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How Do Websites Work?

Do you ever wonder how websites work? How does information get from your computer to the website's server? And how do all those cool graphics and animations get put on the page?


In this blog post, we will discuss how websites work and what goes into making them function. We will also explore how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work to create the structure of a website. So if you're curious about how the internet works, keep reading!

What are websites?

Websites are web pages composed of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. HTML is the language that provides structure to the web page and how it is displayed. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and helps make a website look good by adding fonts, colors, and more. JavaScript adds interactivity to the webpage, allowing users to do things.

How do web services work?

Accessing Websites

The way you interact with websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google is via a web browser.  This is a software application that allows you to view web pages. The most popular browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

When you type in a website's address (or URL), your browser sends a request to the server where that website is hosted. The server then sends back the HTML code for the web page, which the browser interprets and displays how the web designer intended.

HTTP Requests

When you visit a website, your web browser makes an HTTP request to the server.  HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is how web browsers and servers communicate with each other.

The browser sends the request to the server hosting the webpage, which responds by sending back the HTML code for that webpage. The browser then interprets and displays how the web designer intended.

HTML Display

Your web browser then displays the contents of the web page as HTML.  HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the language used to create web pages. HTML uses tags, which are elements that tell the browser how to display content on the page. For example, a tag might tell the browser how to display text, images, or videos.

CSS Styling

CSS is used to style your HTML document. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is used to apply fonts, colors, margins, padding, and more. CSS allows you to create a consistent look and feel across different web pages on the site.

JavaScript Interactivity

Meanwhile, JavaScript is used to make your website interactive. JavaScript is usually executed in the client (your computer), but can also be executed on your server! This differs from PHP which is always executed on the server.

It allows you to add functionality such as forms, buttons, dropdowns, and other interactive elements. JavaScript also allows you to do things like to create animations, detect user actions and respond accordingly, and much more.

Website Cookies

Cookies are pieces of data, often including a unique identifier that is sent from a website and stored on your computer by your web browser while you are browsing. This allows the website to remember things like your preferences and login information.

Understanding How Websites Work is Important For Web Development

It's important to understand how websites work if you want to be able to create web pages. Websites are made of HTML, which is a language used for creating web pages. CSS helps with how the website looks, and JavaScript adds fun things like buttons and animations. Cookies help the website remember your preferences and login information. Knowing how all these things work together will help you make awesome websites!

Websites Are Powered by Coding

Websites are complex pieces of software, but understanding how they work can help you become a more informed user. By understanding how HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and cookies work together, you can have a better appreciation for how websites are built. Having this knowledge will also help you create awesome websites.

Being aware of how your data is used and how cookies work will also help you stay safe online. LeadOrigin can help you create the best website for your business.