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How to Learn about UX/UI Design?

UX/UI - What does it stand for? What is it? What is the difference? When developing a website or an app, the terms UX/UI design are often used. But what exactly does it mean? What is the difference? And why is it so important?


UX/UI Design

UX and UI design with Digital marketing company

To understand the difference between UX and UI design, it is first important to know what it stands for.

UX design stands for User Experience. In other words, what is the user experience and how does your product, for example the app, feel? With UX design, the focus is on accessibility and suitability, so how practical is your product to use?

A UX designer provides a logical progression within your product. What is the best way to handle your product? After research among the ultimate target group, a step-by-step plan, or user stories, is drawn up. The logical routes within your website or app are designed in the step-by-step plan. For the success of your product, it is important that the visitor can easily find their way at any time! Mockups are made with the user stories and the results from our functional design workshop.


With the mock-ups and the user stories in mind, a UI designer tries to display the product in a visually stimulating way in the final design.

UI design stands for User Interface design; strengthen the technical design with graphic and visual elements or with the best layout for the ultimate target group. The product can be technically so well put together, without clear visual elements and layout a user still has to make an effort to get through your product.

UX design and UI design are thus closely linked. Where one provides maximum ease of use, the other provides an interesting and stimulating environment in which you will never get lost.


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1) Think of your target audience -

What does the end user find important when visiting your website or using your app? Whether you want to build a good system with UX design, or a beautiful and user-friendly presentation with UI design, only 1 thing is really important: what does your ultimate target group want. It is therefore important that your target group is central in all steps of the design process! The developer must also always remember that he is developing for the user and achieving the goals that the user wants to achieve with it.

2) Do research

Your target audience is always central to the design process. It is very important to do research to find out what they need. Some questions in the survey may include; What do they want to achieve with the app? But also: What are they already used to?

In the research it is also important to find out which apps they already work with and how they deal with them and what issues they encounter there.

By responding to what the target group already knows, they are much less likely to be deterred by all the new functions of the app. No matter how innovative, handy and efficient the app is, if your target group cannot work with it, they will ultimately not use it.

3) Important! Connect app to current software

What kind of device do you have? Are you using iOS or Android? An app should work well on any system. What does this mean for the developers? This means that there are appropriate differences in UX and UI design.

An example of this is; To go back to a previous page, you often click on an iPhone at the top left of the screen, but on a Samsung you click on a separate button at the bottom left of the touchscreen. A small difference, but as a Samsung user you don't like it when your old trusted 'return' button doesn't work as you are used to. In this area it is therefore also very important to respond to the expectations of the user.

Good UX/UI design is important!

An app with a bad design causes a lot of frustration, while an app with a good design makes life so much easier.

As Jared Spool once said, “Good design, when it's done well, becomes invisible. It's only when it's done poorly that we notice it.”

As a developer, you should never forget how users will eventually interact with the app. If you respond well to the needs, and the UX/UI design matches them exactly, everyone will benefit.

Always wanted a good app for your company? Or do you already have an app, but it doesn't work properly? Curious about the possibilities, please contact us!