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The Significant Advantages Of eBooks Over Printed Books

The evolution of e-books over the years has benefited a lot of e-book writers. Comparing eBooks with printed ones is an old-age debate. Readers have their preferences depending upon several conditions. However, with a growing number of tech-savvy individuals, several service providers are digitalizing their services in order to cater to a massive community of digital age users.

Advantages Of eBooks Over Printed Books

Publishing is also among the industries that have welcomed the digital era to make reading even more convenient for readers. A number of educational and corporate organizations are shifting to eBooks for training and recreational purposes because eBooks are better equipped with targeted, informative material and provide an engaging reading and learning experience to their readers. 

So, digital publishing has been emerging large over printed books for some time. However, print publishing is still strong in the competition despite the advancement of digital platforms and their increasing popularity. 

Make a comparison between the two. You will observe that printed books are more anticipated among the readers because of their authenticity and the sensation of holding an actual book. Likewise, eBooks are more practical and convenient in terms of carrying.  

So, in this case, let us discover some advantages of eBooks hold over traditional books.

The Advantages of eBooks Over Traditional Books

Convenience and Portability

eBooks are portable and convenient in terms of carrying. So, instead of having several books, an eBook reader can carry thousands of eBooks within a single device, either a laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and can carry it anywhere. It helps save a lot of space in your room and your bag while traveling, freeing you from storage space concerns. 

A single device is sufficient to store and read thousands of books at a time, more than you could read in your lifetime. Students benefit a lot from it as it enables them not to carry a bag full of books every day. 

Can Be Accessed Anywhere

eBooks are downloadable and storable for future use. You can store and read an eBook anytime you want. Students and employees gain the convenience of accessing learning materials at home or while traveling within the grip of their hands. Moreover, some readers avail the offline access feature, which allows offline accessibility even without an internet connection.

Unlike traditionally printed books need to be ordered or purchased from a bookstore, which takes time to be delivered or travel to a bookstore. In contrast, readers can easily access eBooks anytime and anywhere they want, just with a single click.


eBooks are usually cloud-based, which enables e-book writers to update the book anytime. E-book writers and publishers have the liberty to add the latest information in order to provide up-to-date digital content to their readers. This saves a lot of time and the reprinting costs of the books.

You Can Share Its Content

Numerous eBooks give you the liberty to share an eBook’s content with multiple users. This social feature of eBooks enables readers to share and like content, which is simply not possible in the case of printed books.

You can share a printed book with a friend one at a time. Likewise, an eBook can be shared with multiple people at the same time. Students and employers avail this feature to connect with their peers. 

An Interactive Augmented Reality Experience

Augmented reality has uplifted the eBook reading experience to a whole new level. It enables e-book writers to project their imagination and creativity. Pictures and content are now embedded with an augmented 3D visual which appears on the user’s screen. It gives readers a more interactive reading and learning experience. Numerous organizations and educational institutes are integrating this technology into their eBooks. It enhances the reader’s experience. 

They Are Pretty Easy On the Eyes

While reading eBooks, you can simply adjust your device brightness as per your convenience or turn on the night shift depending upon your preferences. E-book readers have the feasibility to read books with lights that don’t affect their eyes. You can even change the font and the text size at your convenience. So, eBooks ensure the safety of your eyes too.

They Have a Read Aloud Feature

e-book writers specifically design eBooks with read-aloud and text-to-speech features. This enables readers to listen to eBooks if they lack in time required to read it. For instance, while driving or while performing routine chores.

This feature also assists readers with visual impairment or learning disabilities. Likewise, it also allows readers to learn a word's pronunciation and understand how a specific word is pronounced.

Interactive Components

An eBook embedded with interactive features makes the reading experience more engaging. Audios and videos can be easily embedded in eBooks. Likewise, external links can also be included to deliver relevant information. 

A bookmark feature allows the reader to book ark a specific page. Similarly, a word finder will enable you to find a particular word effortlessly and quickly. So, there are numerous interactive features to be included to upgrade the reading experience. 

They Are Environment Friendly

eBooks are environment-friendly as they totally eradicate the paper printing process. It saves a lot of costs for the publishers. Around 2.5 million books are published each year using approximately 3 million trees annually. 

So, if these printed books are replaced with digital eBooks, it could rescue millions of trees from being chopped down. Apart from destroying trees, it also leaves a carbon footprint in transporting raw materials, production, and final shipping. All of these processes can be eradicated with the help of eBooks which makes them vital for the environment to an unimaginable extent.

They Are Affordable

Many of us would feel that eBooks are a new technology, so that the cost would be far higher than traditional books. However, in reality, it's quite the opposite. eBooks cost much lesser than printed books. It is because no pre-production is involved like the printed books, which makes it pretty cheaper. 

No paper printing, no paperback covers, no packaging costs, and no shipping. Eventually, this makes an eBook pretty much cheaper. So, instead of spending a significant amount of money on printed books, you can save your money by investing in pretty pocket-friendly eBooks. 

Final Thoughts

eBooks have given e-book writers creative freedom and liberty to express their potential. It allows readers to engage and interact with the content. You can customize them, search for keywords, listen as an audiobook, watch videos, and more. 

Likewise, eBooks have the upper hand with augmented reality and interactivity when it comes to reader’s engagement. They are cost-effective, not only for e-book writers, publishers but also for the readers. In short, eBooks have revolutionized the literary industry and have transformed the overall reading and learning experience.

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