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Top Twitter Trends Topics And Hashtags Today Worldwide

Twitter is one of the majorly popular social media platforms in today’s time. The platform has millions of global users who Tweet about topics they are interested in and the topics that concern them.


Twitter Trends


Among several other features of Twitter, Twitter trending is a feature that appeals to a specific set of users. The hashtags drive this feature, and they acquire sudden popularity either due to the collective efforts of the people of any event.


The trending feature of Twitter makes it one of the best platforms for marketing. Businesses can raise awareness about their brand on Twitter. As a result, many companies use Twitter ads to showcase their brand to their wide user base.


Twitter has its own set of algorithms to choose the trending topics. The trending topics help you understand what is going on around you and in the world. You come across various collective and individual public opinions on Twitter. These trends are based on a specific topic, demand, movement, and even a geographical location.


In this article, we will talk about the trending topics of Twitter and the hashtags that trend daily on Twitter.


How Does Twitter Choose Trends?


So, you know what the trending topic of Twitter means, now you need to understand how the trending topics work. Certain algorithms decide which topic goes on trending on Twitter.


Twitter has an intuitive trending box. It differs from one person to another. When someone opens the global trending option of Twitter, they will notice different topics trending. Even if the option is the same for everyone, the trending topics change from hour to hour, location to location, and person to person.


The trending topics go viral within ten minutes of staying on the trending option. The whole process of choosing a trending topic is based on various numbers and calculations. So, we have simplified the idea into several subsections for your understanding. Here, you can have a look-


Globally Active Hashtags


The hashtags that are active globally impact an entire country or the entire world. Sometimes, you may come across topics that may not concern you. If you want to see the globally trending topics, here are the steps-


  • Go to the Twitter Trending Option.
  • Now change the location to ‘Worldwide’ in the trending box.
  • There will be a box of stuff in multiple languages.


Hashtags Of Popular Celebrities


Twitter trends tweets made by popular people. The tweets of popular celebrities, politicians, and businessmen make it to trending tweets within minutes. The people with popularity in these fields influence millions.


Customized Trends


Twitter lets you find out trends based on your local topics. The things going on in your city or the topics that might be important to you can also appear on Twitter. These topics may be relevant to you and maybe affect you and the people residing in the same area as you are. 

Twitter modifies these trends based on the kind of tweets you post and the hashtags you keep track of.


Inorganic Or Paid Trends


Whatever trend on Twitter may not be organic. Some of the trending tweets that you see may be paid tweets. Just like promoting Twitter accounts and tweets, users can pay for trends. However, these tweets get flagged with the label that promotes them.


When Thousand Of People Talk About The Same Topic


There are topics that a lot of people talk about. For example, thousands of people may be interested in a cultural or global phenomenon that affects many people. It can be a political, environmental, or entertainment-related topic.


When people use the same hashtag to share their opinions on Twitter, the chances are that the hashtag will go on trending. 


Trends Based On Keywords


Twitter often trends topics based on keywords. Twitter uses popular topics to identify trends, but that is not the case all the time. When articles get shared many times, Twitter checks keywords within the articles, identifies the topics that match those keywords and trends them.


Use Twitter Trending For Twitter Strategy 


Creating engagement on a Twitter account will be easier if you tap into the trending section. You can use the Twitter trending option in your Twitter strategy. Here are some quick tips if you want to trend on Twitter.


Learn To Relate 


Sometimes the current Twitter trends may not be relatable to your niche. But, if you could research a little and build a little insight on how to use Trends in your posts, it will help. Sometimes you will find businesses tweeting about random stuff that does not concern them.

The purpose behind this is to stay in the conversation and increase awareness about their brand and products.


Tweak The Settings


The trends that twitter shows you are the default ones. Twitter shows you these trends based on your previous activities. These trends also occur based on your locations and your previous interests.


You can tweak your location and see how that works for your niche. You can see how the trends work for your business in different locations.


Wait For The Right Trend


Twitter trends change every day and even every hour. So when you open the trending box, you may not see the threads that match your business or niche.


So, it is better to not rush for the current trend and use it in a way that does not seem relevant. Rather, you can wait for the trends you can make relevant use of.




Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Using the daily trending topics offers a great opportunity for businesses trying to raise brand awareness. As a marketer or business, you can use these trends for promoting your business and brand. Read also: Online Health Media, Follow The Fashion.