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What are some Top Healthcare SaaS Companies?

Usually, the term Saas stands for Software as a Service. In other words, a software which can be managed by one or more than one provider for the betterment of the organization. Healthcare organizations are found looking out for reliable providers especially, software providers who offer softwares on a pay-on-use basis and as a subscription basis.

Healthcare SaaS

The post-pandemic effect cannot and should not be ignored at any rate. The rise in the adoption of digital healthcare solutions is a boon or a bane, we will soon find out! Now I am pretty sure you must have come across numerous platforms such as EMRs, EHRs, PACs and Telemedicine, these are basically healthcare SaaS.

Over the course of a few years, the healthcare market is supposed to rise due to a wide range of advantages and benefits such as high-end scalability, seamless pricing and amazing security. And one should never forget that healthcare SaaS enables patients to have a less painful experience. Also, the overall workflow within the organization is pretty smooth and amazing. So even these tedious and daunting organizations can be managed easily.

Further, I would like to focus on certain benefits offered by healthcare SaaS.

  • Of course, first and foremost it is cost-effective -Everything right from maintenance cost, setting up or installation cost, and upgrade costs can be taken care of. Basically, you no longer have to worry about these.
  • It is highly secured - With so many security breaches happening, day in and day out. It is a moral duty of healthcare organizations to come up with softwares that is highly safe and secure. You have no idea what might happen if such information gets leaked. So yes, safety measures such as the software being HIPAA compliant is a necessity.
  • It is flexible and scalable - The next advantage offered by these healthcare Saas is high-end flexibility and scalability. You see Saas applications are usually cloud-based so you don’t have to take the extra pressure of your software being flexible or scalable. No matter how much your business grows, this softwares will always be enough for you.
  • Easy and quick backups - Another significant advantage of considering healthcare Saas is one can take quick and easy backups in a time of need. You see being a responsible healthcare institute, one must be able to take quick backups in case of losing data or the server crash. You see here you don’t have to deliberately take backups as the healthcare SaaS automatically backs up all the data at regular intervals. In case, if any medical issue occurs, data can be retrieved in the nick of time.
  • Real-time updates - You see we are talking about Saas applications here. So you have to rest assured that whatever information will be provided here will be accurate. Also, these apps facilitate real-time updates. So all those who are involved in one particular case can communicate seamlessly since all the information is being shared. As a result, better care and treatment can be expected.
  • Enhanced accessibilities - Another important benefit of using Healthcare SaaS applications is users can access information from anywhere and at any point in time. No kidding! Healthcare professionals and patients can communicate seamlessly with each other even when they are not located in the same area. Also, seamless access to the latest records leads to easy and effective communication.
  • Quick and better upgrades - Last but certainly not least come quick and better updates. As a result, healthcare organizations can save themselves from facing unnecessary hefty fines for not being compliant with the latest technologies and security standards.

The following post focuses on the top healthcare SaaS companies to take into consideration. So let’s begin!

Top Healthcare SaaS Companies to Consider

#1 On-Demand HomeCare!

One of the most renowned and popular healthcare SaaS service providers is On-Demand HomeCare. This particular organization ensures to provide seamless home healthcare services to healthcare providers. Right from highly-skilled nursing to home health aides, and personal assistant services, this particular organization covers it all.

So what makes On-Demand HomeCare worth considering among the top most healthcare SaaS companies around?

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Care plan management
  • Caregiver management
  • Client management
  • Field communication
  • Insurance management
  • Payroll management
  • Scheduling
  • Visit Verification

#2 Flatiron Health

Another interesting name to take into account is Flatiron Health. The company was established back in 2012 with the objective to offer seamless cancer-related treatments. The cancer care provider simply supplies different cancer-treatment centers with a wide range of tools used by doctors for tracking the progress of the patient and exploring what works and what doesn’t work for them. In fact, there is a software named after the company, i.e. Flatiron which enables professionals to share different medical cases and related information for better treatment procedures.

So what exactly triggered the birth of Flatiron as a company is when the co-founder’s 7-year-old cousin was detected with Leukemia. The boy was misdiagnosed not once but twice and got four bone-marrow transplants. Due to severe incompetence and mistreatment of medical issues, they discovered a severe huge gap in how patients' data were being analyzed to treat different cancer patients.

After conducting a deep investigation into the oncology industry, Turner and his business partner Zach observed the fact that most of the oncologists were deprived of basic data analysis tools and technologies. As a result, with the help of such platforms, professionals were able to seamlessly track their compliance with national cancer care-based guidelines. It may quite interest you to know that the company has succeeded in raising $313M in total funding.

#3 Meditab

Another interesting name to take into account when considering the top Healthcare SaaS companies is MediTab. The company has succeeded in creating intelligent medical software that has turned out to be a pure blessing for all medical professionals around. You see there was a time when handling large and large volumes of prescription medicines seemed to be next to impossible. Fortunately, today that’s not the case! With more and more EHR and EMR being integrated, everything turns out to be pretty much seamless and accurate.

The solution comprises of a wide range of features:

  • Claim processing
  • E-prescribing
  • EMR
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Long-term Care
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Lab
  • Medical Scheduling
  • Patient Case Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Telemedicine

#4 TalkSpace

TalkSpace is a bit different here. It is an online messaging therapy provider. Yes, you read it right! The company basically comprises a wide range of licensed therapists who are ready to offer seamless consultation via the web or mobile environment. Now there is no scope for any kind of leak, especially an information leak since all the communication conducted between the client and the therapist abides by strict professional codes of customer confidentiality. TalkSpace seamlessly guarantees that everything here is encrypted and highly secured.

It was founded in 2012 with the objective to counter mental illness and focus more on overall well-being. As a result, they decided to make such therapy available to millions of those who are in need. Today unlimited messaging therapy is used by more than 500000 people. So overall, TalkSpace has succeeded in raising $59M in total funding.

#5 Tempus

Another interesting name among the top Healthcare SaaS companies is Tempus. The company was founded back in 2015 in Chicago. And it basically focuses on artificial intelligence, data analysis, disease detection, research and development. So exactly this healthcare Saas company offers? Well, it creates data-harnessing technology to personalize cancer treatment using genomic sequencing, clinical data structuring, image recognition, biological modelling and other means.

The company also ensures the use of artificial intelligence and data analysis for better treatment.


This is it! These are some of the best Healthcare SaaS companies offering the best possible services from their space. However, you may find a lot more options around. In case, if you find any healthcare SaaS service provider worth adding to the existing list, feel free to do so. I hope the following post turns out to be pretty helpful in your business venture. Also, do not forget to share the post and help us out in spreading the word.