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Selling On Walmart Marketplace In 2023- Benefits & Best Practice

Walmart is an established and well-known name in the online retail landscape. Although has long supported the well-known offline Walmart locations, the Walmart virtual marketplace didn't debut until 2009. As a result, third-party merchants could sell products on the Walmart online platform to just any other first-party company. Sellers from all around the world can list their products on Walmart, irrespective of product type.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

However, to maintain the website's authenticity, Walmart has a strict verification procedure for registration. In this blog, we have compiled the essential details required to be a Walmart registered seller and some additional tips to succeed in 2023.

Perks Of Selling Your Product On Walmart Marketplace

Before moving forward with how to create a seller account, let’s first understand what are the benefits of choosing Walmart over other platforms. Here are some top benefits of Walmart product listing for the seller.

Brand Value:

Walmart is one of the top online marketplaces with exceptional brand recognition. Its strict verification procedure ensures the customers that every product listed on the site is valuable and unique. Sellers can leverage Walmart’s reputation and brand value as a medium to increase the brand value of their products.

Less Competition:

Unlike other online marketplaces, Walmart has very limited registered sellers. The registration process is stressful, and time taking, but is worth the struggle. With limited sellers, the number of competitors decreases, and your chances of sales increase.

Increase Product Visibility

Recent reports show, more than 230 million people visit Walmart stores in a week, making it a gold mine for sellers. With these many people visiting Walmart stores regularly, the chance of product visibility increases. Listing your product on Walmart exposes your product to tons of potential buyers, indirectly increasing your sales and revenue.

No charges

Unlike other online selling platforms, Walmart does not impose a registration fee. Additionally, there are no monthly or yearly subscription fees. Instead, a referral fee is required for each sale you make. These referral payments might range from 15% to 40% depending on the product type.

Free Analytical Tools

Walmart allows sellers to link their current inventory management systems with its platform. Additionally, it offers listing tools for easy management of pricing, promotions, and inventory. Apart from these, Walmart manages the customer support and return policy on your behalf.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Regardless of your platform, managing shipping, refunds, and customer service are some of the most challenging aspects of selling. Walmart Fulfillment Services provides vendors with management solutions by handling all the services.

Steps On How To Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Now, we know how beneficial it is for a seller to become a part of the Walmart marketplace. Let's focus on how you can create your seller account in simple 5 steps.

Step 1: Submit an Application and Wait for the Response

To be a registered seller on Walmart Marketplace, you must fill out an application. The application contains 5 different parts- Seller’s details, Company registration, Product and Integration, shipping details, and confirmation. This application filling session requires a few minutes. Fill out the form with patience as this determines whether or not you will be the registered seller on Walmart.

Here are the required documents for verification:

  • US Business Tax ID or Any Valid Business license (SSD is not accepted).
  • W9 and EIN Verification letter from the Department of Treasury.
  • Primary product category, Catalog size, total SKUs planned for initial process, etc.
  • Proper address and place of the current operation in the US.
  • Planned integration method for your product catalog (API, bulk upload, or a solution provider).

After submitting all the important information, you must wait 20-30 days. The response from Walmart depends on application details, business size, and capabilities.

Step 2: Create a Walmart Seller Account

Once you receive the approval, your registration process begins. You will receive an email containing links to register, where you have to fill in 6 different sections.

  1. Account creation: Like any other social media handle, you must register by setting a username and password. For further processing, you’ll be using this credential to manage your seller account.
  2. Retail agreement: This particular step contains a Walmart retail agreement that all the sellers have to sign before listing.
  3. Company registration: Once you agree to all the terms and conditions, you must register the company name and address. Remember, the name you mention here will be the display name for customers.
  4. Tax forms: In this step, you have to fill out the W9 form for tax details. The form asks for details like Name, Address, and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  5. Payment Details: Walmart is registered with Payoneer and Hyperwallet for payment options. You can choose either for your marketplace payment process.
  6. Shipping Details: After registering the company’s official name and address, you must select your shipping methods, price, and other important details. This step involves a lot of critical thinking and patience. You can have better knowledge about shipping strategy later with Walmart Marketplace’s customizable shipping templates.

Step 3: List Your Product

Once you are done with the seller's account, it is time to list your product. You can simply list your catalog manually or through product feed. Whichever method you choose, remember to list your top-notch products first with proper descriptions. This will ensure a better chance of visibility after going live. The status of every successfully added item will change to "stage," meaning they won't appear on until you go live.

Step 4: Test Your Order

Before going live, it's your (seller's) responsibility to check whether the ordering procedure is smooth or not. You have to order 2-3 products for testing order shipping, order payment, and order refunding process. For this process, you do not have to ship the products, just test the entire process and leave it at the time of ‘Confirm Orders’.

Step 5: GO Live!

Once everything goes as per your expectation, it's time to launch your product on Walmart Marketplace. When Walmart has finished its final evaluation, your account will be made Live. The customers can search and place orders after 24-36 hours of going Live.

How to become a successful Walmart seller

Different factors can either make or break your sales rate, product visibility rate, and revenue percentage on the Walmart Marketplace. Here are some tips for Walmart marketplace management.

Keyword Research:

Customers search for products using certain words. These words are referred to as important keywords. Including these keywords in your Walmart product listing are essential for visibility ranking. Sellers can use keyword research tools to find relevant keywords and mandatorily include keywords in product descriptions, titles, and key product features. Remember two important aspects while including these;

  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Only include relevant keywords.

Product Research

Product research means knowing exactly which product or product category is In-demand. This will help the seller to list the same category of product for better sales. Sellers can use the growth opportunities tool present in your seller center to know the top product.

Listing optimization

Any confusion caused during the product listing will directly impact your sales. So, take your time with product descriptions, titles, images, and other key features. Here are some tips to keep in mind while crafting your Walmart product listing:

  • Be loud, clear, and bold with your copies.
  • Select the correct product category.
  • Include the relevant keywords.
  • Add correct images of the product with different angles.
  • If possible, add a video of the product.
  • Be clear about the discount and after-services offered.

Customer reviews and feedback

Customers generally crave validation. And this validation can be given to them through customer reviews. Ask your happy customers to share their experiences through reviews. This will indirectly motivate others to try out your product. Additionally, if any customer comments with a  bad review, reach out to them politely and resolve their problems.

Advertise Your Product

Walmart offers two different ad solutions to promote your product on its website. You can choose whichever is suitable for you.

  • Search ads: These ads show the relevant products to the customer when searching.
  • Display ads: These ads act as a marketing tool for your product on Walmart’s channels.


Walmart has become one of the top eCommerce online retail platforms and continues to grow, especially after its global expansion. With more than 10,000 registered vendors, there is no denying the great opportunity that the future might hold for it. Having a sales channel on Walmart Marketplace at this point will help a seller easily enter the US market or expand the businesses and go global.