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Expert Guide to Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that provides 1 TB of large data storage which users can use to store several types of data. Also, it includes a variety of productivity applications that fascinate users to use it. Whereas, PDF (Portable Document Format) is a way that users save any document in the safest way.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

Why Need to Save Outlook 365 Emails as PDF

The following are the reasons that stand up for oneself to export Office 365 emails into PDF formats.

  • PDF files are not dependent on hardware, software, and operating system as it presents the documents in electronic format.
  • PDFs allow users to make them secure by setting up a password.
  • Security settings keep updating on a regular basis, so users need to grant permission to edit or print PDF files.
  • The PDF files are compatible with different platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, etc, making them more usable and popular.

The above-discussed are some of the main reasons, why we should convert our Office 365 emails to PDF formats. However, In some instances, users also want to save Office 365 emails to Hard Drive in order to prevent their data from virus and malware intrusions.  Now, we are going to describe those methods which will help you to convert Office 365 to PDF.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF Manually

There are various techniques available that can be applied to perform this task. Here, we will describe the two most common methods along with their step-by-step procedure, which will make you able to convert your Office 365 emails to PDF.

Method 1: Exporting Office 365 Emails to PDF from Outlook Online

With the help of this method, you can use a virtual PDF printer, that prints an email message into a PDF file. Then, you can save this PDF file on your hard drive or computer.

. Open your browser and login into Office 365 by using your Microsoft Office 365 account.

. Now, open Outlook online to access your Microsoft 365 emails.

. Select the needed email message that you wish to convert into PDF format.

. Click the three dots and choose the Print option from the given options.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

. After that, a new window will appear in Outlook online. Here click Print to continue.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

. Here, ensure that you have selected Microsoft Print to PDF, and hit the Print button.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

. Afterward, enter the file name, choose the location, and click on Save.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

Method 2: Converting Emails from O365 into PDF in MS Outlook

In this method, you need to configure your Microsoft account in Outlook to send and receive messages on your standalone email client. After that, consider these steps in an order-wise manner to export emails from Office 365 to PDF format.

. Open your Outlook application and select the email message that you want to save as a PDF format on your computer.

. After that, navigate to the File menu and click on the Print option to open printing settings.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

. In the printer section, select Microsoft Print to PDF then hit the Print button.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

. Here, enter the file name, select the location, and hit the Save button.

Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

Above-discussed are the techniques that help you to convert Microsoft 365 emails to PDF manually. But using these manual methods you can encounter some major drawbacks such as you can save only one email at a time, data loss may occur during perform the manuals, bulk conversion of emails can take a lot of time to execute, etc. So, we have an expert solution Office 365 Email Backup Tool for you which will help to remove all the drawbacks related to manuals and will help you to execute your task smoothly. Read about the tool which has been analyzed in the following part.

Expert Solution to Save Office 365 Emails as PDF

The automated solution Office 365 Backup Tool is a smart choice to quickly download Office 365 emails in PDF format securely. Moreover, the utility allows users to save the O365 mailbox in various other file formats like PST, MSG, JSON, HTML, EML, and many more. The utility also provides multiple advanced features along with backing up the huge Office 365 data at one time.

Procedures to Convert Office 365 emails into PDF

Here are the steps provided for you to save your Microsoft 365 mailbox in a PDF format.

. Download and Install the Office 365 Email Backup Tool on your PC.

. Click on the Backup button to back up the Office 365 mailbox.

. Now, enter your Microsoft 365 Login credentials.

. After that, choose the sub-account that you want to back up.

. Here, select the folders to backup and click on Next.

. Now, under the drop-down menu select the file format as PDF.

. Click on Path to Save to specify a location where you want to save the resultant data.

. At last, hit the Convert button to start the conversion process.


This blog has covered how to save Office 365 emails as PDF with two manual methods with their step-by-step procedures. Now, we hope you know how to save email from Office 365 into PDF file format through manuals. But, native methods don’t provide the necessary functionality and also come up with major limitations. Therefore this guide has introduced the best professional tool by which you can execute your task effectively.