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Use Google Word Coach to build your English language

Google, a multinational technology company, specialised in inter-connected services coping with technological trends has expanded its features to a considerable extent. Its vast list of products and services that includes cloud computing, online advertisement technologies, a search engine, etc. makes it stand the test of time. Anything that you need to know, google it. Since the invention of Google, the creation and storage of information have been subjected to a considerable expansion which has in return led to significant discoveries.


Google Word Coach

Google was previously known for being a search engine only. People used it merely for the purpose of searching and satisfying their queries. With the digital advancements and its enhanced exciting features, people use it for more than just searching. It has become the go-to dictionary in the present digital era.  A dictionary that not only provides the meaning but its translation, synonyms, and use in sentences as well.


Considering the vast line of products and services offered by the company, it has played a major role in boosting the economy of America. As per the company’s recent economic impact report, it has been integral to the kyb checks economic activity by contributing nearly $165 billion of the economic activity for around 1.4 million businesses. 


Google Word Coach: 


Quite some time back, Google has made another significant addition to its already vast line of products and services i.e. Google Word Coach. Initially, it was launched in non-English speaking countries and India and later expanded to other countries. This particular feature helps in building vocabulary. It is programmed like a game that aids the user to expand the English language vocabulary and polish his skills in a fun way. It is often debated that the Google Dictionary was already performing the same function and the Word Coach does not really provide a unique function. In reality, it is way different from a dictionary, rather complements its functions.


The need for Google Word Coach:


Want to build your vocabulary without having to go through huge thesauruses? No worries, Google Word Coach is here to your rescue. Eliminating the hassle of reading thesauruses, this specific product provides you with the option of learning new words in an engaging and fun way, that too within a matter of seconds. Hence, it not only builds your vocabulary but saves your precious time as well. Google's strategy of naming this particular product as a ‘game’ has helped attract a huge audience. More than any other person, the Non-English speakers have benefited the most from it. 


How it Works: 


Displayed as a game, Google Word Coach appears below the dictionary. When a user searches for the meaning of a word, definitions get displayed via a dictionary. Below the dictionary, a dropbox is displayed that contains a question with two options. The user has to select the right among the two. The best thing about it is that one does not have to search for it separately. Whenever a meaning is searched, it appears automatically.  Moreover, the activity takes place in no time and the user does not lose interest.


Google Word Coach

As per a report, the Google Word Coach game is designed in a way that as the user keeps playing it, the levels become tough. This is what makes the user not lose interest. If a wrong answer is marked, the correct answer along with a detailed explanation is provided. Hence the user learns and corrects his mistake there and then. If he marks the correct answer, he earns some points. It has several rounds with five questions in each. As the levels progress, they become tougher but not strenuous at all.


Enhanced Customer Experience: 


Google has forever worked on enhancing the user’s experience. Google Word Coach is one example, supporting the aforementioned statement. It has yet again worked on its algorithms and made the word coach fun and engaging. Despite the presence of Google Dictionary, Treasury, and Snippet, it has added the Word Coach to make the research easier. The users can find answers to the queries almost instantly. 


Benefits that it brings along: 


Launched back in 2018, it has been a lot in use to date. Doesn't matter whether the user is a beginner or expert in the English language, he can always benefit from it. Since the English language is continuously subjected to evolution and new words come up every other day, it is very difficult for a person to get familiar with them all, in one go.


This Is where the Google Word Coach comes to the rescue. With it, one can always learn a few words daily and keep himself updated. Moreover, this particular product of Google has eliminated the need of keeping an English learning app. Learning English vocabulary has been made easier than ever. Although the description of the game says that it is designed for non-English speakers, it does not restrict it to those people specifically. English speakers, even professionals can benefit from it.