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Graphic Design is My Passion: Know your MeMe

Graphic design is a lot like any other creative endeavor. It needs hard work and passion to get really good at it. However, graphic designers often need to juggle other responsibilities such as marketing, management and other administrative tasks that don't necessarily involve creativity or graphic design.

Graphic Design MeMe

The graphic design industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled professionals and the average age of the professionals in the industry is increasing. This creates an opportunity for people to enter this field with less competition and become highly skilled within a few years. The graphic design industry also offers plenty of job opportunities and can be a very lucrative career path.

Graphic Design is my passion meme have been seen all over the internet. It is a meme that can be used to tell people what you’re passionate about. This meme usually contains a picture of someone that is really into the subject and then a caption that says “graphic design is my passion”. There are many variations of this meme but the same theme remains the same.

This meme usually contains a picture of someone that is really into the subject and then a caption that says “graphic design is my passion”. There are many variations of this meme but the same theme remains the same.

What does the meme say?

This meme is trying to say something. It is trying to tell us that graphic design is his passion. He takes graphic design so seriously, he didn’t even eat the bread in the background. The bread in the background is a reference to graphic designers who are so passionate about their work that they forget to take care of themselves and eat properly.

The meme doesn’t provide much information about the content writer, but it does remind us of what we should all be doing no matter what our profession - taking care of ourselves.

Origin of graphic design is my passion meme

Graphic design is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing, which has developed its own culture. Memes are becoming more and more popular on social media. The origin of “graphic design is my passion meme” is one of the most popular memes on the internet.

“Graphic design is my passion meme“ has been circulating on independent creative networks like Instagram and Tumblr for years. The meme started in the early 2010s with the phrase, "I just finished drawing this for somebody's birthday card. It's not perfect but I'm happy with it." It quickly spread onto other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where people would share their work with others. People use this meme to talk about things they love or show off their skills. The phrase has changed over time to read, "Graphic Design Is My Passion," so that people can share their creativity more easily.

Another meme originated in 2013 with a stereotypical “artsy” style that became even more prominent with the release of Pantone’s colors for 2018, PANTONE 18-3838 Living Coral. It also gained popularity following its posting on Reddit by user “Artists are my passion” in January 2018.

Apart from this, On July 7th, 2014, a user of Tumblr named Yungterra updated a post having an image of a cloudy sky along with a green cartoon frog clip art. The image had the caption as "graphic design is my passion". The caption was written in the Papyrus typeface. Just in a year, that meme post gained over 352,000 notes. You can also get the frog cartoon image on the clipart website Classroom Clipart, where it displays a copyright date of 2011.

Later on along with time different Tumblr and other social media users posted the meme in different fonts and styles.


In simple words it can be stated that the Graphic Design is My Passion meme is all about showing someone’s interest and passion towards his designing.  Just like Graphic Design, there are other memes also available on the internet based on web design and art like Web design is my passion or art is my obsession.