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How do I get rid of duplicate photographs?

Finding and removing duplicate photographs from the Windows PC manually might take a long time. As a result, you'll require effective software to assist you in removing photo duplicates. Additional information may be found in this post.

Should you have a lot of photographs on the Windows computers & wish to organize them in a straightforward way? The very first step you should do is delete all of the duplicate photographs from the computer.

Identical photos are essentially useless, and storing them on the computer would be a waste of disc space. Therefore, in this post, we will go through various techniques for locating and removing duplicate photographs in Windows computer.

What Causes Duplicate Photos on Windows computer?

Before we get into how to locate and delete picture copies from the system, let's take a look at how similar photographs display in Windows computer.

1. What is the significance of having multiple photos?

Numerous studies have found that duplicate photographs have the greatest number of similar files on either your computer or phone. Such files may build over time owing to a variety of circumstances such as data backup of a similar file, and downloading the very same file several times, document sharing, and others. Additionally, whenever downloading multiple content from the internet, identical files may be downloaded together. You might not even realize this until the Windows machine begins to run slowly.

Why is it necessary to locate and remove photo duplicates?

Keeping duplicate images on the computer in numerous locations might be a real nightmare. Items may accumulate over time, causing albums & galleries to become chaotic. Worse, image duplicates will consume a significant amount of disc space, thus impacting the speed of the Windows PC. You might even begin to notice the following problems:

  • Scanners for malware & antivirus would take much longer.
  • Image synchronization across several devices will consume a lot of data and may take an eternity.
  • Cloud storage would take a lot of time, & you will soon run out of storage capacity.

For the reasons stated above, it is critical to browse through the albums or folders (even if they are unsorted) and eliminate related photographs. You can also employ a powerful photo cleanup programme to remove duplicate images from your computer.

Methods for Finding and Removing Photo Duplicates on Windows for Free

Are there duplicate images on the computer that are eating up valuable storage space? If probably duplicated a photo again from a camcorder or an usb stick, or you viewed an image and stored it using a different name while changing anything. Additional copies of such photographs would not only render photo organizing difficult, as well as take up a significant amount of disc space. Thankfully, there are several free options for finding and removing duplicate photographs from the Windows PC. Let's have a look at them!

Windows Photos app is a feature in Windows computer. You can organize and browse your photos using the Windows Photos programme. It can also be used to alter photographs, such as cropping or removing red eyes. When you find any duplicate photographs in Windows Photos, then you may quickly erase them. Let's look at exactly how to accomplish it:

  1. To see images, use the Microsoft Photos app. Next, look through all of your photos or select a specific file or folder to view photos.
  2. If you notice a similar photo, then right-click on it & select "delete" to eliminate it.
  3. If you have several duplicate photographs within the exact same folder, press "CTRL" and choose each identical photo to delete. After you've selected all of the photos, right-click on them and select "Delete." Users will now be able to erase duplicate photographs in Windows computer.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a photo duplicate identification tool that quickly searches and declutters the whole photo collection of redundant same & similar images. The programme works with all major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. This ultimate image restoration programme locates and deletes duplicate photos from both external and internal memory. Duplicate Photographs Fixer Pro for Windows PC has a sleek and current style and scans and compares duplicate photographs swiftly.

How Does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Work on Windows 11?

It is quite simple to use this wonderful duplicate photo remover. You only need to complete the following:

1 - Download and run Duplicate Photos Fixer.

2 - Choose Scan Computer from the drop-down menu, then click the Add Photos or Folders button. Alternatively, folders may be dragged and dropped.

3 - To begin organising your photo collection, click the 'Scan for Duplicates' option.

duplicate photographs

4 - Preview and mark the photographs you want to remove, or use the Auto-Mark feature.

duplicate photographs

5 - After you've picked all of the similar or nearly identical photographs, click the Delete Marked option.

duplicate photographs

With this wonderful duplicate photo fixer, you may have a duplicate-free photo collection on your Windows PC!


You may rapidly find & remove duplicate images from the computer using utility indicated above. It simply takes three steps using a common duplicate photo finder can identify & remove duplicated photographs. Scanning, choosing, and eliminating images are common processes in this process. The finest duplicate photo programme would be able to quickly finish all three procedures. So, use the correct programme and attempt to clear up the fakes on a regular basis to avoid wasting space and making place for new images.