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6 Tips To Create Best Gaming Video For Your YouTube Channel

The year 2020 was one heck of a period when people relied on videos as in-person meetings were not possible. And this dependence on video was not only for meetings or learning, but for entertainment as well. Now, YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly logins. About 74% of the adults in the US are using YouTube to learn, laugh, listen and explore new videos. But in all this, there is one niche in which people are taking more interest than ever: The gaming industry. This industry has become a colossal market bigger than movies, TV shows and the music industry combined.


Gaming Video For YouTube Channel 

So if you are good at getting those killing streaks, and you know every single part of the multiplayer map of FPS (First-person shooter) games. Then it's no surprise that you, too, had thought of launching your very own YouTube, which is dedicated to gaming. Well, we are here to help you turn your dream of getting a gaming YouTube channel into a reality. With these six tips, you can create mind-boggling videos for your gaming YouTube channel. We will help you seek out those viewers, likes, and subscribers waiting to find a channel like yours. So let's get started, shall we? 

What Defines As A YouTube Gaming Channel?

A gaming channel doesn't have any definition, and it could be anything related to gaming. For example, if you are doing reaction videos of the gaming walkthroughs, it could still come under the umbrella of a gaming channel.

In addition to this, if you are explicitly uploading walkthroughs of a story-based game, then again, it can be said as a gaming YouTube channel. So, in the end, the definition of gaming channel is pretty loosely intact and can be altered according to the requirement. As a result, anything related to gaming has the potential to be uploaded on your YouTube channel. Now let's explore some of the tips that can help your channel grow.

Top 6 Tips For Creating Best Game Centric Videos For YouTube

1) Produce And Upload Regularly 

So the key to success on any platform is to provide viewers with regular content. This needs to be done to get more viewing hours from your subscribers and general users exploring new content. Thinking of uploading regular content on YouTube is like hitting the gym day in and day out. You might not feel like there is any use of it at the start, and you feel tired doing it. The process is painstakingly long, but in the long run, it will bear fruit for you. 

Furthermore, just like dumbbells and other machines, you help your body lose fat and increase endurance. In the same way, there are multiple online video editors for YouTube channels, but this is the best YouTube video editor, which can help you make the editing task much easier for you. It will help you add different effects, transactions, or you can add music for more enhancing the videos. Thus, allowing you to be consistent in your uploads. 

Our recommendation would be to start with three videos per week so that you get a whole day to shoot, edit and upload the video. Once you get the hang of the process, you can increase the number of videos per week and even upload videos per day.

2) Create A Brand

From the very start, you need to focus on creating a brand, and even if you are doing YouTube just for fun, still you must focus on creating a brand. We are not asking you to make merchandise, but a simple logo for your YouTube channel is the first step to introducing viewers to your brand. Likewise, choose a catchy name for your channel which can be easily remembered and typed without any mistakes. 

Take the example of Vanossgaming, Mikecrack and Fernanfloo. All these names have one thing in common: they are easy to remember and have catchy names that relate to their audience. Apart from this, take time in creating an excellent thumbnail for your videos and use SEO based keywords in the first three lines of the description.

3) Do Research Before Pressing The Record Button 

So this one tip can come in handy in the long run when you are treading unknown grounds to cover in your videos. Do some brainstorming of potential titles of your video. Sure, you can work out the video's title even when you are about to upload the video. But it is better to have some base before you start making a video. This way, you will know in which direction your video needs to go. 

Besides, when you research the topic, you can find how many viewers or people are searching for the videos based on this topic. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. When you are done with the research, you will know whether making a video on the topic will help your gaming channel in any way possible or not. It's super disheartening to make a video that gets no views. However, with the research, you will understand how the video will perform, and it could save you a lot of time.

4) Join Online Gaming Community 

When you have chosen a niche, it becomes a daunting task to come up with new video ideas every now then. A much easier path is to decide the favorite game and then start playing it. throughout many videos. See, there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes to being famous on YouTube, you need to be more strategic than the usual game streaming channel

As a result, we suggest you join several gaming communities to see the current hot topics in the gaming industry. In addition to this, you will find big updates about the coming apps and which specific part of the video games excites the people most. You will also get to know about many newcomers in the industry. In the end, these people are your viewers, so it is best to have a little sneak peek of their liking.

5) Use YouTube Shorts To Gain More Views

Tons of hilarious moments occur while gaming, so why not show it to people on YouTube and make their day a bit lighter and happier. YouTube Shorts is made to do that, and it provides lots of information in a short amount of time, just like Instagram Reels

In this, you need to provide specific information in a short time to a viewer. No need for adding in intro or outro; straight up showing the content or giving a glimpse of what your channel is all about. You can easily make YouTube Shorts from an online YouTube video editor. You can create YouTube Shorts in no time with an attractive thumbnail. Keep the count of shorts almost double the number of video uploads you are doing or, if possible, even more.

6) Audience Engagement

Keep your audience happy, and one thing to make this happen is to engage with them. You can like their comments and even reply to some. Give a shout out and wish Happy Birthdays when you are streaming live. All these small gestures go a long way in building your community. This is the most important tip and the easiest one, which will help you gain more followers for sure.  

Wrapping Up


So these were the best six tips that will help you build a better gaming video channel on YouTube. These six tips might sound like a lot of work, but we are sure if you do it right, you will see results in a short time.