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How Do You Teach Fractions To Decimals To Your Child?

Smaller parts of a bigger whole are represented by fractions. It's important to remember that the word "whole" may relate to a wide range of items, and using a candy store as an example will assist. Consider splitting a single whole amount of a chocolate bar, cake bar, or muffin. A decimal, on the other hand, is a way of representing a non-integer number n. They're used to write numerals that fall somewhere in the middle.


Fractions to Decimals


9.4 is an example of a number that is bigger than 9 but not quite as large as 10. This may be accomplished with the help of an online fraction calculator by Using this free application, you may rapidly convert a fraction to decimal. 

The article contains useful advice on how to educate your youngster on how to convert fractions to decimals. 

So let's get down to business! 


Ways to Assist Your Child in Learning:


Using comparable fractions to aid your child in converting fractions to decimals without the use of a calculator is one way to assist your child in understanding. Although this approach is simple in theory, it does need your child to have basic multiplication abilities. If you sit down and explain the premise in the image below to your child, they will comprehend it in no time! However, bear in mind that your youngster will need a solid understanding of how to use a fraction calculator to get quick and precise results.


Assist Your Child In Converting Fractions to Decimals Using a Calculator and Division:


This is a rather simple technique. All that remains is for your youngster to divide the numerator by the denominator. They'll be able to calculate the decimal equivalent! Your youngster may come across some odd-looking decimals, such as 0.333... or 0.090909..., that seem to carry on indefinitely. You could keep writing them for the rest of your life and yet not get to the decimal point. To save time, we can write them with a dot above the repeating number. Using an online fraction calculator might also help you out in this situation.


What Can You and Your Child Do at Home to Practise Comparing Fractions and Decimals?


Although fractions and decimals may look dull, they are far more useful than most other areas of elementary school mathematics. You'll notice them all around once you start searching for them, and you should utilize them to encourage your child to put their fractions and decimals abilities to the test! Once kids understand how fractions and decimals are used in real life, they will be more interested (and eager) to learn more about them. Furthermore, asking kids to use a calculator to convert fractions to decimals will pique their interest in learning new things quickly. And this could be done swiftly by using the best dividing fractions calculator.


Make Your Own Decimal Stick:


Visualization is a terrific tool to employ when educating youngsters, and this is specifically related to decimals for kids. In addition, an online fraction calculator can aid you in resolving numerous fraction-related arithmetic difficulties. Your youngster can use a decimal stick to help them learn where decimals go. A decimal stick is a simple but effective way to take full advantage of multimedia elements, and all you'll need to make one is a cane (or stick) and some paper! Put a 1 on the right end and a 0 on the left end of the stick. 


Preparation For Baking And Calculation:


Cooking (and cuisine in general) gives an excellent chance to exercise fractions and decimals. Because most recipes ask for 12 cups (or 100.5g) of flour, getting your child involved in the baking process will help them to see how fractions, decimals, and ratios are used in everyday life.




In this article, we looked at how to quickly convert fractions to decimals using an online fraction calculator.