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The Definitive Guide to Packing and Printing Solutions for Your E-commerce Business

If you're starting an e-commerce business, you might want to make your products available for people to buy. When someone buys a product, they need it delivered to them. You can either deliver the product yourself or outsource the process of delivering the product. You have a thriving e-commerce business, but you're having trouble packing and printing your products. It seems like there are too many options to choose from, and you don't know where to start.

packing and printing

Packing and printing is a competitive industry. Many companies want to sell you their products, but not all of them are good for you. For every minute you spend on the wrong company, they are getting ahead of you. Thankfully, we created this guide to help you make the right decision about your next packaging and printing company. Packing solutions are essential for the protection of your products during shipping.

There are many different types of retail boxes wholesale, but each has its benefits and problems. First, you need to know which one is right for you. Second, there are different types of packaging for your boxes. Corrugated cardboard is the most common. But there are other options, too, like bubble wrap or foam peanuts. These offer more protection against impacts or crushing forces. However, they are more expensive to make than corrugated cardboard. So people usually use these when they need to protect something that costs a lot of money or is very important.

Things To remember

  1. What is a competitive price?
  2. How many trucks do I need?
  3. Do I have enough space in my warehouse?
  4. Do I have enough room on my truck?
  5. Is this going to be quick and easy for my employees and me?

Packing and shipping solutions for your growing e-commerce business

If you run an e-commerce business, you probably send out packages often. It would be best if you made sure that your products were packaged well and shipped on time so they would arrive safely at the customer's location. There are some things that all e-commerce tech companies do the same way, but there are also many differences when picking a company to handle this part of your business.

People ship things when they are sending them to someone else. The shipping company must follow the rules so they can make money off of it. However, people may have to return some products, so the people at the shipping company need guidelines for how to do this.

A shipping and delivery company is responsible for checking the quality of a product before delivering it to the customer. In addition, they make sure that it is safe. For example, a shipper must get the correct address from their customers' postal codes before delivering the product to them.

Once you publish a product in the postal channel, the shipping company can't change a customer's address. In addition, a shipping company can't pay for customers to get their product shipped back if it is not returned within a specific time and if it has been damaged. You can find videos about this here.

Categorizing orders

Different people will have different ideas about how to send a package. Your shipping company will have different guidelines or standards for what you need to do and how to do it. Even within your organization, there may be opinions about what packaging and shipping method is best. You must work with an e-commerce company so they can sell more products for you and make sure everything goes well.

One of the defining characteristics of e-commerce shipping methods is that shipment is handled at the customer's own pace.

The Shipping Idea of outsourcing your packing and shipping.

When you buy something online, it can be hard to find a store that offers free shipping. Sometimes the stores will offer free 2-day shipping or even 3-day shipping. Stores offer this because they want people to buy their things and know that customers sometimes need fast delivery options.

According to a 2019 survey, almost two-thirds of shoppers said they would be "somewhat" or "very" dissatisfied if they knew their shopping would take more than a day. So if your customer thinks your company should ship their goods within 24–48 hours, it comes as no surprise that they're unlikely to return to your site and order again when they get back to their office.

When shipping physical products, this is the same situation. Shipping times can vary drastically depending on whether or not your company has an in-house shipping department and whether you're using one of the available third-party fulfillment firms.

If you want to ship your order, different ways depend on what you ordered. You can either wait for it or have a third-party company do it for you. Of course, every company has a different shipping time, but try to determine which one is best for your product—choosing a shipping solution that can fulfill all your shipment needs from the start.

Considerations when choosing a packing and shipping solution for your e-commerce company

When you're starting a new e-commerce company, you have to think about things like shipping and what service you will use. You need to think about your shipping service because it can make a difference in your company's success. For example, the average cost of shipping something is usually quite a bit less than making something. And there is often more than one partner who works with you, each with their pricing model. This is hard. It's confusing for e-commerce buyers. This can be hard to understand what goes into shipping your product if you want it to be free. Understanding these things will help you succeed in the market more quickly.

Having your products shipped to customers will bring a variety of advantages, including the following customer benefits:

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Your customers won't feel like your products are a waste of money if they pack and ship them to themselves.
  • Decreased order sizes.
  • You can send more products to the same address—meaning more little boxes for your products!
  • Keep product price reasonable.
  • Your products will be priced relatively and match your competitors'.
  • Increased ROI.
  • Shipping your product can increase your order value, driving more sales from repeat buyers.


Shipping is an integral part of any e-commerce business. Still, it's also essential to consider the resources you have within your company and the resources you can outsource to ensure that everything goes according to plan. If you want to make sure you get your e-commerce business off the ground and make sure you're able to get orders out to your customers on time. First, make sure that you know what you have a good packaging printing companies you plan for contingencies.



Infographic created by Chicago Tag & Label, a custom label printing company