Entries into Gravity Forms.
  • Payeezy with Gravity Forms.
  • Google Spreadsheets in Gravity Forms.
  • Address Google Autocomplete in Gravity Forms.
  • Pay with Square on Gravity Forms
  • Google Cloud Printers with Gravity Forms 

Let's dive into discussing the Bookings for Gravity Forms plugin:

Booking for Gravity Forms

Gravity Bookings is a robust and powerful WordPress plugin that enables a conducive and powerful way for your potential consumers to schedule meetings and appointments via Google Calendar. Appointments can be booked online for any of the listed service categories, regardless of their type and name. After a customer visits on his or her appointments, an email will be routed to him or her, and logs will be registered in the admin panel. This plugin makes it quite easy for your potential clients to schedule appointments in a streamlined manner. 


The following are some of the features of bookings for gravity forms:

  1. Easy Installation & Configuration - Gravity Bookings is easy to install and configure in a WordPress-enabled website.
  2. Customize your Booking Form - Give the booking form a presence that suits your brand identity to the next level.
  3. Easily Extract Information - Each type of appointment data can be easily exported in CSV & PDF file format.
  4. Highlight Service Category - Customers can select any 'service category' for an appointment from the service list.
  5. Multiple Payment Methods - Highlight various payment gateway options for your potential customers.
  6. List View or Calendar - Booked Appointments can be displayed in a calendar or list view format.
  7. Mark Days-off & Holidays - Days-off or holidays can be marked to notify customers about the business or staff members. 
  8. Unrestricted Booking Rules - The user can add unlimited booking rules that include staff count, services categories, and time slots.
  9. Multi-Step Forms - Gravity Bookings premium plugin consists of multi-step forms functionality. Admin can highlight appointment booking forms for clients in a step-by-step format. 
  10. Mobile Responsive - Gravity Booking plugins are completely mobile responsive; the clients can easily manage their appointment bookings via mobile phones and tablets.

Use cases for Gravity Bookings 

Several businesses use online gravity booking solutions such as Gravity Bookings for client appointments and organizational needs. Gravity Bookings can be adaptable to certain types of businesses that include:

Law Consultants and Lawyers

Gravity Bookings enables lawyers and law consultants to manage appointments, staff and ensure all services are provided.

Hospitals, Private Clinics, and Doctors 

Gravity Bookings assists doctors and medical professionals in scheduling appointments with the patients as per the availability of physicians, patients, and hospital staff.

SPA & Salon Appointments

This plugin enables customers to schedule or book SPA and salon appointments for multiple services.

Tutors' Schedule & Coaching

This plugin enables users with an efficient way for tutors to schedule or book meeting slots for students and timetables.

Car Pooling

The car Pooling service can simply use the gravity bookings plugin to schedule the appointments with the traveler as per the available time slots. The user can simply list the name of the driver, available routes, and passenger information.

Bookings for Restaurants 

Customers on holidays, off-days, and vacations can be alerted by their brand influence or staff members. This feature allows customers to book their appointment at their specific restaurant. 

Sports and Gymnasiums 

Gravity Bookings effectively assists your customers in booking multiple slot timings or scheduling appointments with the gym instructor.

Dentists and Therapists

Bookings for Gravity Forms make it easier for therapists to schedule their online clients' appointments. It also makes it convenient for the dentists to display appointments calendars and availability of staff, services catalog, and fee structure. 

Final Verdict 

In a nutshell, the essence of advanced gravity forms increases in multiple ways. The use of bookings for gravity forms is involved in various sections ranging from scheduling meetings, doctor appointments, car seat bookings, and virtual classroom meetings, which have consumed deep insights to boost the versatility of your business to the next level. Hence, the aforementioned discussion highlights the overall concept of building advanced forms with gravity booking plugins intuitively and effectively.