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Top GPS Tracker With Kill Switch

GPS car trackers are used every single day by businesses as a way to enhance anti-theft protections and help companies with route optimization. These businesses call upon fleet tracking systems for their ability to help a company observe employee driving activity, assist car dealerships with vehicle repossession, and provide the real time location of any driver. But what is the top live GPS tracker on the market for businesses, especially those who have a need to remotely disable an automobile? Let’s learn more about vehicle tracking devices and find out what the security experts recommend!

GPS Tracker

Best GPS Fleet Tracker 

  • 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker With Waterproof Case
  • Free Online Technical Support Available
  • Find Out Where Any Car Is 24/7

According to the experts at GPS Tracking Review, the top buy here pay here GPS tracker is a device branded simply as the “Car Dealer GPS”. The reason this vehicle tracking device received higher ratings than SpyTec GL300 and Bounce GPS is because of the performance 4G real time GPS. Some of these features include an internal battery if the mini real time GPS is ever unplugged, unlimited updates every 15 seconds, the ability to create geofences, and real time speed alerts of employees operating in the field. This GPS vehicle tracker can easily be installed to the 12-volt system of any asset where it can then be programmed to instantly disable any automobile by activating the kill switch. But don’t take our word for it, click on the link below to learn more and get the latest pricing on this hardwired GPS tracking device with starter disable!


Car Dealers Call Upon Vehicle Tracking

Used car dealers now use GPS units to help them monitor fuel, protect mobile assets, and quickly repo a vehicle if a customer fails to make payments. The reality is GPS units help BHPH car dealerships that provide financing mitigate risk. Imagine a car dealer extends a loan to a customer who might be considered high risk due to a low credit score. They obviously want to help their customers, but the statistics show that buy here pay here dealers who extend credit to high risk buyers put themselves in a challenging position. Hard wired locator devices give them the ability to reduce exposure by allowing the auto lender the ability to find a vehicle in default instantly. How the process of mitigating work is simple:

  1. Car dealer extends a loan to a customer with poor credit
  2. The auto lender charges a higher percentage and equips GPS vehicle tracking system to automobile
  3. If a customer fails to make payments, the real time GPS tracker can be activated and the starter on the vehicle disabled

Are GPS Tracking Devices Legal?

Car dealerships who extend financing on new or used vehicles technically own that automobile until the loan is paid off. Therefore, any used car lot has every legal right to equip a wireless GPS tracker on the car, whether that be in the OBD2 port or hardwired to the car. In fact, there are wireless GPS trackers with magnetic mounts that can be secretly attached to any automobile and transmit the real time location of that automobile for up to 3 years! Typically, the contractual language in the loan documents highlights how GPS trackers would be used if a customer fails to make payments to the auto lender, but regardless, if you own the pink slip you can track the car.