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MilesWeb Review: Affordable Dedicated Hosting

Is your business growing immensely? Then you probably need to switch to dedicated hosting.


Affordable Dedicated Hosting

The hosting server has a great impact on your business growth. If your website lacks because of a less powerful server, it will not provide the best output.

Plus, security is another primary factor. No businesses want their website to get attacked or face malicious activities. So, to avoid experiencing such risks, a better and powerful server is the need of the hour.

There are several hosting types, but dedicated hosting is unbeatable. It offers a lot more than a less powerful hosting server can.

Whether it is about performance, privacy or security, dedicated hosting has everything you need to flourish your business online. It will immensely help increase the rank of your website.

The websites that rank well on google also talk about the authenticity of their brand. It results in more sales. Plus, dedicated hosting reduces bounce rate and loading time.

The faster your website loads, the more visitors you attract.

Any website with slower loading pages loses potential customers. So, if you have a high traffic website and don't want to lose them, dedicated hosting will help manage the same.

Several web hosting companies provide dedicated hosting services. MilesWeb is a leading company among all such providers.

MilesWeb offers inexpensive dedicated hosting. Your data will float on the internet and offer the best user experience. There are tons of features available if you opt for MilesWeb dedicated hosting, and the company will help you grow better than before in all aspects.

MilesWeb has a history of providing quality services. They aim at low-cost hosting so that every user can access it. You also have the option of customized dedicated plans if the available services don't meet the needs. 

MilesWeb provides following services – cheap reseller hosting, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

How does Dedicated Hosting Work?

Dedicated hosting offers a complete physical server. You don't share the server and resources here. It is yours and you can handle it the way you want.

In dedicated hosting, you get a lot more privacy. As there is no user hindering the website growth, your bare metal server is highly reliable to your resources.

You can install heavy websites and run them all hassle-free. It will not reduce the performance or speed. 

MilesWeb offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. If you know the ways to manage the server, you can opt for self-managed hosting.

However, if you want the host to take care of it, MilesWeb is ready for the same. You will have to contact their sales team and they will assist you with managed dedicated plans.

Unmanaged dedicated plans start from Rs. 6,999 per month. There are many plans under dedicated hosting services. Depending on the website needs and requirements, you can choose any.

Who Should Opt for Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated hosting works well with high traffic websites. If you have a big eCommerce website or cannot afford downtimes, you can go for dedicated servers.

You can even resell your resources to high profile clients. It will earn you a bit apart from your business. 

MilesWeb offers tons of amazing resources with each plan. Their high quality and best dedicated server help users achieve growth in the business.

If you are hosting on a different server or with another hosting provider, MilesWeb helps with easy migration. They will help you get started in minutes.

Plus, MilesWeb is comparatively cheap at a cost in comparison with other providers. It can provide you with value for money and quality hosting services.

Here are Key Features to Host with MilesWeb

SSL Certificate - With any dedicated hosting plan, you get a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate puts a protective layer on your URL. It replaces HTTP with HTTPS and secures all information on the website.

Your visitors will not refrain from browsing and will feel safe for sharing any important information.

Service Level agreement - You receive a network uptime of 99.99% with MilesWeb. This is the highest any provider offers. That means your website will face zero downtimes and will be available to load at any time.

Host Unlimited Websites - MilesWeb allows its users to host multiple websites. It lets the user move all their website from other hosting servers to dedicated hosting.

If you have multiple websites, you will not have to purchase a separate dedicated server. You can host them all in one place.

High Performance - Your website will perform better and will load faster than before. MilesWeb dedicated server is highly reliable and secure. 

It increases privacy and helps save from security threats.

SSH Root Access - You have full control over the server. Customization and configuration are in your hands. 

You can manage all your data, domains and related stuff easily. As there is no user sharing with you, there is no limit to the usage of resources.

Wrap Up

Dedicated hosting is a powerful hosting service. It can expand and grow your business immensely. You don't have to worry about any server downtime and bounce rate. Plus, it provides an isolated environment and privacy you needed the most.