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AngularJS Development: Why It is Popular in Modern Application Development

The demand for web and app development is at its peak today. Development tools like NodeJS, Angular are impressing everyone due to their amazing features of app development. However, angular has an upper hand compared to Node. Due to this, the demand of AngularJS development company is also increasing. 

If we talk about development tools, then Angular is the most popular application development today. We will also discuss the reasons why it is so popular. But first let’s know what angular exactly is.

Angular is a powerful platform used in designing high-quality web applications. It also allows faster processing of codes, which makes the process of app development quicker. Now, let’s see why Angular is in so much demand. 

Reasons why angular is popular in modern application development


1. Built on TypeScript


TypeScript is the superscript for JavaScript. TypeScript makes the work of developers easy. TypeScript can detect the errors at an early stage. So, developers can solve these errors at an early stage only and they move to the next stage only after solving these errors. Thus, one can make sure there is no error left. 


TypeScript also makes configuring, modifying, and compiling easy, which is not possible in the other frameworks. This is one most important thing that makes AngularJS development extremely popular.


2. Declarative User Interface 


The User Interface of the app is an important thing. It  should be simple because if your app has a complex user interface then the navigation will be hard for the users. 


Angular makes use of HTML and thus by using it, developers can easily modify the user interface. It is possible only because angular is a declarative language.


3. Easy Testing 


Testing is one of the toughest parts of website development services. This part can’t be skipped either. Also, one can only know the efficiency of the app after the testing is done.


Testing is an important part of app development, but it takes a lot of time. However, if angular is used, then this process becomes easy because the code can be separated and testing will be done automatically.


4. Modular Structure 


Modules are code blocks that aid in the processing of code, and they're also known as buckets. The module makes the functionality of the application simple. Also, it will simplify all the features that load in the background. 


The modules are separable and also tasks you can assign tasks for each module. Also, creating different features becomes easy because you can copy and alter pieces of a module to create an entirely new feature. Also, finding and resolving errors  becomes easier as you can look into the particular module related to the feature.


5. Code Consistency 


Developers have to deal with numerous lines of code. They also have to ensure that the components are generated correctly and also the code is consistent. The consistency of the code is necessary because the efficiency of the application depends on the code only. 


Developers may have built all the features perfectly, but a single glitch can crash the entire app. To avoid this situation, the consistency of code is necessary. And, this can be possible when you work with Angular.


6. Themes & Templates 


The application should look attractive to the users. No one will use an app that lacks a good design and theme. Thus, it is necessary to give an attractive look to your application. 


By using Angular, you can give an attractive & elegant look to the application. It has thousands of themes and templates, and you can choose the theme that suits your business. 


Also, the themes can be customized to make it look more attractive and pleasing to clients. Developers can also get a theme from a website and paste the code into the application to apply the theme.


7. Supported by Google 


Angular is backed by Google itself. This is a big thing because Google is a big and trusted name. It is the most reliable & most used search engine platform around the world. Also, if the web applications are developed using the source code backed by Google itself, then it is the best thing to do.


As angular is backed by Google, it becomes easier to implement the code, upload the application and even make the changes. Most of the Google Applications are developed using Angular only, this shows the power of this framework.


8. Data Security 


In today’s technical era, cyber-attacks have become a big challenge. The hackers are always trying to steal your data, and today data is the most important thing in the world. Therefore, one has to protect the data at any cost. 


Angular Framework allows developers to make use of a data-centric approach and keep data in the safest location possible, where it can't be accessed without valid authority. Also, there are numerous powerful features to ensure data security. And, thus hacking the data becomes impossible for the hackers. This also makes angular a popular choice for app development.


In conclusion, we would say that angular has numerous features for developing a perfect app. From providing attractive themes to offering strong data security, it provides entire solutions for the app. These all features make angular popular in modern application development. If you also want to develop an application using the Angular platform, we would also advise you to take the services of AngularJS development company. Their experts will build the perfect application for you.